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Love Disconnection/ Ranting (~.~)

  I have anothern cousin from the Philippines, a man, whose lovelife  is in stark contrast to my doctor/lawyer cousins’ love connection. This particular  cousin happens to be a jerk, an as*h*le, and  a freakin’ cheater. And that’s saying it mildly. 

So what’s this guy’s story?  This guy, I call him the jerk, has a girlfriend.  He and girlfriend are  already living together, but have not married yet. The jerk is one good-looking guy, unfortunately, and though he’s not really a player/ playboy, there are several women co-workers who are crushing on him.  But, there’s this woman who’s really head over heels in love with him , and according to the jerk, she’s been throwing herself at him, and , what is he going to do, he asks. He’s a man  and so, he dated  her and one thing led to another, and got the girl pregnant. So, then, what did my jerk cousin do? He called his dear Mama who lives far away from the city. Mother and son went over to my aunt’s house to seek legal help. No, this aunt isn’t a lawyer but both mother and son knew my other aunt was a judge, so they called my other aunt to seek legal advice. It was my lawyer cousin who talked to them, and told them he was not legally bound to marry the girl, but legally bound to give child support. According to my jerk cousin, the pregnant girl’s father and brother came to see him at his workplace and the father actually begged him to marry his daughter. The father assured my jerk cousin that he was free to leave his daughter even right after the wedding, just as long as he puts a ring on her finger and gives his name to the unborn child. Apparently, there was some sort of a mild threat thrown in fro good measure. Fortunately, the jerk cousin ‘s mom has an uncle who is a high – ranking general in the army and he was the one who told the father not to threaten my cousin. Anyway, the last we heard of this problem, my jerk cousin didn’t marry the girl , and had returned to his girlfriend’s loving arms.

So, what’s my opinion on this ?

It’s a load of cr*p.  And there are 2 real victims here. …. the child, and the girlfriend. …. another child without a father. My cousin and his girlfriend have been living together for sometime now and the girlfriend hasn’t gotten pregnant. I assume they use protection. So, when he stupidly decided to date the other girl, why didn’t he use one?   It wasn’t the girl’s fault. She was a girl determined  and so much in love. People in love do stupid things.  ( Men should watch the movie ” Fatal Attraction “! )  He should have spurned the girl’s advances, told her to take a hike or go jump off the cliff, zipped his pants tight , and walked away. Or if  he couldn’t  restrain his libido, then use a condom! !  Gosh ! ( I’m getting angry now.)  And his girlfriend…… she took him back. (=_= )  I wonder what she felt when she found out her boyfriend cheated big time.  I’d pop a vein, have a massive coronary, and drop dead. I don’t think I could ever trust such a man again. What he did is not something one could just delete and forget it ever happened.  In my book, that’s untenable, and darn, I don’t want such complications in my life. Is that harsh ? What if  it was a girlfriend who cheated while still in a relationship with you, had sex with another guy, would you forgive and forget ?  No? Exactly.

Okay, ranting done. * fans self *

Oi ! It’s Holloween today !  I’m gonna see those cute , little ones in costumes , trick or treating again . Snickers, Baby Ruth, chocolates and candies galore !  And lots of cavities !  Kids, don’t forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed.  ( ~_^ )

Okay, I’m off to church. It’s Sunday. And I go to work, too, for a few dollars. So, bye for now, Tchau, paalam, sayonara, adiue, an neyung, zai jian.

Love connection \(^_^)/

Yep. Finally. I’m blogging about it. < laughs > I’m more embarassed to talk about this than toilet paper. (^__^)””

