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Pics of Christmas celebration 2021 at home

Clockwise: pastries from 85 degrees ( the best, ever ), baked macaroni, beef with mushrooms, pork asado, embutido ( pork loaf ) pork eggroll

Hot egg drop soup with soft tofu, made from scratch

Baked macaroni ( I didn’t have time to cook bechamel sauce on top ….. the macaroni sauce has tomato sauce, ketchup, heavy cream,milk, cheese, fish sauce and soy sauce….. the fish sauce and soy sauce make this pasta dish typically Filipino, but, believe it or not, it’s a winner…… in fact, when I cooked this dish for our potlock at work, my co-workers nagged me for the recipe, which I was UNWILLING to give away because it’s a secret , family recipe, ha haha ! My Mom had a successful catering business in the Philippines, and you know, just like you don’t ask a lady her age, you don’t ask a caterer for the recipe of the dish…(“…”)

Beef with mushrooms

Chicken macaroni and fruit salads

Mango, ube ( purple yam ) Boston Creme cakes


Sister and Dad

I just love these pastries from 85 degrees. If you’re in California, go in and buy their pastries, especially their French bread.

Well, this is all for now, folks. Happy 2022 !

Christmas Musing

And CHRISTMAS GREETINGS from YOURS TRULY. May you all have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS 2022 ! Be safe, be well, be healthy.

Christmas Musings

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all !

Guys, I’m sorry I haven’t posted for quite a while. Since November, I’ve been working 12 hours a day, for seven days, without days off. Not complaining , though, because, $$$$$$$$. Right ? I work at a dairy company, and though it’s always been this busy during the holidays, this year , production has hit the roof. It’s a good thing, of course. Business is very , very good this year. America should rejoice. Our company also gave us the usual ham and 2 boxes of our own products. I donated all of that to Loaves and Fishes, a Catholic group that feeds the homeless. I hope they have enough space in their fridge for all the dairy products that I donated. Loaves and Fishes is our family’s favorite charity group. Our cash donation is a n automatic monthly salary deduction….. not much, but it does add up to a hefty sum in one year. I’m not tooting my own horn…. this is just to let those who care know there are others who care as well.

My Mom was just told a surprising little tidbit by an old friend of hers. He asked mom if M…. was her relative. M… was mom’s relative, and knew her in college. Then he told her that a very popular , but sad, Filipino Christmas song , Paso na, Sinta ko ( It’s Christmas, my beloved ) was composed for her by the University of the Philippines ‘ Concert Chorus’ conductor. The story was, M … had a boyfriend who was also a member of UP Concert Chorus. But then, M… and her family immigrated to the US without even telling her boyfriend. Poof !!!.. she just disappeared in his life. He was so emotionally distaught that it affected all the members of the choir. This sad situation inspired the conductor, Elly Estanislao , to compose the song. The original title of the song was ” Para kay M…. ” ( For M… ) The opening lyrics , in English is ” It’s Christmas now, my beloved, I’m still longing for you… why did you leave me ? ” It’s so heart-breaking.

This is the music video of the Christmas song. Surprisingly, the best rendition , in my opinion , was sung by an American choir group. Check it out… but take note, don’t pay attention to the dancers . They are so annoying and distracting. I don’t know why they were even there , dancing what they thought was something cultural ??Aaaargh. !

This is all for now.

But before I end this, I hope you can listen to a joyous Filipino Christmas song.

Thanksgiving , 2021

Compared to previous Thanksgiving feasts, this year we had less dishes on the table.

grilled chicken and embutido ( pork loaf )

My Mom’s favorite, Bopis. I don’t want to say what’s in there, LOL. Spicy and delicious.

Lechon with liver sauce.

Chicken macaroni salad and cassava cake….. not shown, fruit salad with pandan cream. Pandan is called vanilla grass .

Heart attack Humba dish. It does look unappetizing because of the fatty pork belly, but it’s very delicious, our family’s favorite. It’s pork cooked in Sprite ( instead of water), soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, salted black beans, dried banana blossoms, bay leaves, garlic, onions.

Garlic fried rice, of course.

My brother and sister.

My cousin and her hubby. My boyfriend couldn’t go because he was coughing so much…. didn’t want to infect the family. My sister’s hubby was also sick. …. just keeping everyone safe.

I decorated the house early. Hahaha!

Guys, do you know I was in Hawaii for 2 weeks this November ? ( Pics on next post )

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Bye for now. Hugs and kisses to all. Stay safe. There’s Omicron.