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Dreamsending STILL ALIVE!!!

Hello from CHINA!

Sorry for not updating sooner, I’ve been very busy. I’ve been here in China for three months now. I already know my way around the city, by foot and bike. I LOVE MY BIKE!

The place that I live in, is a very nice place. My room is still a little messy, but that’s because I don’t have anything to put my clothing in….bummer….but I’m going to be off tomorrow and I am so going to clean it, move my bed away from the window, dust in here and what not.

So look around, my room. Its nice, cleanish and I think EPIC!

Well, on the trip over here, from Portland to Los Angeles, I bawled my eyes out, I cried. I was really sad and bummed out, but got over it. From Los Angeles to Soul, South Korea. I sat next to a nice old woman and a Russian boy, both teachers. Got a lot of insight. After that, went to Shanghai, China. I had to get to another airport, so I took a subway train system. That was fun, like 122mph. A Chinese man helped me find my right exit. Thank you stranger!

Then took a flight to my new home town, which I will not name, cause I’m strange like that. That was where I met my friend, Fish! Fish is a very nice girl, her mother and father are nice people. She has a little brother named Peter, he’s so cool! He just needs to see that he’s cool.

I took it easy for two days, sleeping off the jet lag. The food was so good, Fish’s father cooks really good. I missed my dad thinking about it. Love you dad, love you too mom. And Tara, you little brat. After that, I sat in watching as other teacher worked the class. Just to have a feel what its like to work in the school. A guy name Joe showed me around, he moved out to another school else where.

After that, I had to go to school and learn and be certified to be a teacher. I got a B grade! Well, it was a nice city, but it was a long drive, bus ride for 7 hours, there and back, a place called Jinan. The hotel I was in was very nice. I miss the hotel, it had an American feel to it. The breakfast was very good. Headed back home on bus, an accident happened. I didn’t see it happen, but the bus had to break really quick. The passenger behind me, another American, was sleeping behind me. He hit the back of the set rather hard, but got up and went back to sleep. I asked him if he was ok afterwards and he was like, huh? He slept like a rock the whole time. I liked being back home. Didn’t get much of a break, had to work the next day.

Then Saturday happened. My first day on the job, my first class, sucked so hard….but after that, the classes got easier. My C10 is the best class, all good girls! My least favorite class is PC2 a parent and child class, its my last class on Sunday. If I don’t make the kids happy, there is no way in hell I can make the parents happy. So Saturday, 5 classes, from 8 am to 7:30 PM. Sunday Five classes, 8 am to 5:30 pm. On good days, I either walk or take my bike to school, it’s a 45 minute walk, bike I have no idea, hadn’t timed it yet. On bad days, I take a cab. Its 5 Yuan and + whatever amount used to get to place to place. (I find it real gay that the price went up 1 Yuan because of Spring, but 5 Yuan is like $0.76, so I shouldn’t complain too much.) A bus ride is like 1-4 Yuan, depending on the destination. Like if I wanted to go to Xinpu or Shugo, it would be 4 Yuan because of the distance. (Well 8 Yuan there and back) if I wanted to go to some other place, it would be 1 Yuan. My other classes are new. Monday and Wednesday at a Kindergarten at 8:30 am to 10:00am and another Kindergarten at 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm Monday and Thursdays.

Well here is what the money looks like. See those five little coins, that would be 1 Yuan. See those two gold coins, that would be 1 Yuan, see that one coin, it’s a Yuan. See that paper 1, it’s 1 Yuan. So many things to make a Yuan, but its not done yet. See those small ones that are marked “1,2,3” that right there, would make 1 Yuan……….yeah

Well here you have 5 Yuan
Here you have 10 Yuan
Then a 20 Yuan
A 50 Yuan
100 Yuan

Right now I have 700 Yuan on me, which is like $107 something dollars and can and will last me for a whole month or more. I can’t wait for pay day….I dream of it….The only thing I have bought for “just for fun” was a little Chinese book that I am trying to translate. So far I got “Always remember the ones you love, whom are forever by your side, even if they are no longer there.” I think this will be a tearjerker book. A hair dryer. I went a day with wet hair in this place, it sucks….and a necklace for 30 Yuan, $4 US.