But, I’m so excited because we just got an overseas call from my aunt in the Philippines. She informed us that the matchmaking my mom did for her nephew and niece seems to be working. \(^___^)/    So, okay, when we went there , my mom and I,   met up with so many relatives, her nieces and nephews on both sides of the family. Anyways, her nephew ( actually my dad’s sister’s son ) is still single,  a lawyer,  and her own niece, a doctor, is also single. So then , we had a grand family reunion at our house there, and both sides of the family were there, and mom saw to it that my cousins, the lawyer and the doctor , .got introduced. And through mom’s not so subtle manipulations * ( e____e )*, the two started dating. That was 3 months ago. Now , we hear they are very close, and seem to be doing well. Several weeks ago, mom did call the lawyer and asked how he was doing, and so on.  My lawyer cousin asked mom how he could tell the doctor that he really liked her. @___@  What an idiot. Anyways, mom said to tell her this.. ” I’d like to take this relationship to another level “…. then mom urged him to buy a ring , PRONTO ! ! Ahahaha !  She told him not to let her escape !    Well, my cousin doctor is cute, and I’m sure she can have anyone with one flick of her finger. Oh, I have a picture of her posted here, on my blog titled ” More vacation pics and videos “.  Oh, I really, really hope they get together, and maybe, get married , soon. I mean, heck, they are both of age, and , methinks, my doctor cousin is starting to worry about her biological clock ticking. She turned 30 last July.   ……….. Oh, geez, that is soooo  totally romantic ! !  I’m  tickled pink !  I mean, it’s so  like Harlequin Romance, or like this romance story I’m reading right now.   I wish I could experience something like this, where I could be wooed and courted by a guy the traditional way…. roses and candles, and such. * daydreams *       ( e__e )”     Over here, guys are like, ”  Hey, I like you ! Then, wham, bang, thank you, ma’m ! ” ……. @____@…… I’m frighteningly pessimistic and cynical, I guess.  While I’m looking for my knight in shining armor, I guess I’ll have to content myself reading shoujos. < sniffs… >

Yeah, something like the above. Well, so okay, the guy’s not really my type, ( ^__^), but I guess he’s the type of guy who will be loyal and faithful to a girl forever, and  that’s the most  important thing.  I myself  prefer the geek- looking guy with glasses who’s reading Quantum Physics….. yes, the shy one….. the quiet one…….

Well, this is it for the day….. so I say, adiue, bye-bye, sayonara, Tchau, paalam, an neyung, zai jian… be nice, be cool, be polite. Peace !

I have a new contributor/ toilet paper musing on my blog (e_e)

Yep. She’s here. Dreamsending. There’s more of  her on her blogsite, though, I don’t have the link at the moment. She’s a good writer. She even had a book published already.  (e_e)  And now, I feel so shallow, with me writing side by side with her. I mean, I just talked about toilet paper….. (^____^)\  I’m not a writer, so cut me some slack, okay ?

Uhm, come to think of it, toilet paper is important too. Right ? How can anyone live without it ? I think it’s allright to talk about it. Hey, let’s get real. Girls can be gross,too . I mean, the girl you’re deeply in love with, the one you’ve placed on a pedestal, the one you adore, well, newsflash, loverboy, she farts and poops too. And  9 out 10, I bet  it smells like the Hades.  (~o^)   Anyways, back to toilet paper…………….how do you put the toilet paper in the holder ? Over or under ? I put it under. It seems it’s easier to use it that way.  It’s funny, but people can actually tell  they’re in a Filipino household when they see that ubiquitous “tabo” hanging on the bathroom wall. Tabo is a water dipper, a scoop.  So , why is it there ? Uhm, hey, you really don’t think the smell ‘s gonna come off  with one wipe, do you ? Even if you use scads of it, the smell will still be there. Believe me, I know……..So, okay,  this is where the tabo comes in. After we do the business, we step into the tub, fill up the tabo with water, and using the sweetest smelling soap, we do the final wash -up.  \( ^_^)/………. oh, by the way, when you travel, bring some baby wipes . Baby wipes are damp and sweet- smelling. Use them for the final touch. If they’re good for the babies, they’re more than good enough for you.

A blond, a brunette, and a redhead are walking along the beach.  Then a seagull flies over  the three women and poops all over the blond. The brunette gets disgusted and tells them to wait up, she’s gonna go get some toilet paper. After she leaves, the blond laughs and tells the redhead, ” I’m the blond here and I’m supposed to be the dumb one, but look at her, by the time she gets back with the toilet paper, the seagull will be miles away, and there won’t be any use for the toilet paper.”…… and with this, I end my toilet paper musing.

So, as ever, I say, bye, adiue, adios, Tchau, sayonara, paalam, an neyung, zai jian…. be nice, be polite, be cool. Peace !

There are no Children here–Test Post 2

Here is my new book, Chapter 01, I hope you will let me post here RXK

A boy ran threw a screaming battlefield. I sense of hope flew around him as he charged forward into the dancing shrapnel and buzzing bullets. With an AK47 strapped around his body, the boy looked ready to mow down anyone in his way.

“My name Nathanial. I’m going to save the Wo-*”


The single noise that ended the boys life. A bullet smashing brain matter out the other side, how easily the body drops like a rag doll.

An older looking boy looked out over a fox whole. He turned away, resting his back on the dirt wall. He sighed heavily as he rested on his sniper rifle. The other occupant looked at him with blank eyes.

“Damn, I think that was Nate?”


“Didn’t he have a little sister.”


“Wonder who will look after her now?”

“Not my problem.”

“Man, your cold.”

The younger boy looked at him. In the dim light, the boys looked like death.

“You have to be, this is a war after all. If you go out there rushing head strong, you’ll end up nothing but dead.”


“I’m going to take a nap. Wake me Green if any bogies show up.”

“ Yeah, sleep well.”

Green looked back out of the fox whole, watching as more foolish children ran out into the field. Neither side advancing, a stale mate of piling bodies on each side. Green glanced back at Damien, who had fallen asleep already with ease. Green couldn’t help but think how easy it would be, just to end it all for both of them. How he could take his old Lugar and pop one in each others head. It would just be so easy, if it wasn’t so hard.

Green closed his eyes for a moment to regain his mindset, before returning it back to the battlefield. The first things his eyes fell upon when opening them, was the rising moon in the waning day. Green knew it was going to be a long night.


There Are No Children Here

—-Chapter 01


“Hey Damian!”

Damian turned when he heard his name called in the makeshift mess hall. His pale face stayed emotionless as the caller approached.


“I heard you and Green killed a Commander of the 78th Division. Is that true?”

“He was just a tail, not the head. The forces still came at us.”

“Regardless, that bastard is dead. WE should throw a party!”

Damian grabbed his lunch tray, getting ready to move away from the talking idiot. The other was angered by the younger boys actions, but decided against fighting him.

“Hey Green! I heard you killed a Commander!”

“Fuck. Its Brain.”

Green looked around for a body to hide behind. He couldn’t find anyone in the room to bail him out, so he headed for the closest exit. He was not fast enough. A deathlike grip yanked him back into the noisy room.

“Oh GREEN! How was it. Was it cool, Did you see his head blow up?”


Green wanted nothing to do with Brain. In fact, no one wanted to deal with Brain. Brain was a dead beat, no good loser, who somehow had the luck of some nonexistent God. Green heard stories that his own platoon tried fragging him, but to no avail.

“Oh well. When breakfast is over, want to go over the battle plan tactic?”

“Eh, you have a new one? Brain, that is your one shining aspect of yours.”

“Hum, what do you mean? Aren’t I also Sexy, Smart and Spontaneous?”

“Get rid of the sexy part, then your half right.”


Brain and Green looked back at the noise behind them. Green turned away quickly, so not to look at the person causing it. Brain looked around the mess hall.

“Hey, isn’t that Nate’s sister? She’s blind right? Where is Nate anyways?”

“He’s dead.”

“Oh, poor girl. She’s alone now.”

“Yeah, Nate was her only life line. Now that that’s cut off…”

“She’s as good as dead. Well, someone should do it before she finds out her brother is dead. Save her some heart break.”

Green looked down at his plate. The thing called food, looked tasteless as they were. He pushed the tray away and rested his head on the table. He wasn’t hungry all of the sudden.

“Taking a nap. Don’t wake me.”

“Ok, I get it. Don‘t know why you don‘t sleep in a cot.”

Brain knew when to leave. More so when many of his own friends died in the last battle. Well, if you could call them friends. Brain just acted as he did, so to avoid showing his real self. If that happen, he might begin to like people more. If he liked them more, then it would be harder to plan his strategic moves on the battlefield. That is what a battlefield is for, sacrificing the pawns and advancing the king and queen without losing them in battle. That is why he acted out. That is why he pushes people’s buttons. So it will be easer to move on after death.

“Brother? Where are you?”

The fragile child called out. She reached out to the other children, but all moved away from her. Her voice seemed to echo all over the room. Even if others talked, her voice was the loudest. Those who felt sad for her, swore it grew louder with every pitiful call. Then for a moment, the silence was broken.

“Your brother is outside.”

Greens eyes shot open. Damien was talking to the girl. Had he grown a little bit of a heart? But why tell the girl he was outside? He watch as Damian grabbed the girls hand, leading her outside. The two faded out of Greens sight. So he listened instead. After a few minutes, he heard a single small pop. Green let his eyes drop as he laid his head back down on the table. He heard the door push open and close, as a person walked towards him to take a seat.

“You killed her.”

“What else is new.”

“How easy it must be for you.”

“How easy not to. All you do is pull a trigger.”

Green stood up, walked away from the table, from the chattering mess hall. Damien following a few steps behind.

“Did I say something wrong?”

Green clenched his fist, he wanted to hit something, someone. Damien, he wanted to hit him. He ended up punching a wall. Damien watched, unmoved by Green’s action.

“No, I did something wrong.”


“I could have stopped it. But I let it happen.”

“Could have stopped what?”

Green looked down at Damien. The years in age difference, probably 7 years at best. Each boy had a different view of life, but the same outcome was destined for both. An early death. That question he gave, as simple as it was, was very childish.

“I knew…that you would kill her the moment you spoke.”

“I thought I was being kind.”

In one quick motion, Green grabbed Damien in an embrace. He held the younger boy who struggled underneath his strength. Damien clawed at his back, pushed and punched, but Green did not let go, he just held on tighter. Damien slowed, before he broke into a small whimper. Which later turned into a wrenching scream of sadness. Both boys fell to their knees.

“I’m sorry. I won’t let you pick a hard choice like that ever again. I’m sorry.”

Green would keep apologizing into the night, till all the tears faded away and sleep had taken over Damien. When Damien awoke, he was in a cot, tucked away in its warmth. He closed his eyes, falling back to sleep, pretending he was being hugged by someone who cared. Knowing Green was there, Damien didn’t need anything else.

Hi, New Part-Time Blogger here!

My name is Alexis, aka “DreamsEnding”
I will be, a part-time blogger. For my first post, I will talk about friends, new and old.

New friends, are something of an adventure. More so, if you meet them online. It can be a rather scary thing and also, a very nice experience. With the online world, the globe sure has gotten smaller. I have many online friends that I have never met in person, but do send letters, postcards and books back and forth with my close online friends. RenxKyoko is a close friend of mine on the Internet, we talk about the Philippines and all that random girl talk (Which will be taken to my grave) and another close friend of mine in Germany, who we web cam every once in awhile. (Cause of time zone diff. our speech is rather random and fun) These friends are something of a new kind, the online age. But with the world changing all to “One World” Friends, most people notice it is different from the friends you (The writer and the reader) grew up with. Many from Grade School to High School.

But old friends, the one’s you knew from long ago since childhood, hold something different. Because, after all, they are the first children you interacted with. People who was your size at the time and spoke a hidden language that only you and the small children knew. Then somewhere along the way, people move away, friends break up, make more friends and fall in to the missing zone of “wonder where they are today” feeling. For me, it was moving away. I had left many good friends behind and would later in life, not make as many as the good friends that I had back then. But with the online age, friends once long gone, seem closer then ever. In the world of Myspace, Facebook, and my new best friend MyLife, brought me closer to a guy who is like a twin brother to me. Both 23 in age, but only six months apart, we grew up together. We had shared birthdays, Christmas’s , Halloweens, Easters, and god did we prank and get in trouble with people. Just think of your old friend, the one you told all your dreams and hopes to. I am sure the thought has crossed your mind. “Are they ok, are they alive? What are they doing? Are they happy?”

Well, MyLife was able to do that for me. It was rather strange. When seeing phone number of someone who could be your old friend. Would it be that person? Would that person remember me? When they pick up the phone, for a moment, you don’t know what to say or do. If your ever in that situation, don’t hang up and say wrong number. Its best if you be brave and voice who you are. it’s a surprise how things turn out.

So, for my first post. I hope I did well. But let me give anyone who reads this some advice. Go look for an old friend who haven’t talked to in awhile. See how they are doing, for better or worse. Cause you never know, they might be looking for you too.

More trivial talk on blog/sorry (e_e)

Toilet paper maker is making toilet paper without the cardboard tubes in the middle. < grins> That’s good though. Less trees to cut down for darn tubes. I’m a tree hugger. Do you know what I do with any paper that’s blank at the back? I reuse them… for scratch paper, for anything, as long as paper is reused. I’m a recycling Nazi.  =__=   I hate to use the word Nazi, but it’s the most apt to describe my  habit…. or shall I say, manic behavior (^_^);;…. it’s  as if  earth will suffer some catastrophic event if  I don’t recycle.

 Oftentimes, I feel I should wear my best nightclothes before I go to bed. Who knows what would happen in the middle of the night……. an earthquake, perhaps ? a fire ?…………. I certainly don’t want to be caught running out of the house in my favorite tattered , old, trusty T-shirt, like this one I’m wearing now, with a hole in the armpit.  Speaking of earthquakes and such…… I just heard news there was a simultaneous earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic eruption happening in Indonesia. I have a friend living there. I hope she’s allright. I haven’t experienced any of these natural disasters, and I pray I never will, but my folks told me that yes, I did experience it, when I was a seven month old baby in the Philippines. An 8.2 earthquake, and a major volcanic eruption ( Mt. Pinatubo ) occured  in one year. This Mt. Pinatubo eruption was a huge one, they say. I watched an episode about this on National Geographic Channel. Towns near the volcano were completely buried with ashes, so much so that they disappeared from the map. Manila, the capital city, which was about a few hundred kilometers from the volcano, was not spared. Mom said that at 12 noon, it went completely dark, and ashes fell for 24 hours ( visibility zero ), and the next day, people woke up to a city completely covered with white grayish ashes. Well, just Google Mt.Pinatubo eruption for more info……. Oh, wait, speaking of which, a friend just emailed me about Google sending out a virus. ….. ah, go ahead, google it. Verify if there’s indeed a virus. ( ~o^ )

Oh, my goodness, it’s 9:15 AM…. I have class at 10….. eeeek, I’m late !  Gotta go !

Really trivial talk today

I’ve been looking at the monitor for over an hour now, and  nothing…..It’s 5:06AM

Okay, it’s 5:19…… Oh, for crying out loud, I’ll just write about this, again….

This guy is a popular Spanish singer here in the US. He’s half- Filipino. His name’s E.P.I. So, what about him? Well, he’s cute, for one. ^^;;   Secondly, he’s a cousin, by affinity, which means, not blood related. < grins>  So, okay, he and I share a common relative, W. H. P, who happens to be very close to my parents, and  who was also our neighbor in the Philippines.  WHP is  the first cousin of EPI’s mother.  WHP  is related to us on his mother’s side and related to the guy in the pic on his father’s side. Well, whatever. There’s still a connection between me and EPI, and I’m trying to hold on to that.. (^______^) 

Here’s a music video of EPI. Warning though…. don’t watch if  you’re under 18 years old. It’s a little , uhm, graphic. I mean, EPI’s videos usually are, and frankly, I don’t really like his songs, but this one is passable. If  YouTube redirects you back to its site, sorry.  Watch it on YouTube, if you’re interested. Anyway, EPI’s lady love here is Jennifer Love Hewitt, one of my favorite actors. I love her TV show ” Ghost Whisperer “.

It’s cold and rainy here. I’m wearing 2 pairs of socks, 2 of everything to keep me warm and  toasty.  My folks don’t want us to turn on the heater yet. Electricity  is expensive. Last month’s bill was like $ 190.00, but last year, when our heater was turned on everyday, our electric bill was over $ 700.oo. So, we understand  we have to go easy on the heater, for now. Not just yet. But, at this moment, my fingers are kinda frozen. It’s hard to type. =__=    …… and geez, taking a bath early in the morning is  sheer torture. There’s actually a term for that first  blast of  ice cold water when we turn on the faucet. I’ve forgotten what it is. But I know it sounds funny……… Oh, and in mainland China , somebody just told me it was already 0 C  there ! And it’s not even winter yet ! Well , over here , it was 5 C at 4  this morning.  Do you know, temperature goes up when it rains?

I  watched this movie on HBO yesterday….. The Orphan ….. scary . It’s a thriller, no ghosts nor monsters in it. If you haven’t seen this movie, borrow the dvd. It’s good. It reminds me of this old movie ” The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. “…..another good thriller………..  Movie afficionados have listed The Exorcist as the scariest movie of all time.  Uhm, I guess so…. at that time when it was first released, I guess. But I understand why it’s scary. The actors in it are so soft- spoken. There’s no screaming whatsoever. And heck, I actually watch Exorcist at this time of the year, Holloween . We have a dvd of this, and yeah, I think I’ve watched this a million times, and it still kind of scares me, for some reason. ^^”   Ah, and not to forget Jeepers Creepers.  Seriously, I didn’t really get to watch the whole movie. More than half the time,  I had to cover my eyes, or pause  or fast forward the dvd. Geez, I was so lame. He he he

* sighs*  I guess this is all for now. Sorry for the trivia. (^___^)””

Bye, adios, 88, adiue, Tchau, an neyung, zai jian… be good, be nice, be polite, be cool. Peace.