The most I spend on, like needed things. Water, anything drinkable, coffee, toilet paper, shampoo, tissue paper, food, lots and lost of water/drinkable items.

So here is my list:

Water: 2 Large 4 liter jugs. Once every week for the home. Cook rice with and drink or add to instant dinners.
Water: Small water bottles: Everyday. Work days, 4 a day. (20 bottles of water)
Soft Drinks: Sprite (2 bottles, Sat and Sun)
Other Drinks: Milk Tea, Gatorade, Milk, Yogurt (which you drink here) Instant coffee, and other items with unknown names but taste good.

Food: Eggs, really cheap. Apples, cheap. Potato’s, dirt cheap. Banana, grapes, tomatoes, onion. Just really good prices.

Meat: Liver, the only meat I have bought so far, will try others soon. Shopping again in two days.

Spoil myself: Skippy Peanut butter, honey, bread. Some strange food thing

Street Venders: 1-10 Yuan, depending on what and where you go. Rule of thumb, go to the one everyone else happens to go to, means the food is fresh and good. I had something that tasted almost like a burrito for only 2 Yuan. It had vegi bread, egg, potato, lettuce and some “don’t ask what it is” secret sauce.

Restaurants/Bars: 5-160 Yuan
For places that have just Chinese food, 5-50 Yuan. I walked into a restaurant close to my home. I call it Garfield Bus Restaurant, why, because it’s a bus with the cat on it. Yeah, I wanted something to eat, to lazy to cook dinner and didn’t feel like street food. (Also, just got off work) SO, I was like, lets do this. Went in, got it, got strange looks and then had somewhat of a fun little party. A few men wanted to buy me a drink called Bi-joe, I was like “no bi-joe, no bi-joe.” They all laughed. So the menu came up, I pointed to two items. Had no idea what is said. I kinda hoped it wasn’t cat or dog… I waited. My first dish was cabbage with hot peppers and rice. My second was Eggs and peppers. OMG, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I will go back there again.

Another place I went it, is called the Taiwan Bar. Its where everyone meets up at, but it’s the next town over. Most people just drink, eat and sing KTV (Sing along music video’s) Its just the place for all “Not from China People” meet up at. There foods good, but I liked the Milk Tea there more then the food.

And last, the big 160 Yuan. It was for deep dish Pizza, I don’t care spending on that much for something really good. I was just so sad when they didn’t have ranch here….boo.

So for sight seeing. I took my bike. I have a helmet, I dare not ride a bike without one. So, I wanted to just look around, on a nice sunny day. (It was freezing.) I didn’t bring anything like my purse, just enough Yuan do buy a drink of water or two and went my way. I took road 40. it’s a new place, meant for Tourist in mind. Its still being built and should be finished sometime this year. The bike ride, was very long. I had no idea where it was going to take me, or how long it would take me to get there. But I kept on going. Then I hit the ocean. Oh, it was so nice. I can’t wait for it to open. It looks really clean too! So many items I wanted to buy, but I would will wait for that later. I took a few pictures and left, headed back for home.

Well, I already worked by second Sat and Sun, done working Monday. Break day tomorrow. Night everyone!

Continued from another post….

Went a a trip to see YELLOW FLOWERS. It was nice, fun and oh so cool. Just took pictures.

I am doing well. Missing home and all. Here are some more pictures! Now there are some people I like here and some people I don’t like here. 90% of the Chinese people here are ok, the other 10% are punks. (Those who call me white devil in your Chinese Language, (la-ow-way), those who ride on sidewalks with their motorcycles, (piss off) and those who pretend to be the almighty “God” of whatever is going on in their crazy little minds.

For the “white” people…I only Trust two Americans (Texan and California) , one Welsh and one Britain. All happen to be male. The female whites, blah, no thank you. They can go jump off a cliff, do nothing but bitch, spread rumors and drive me up the effing wall. For real, I am ready to tell them to shut the hell up, because they do more harm then good. The put down my good friends, both white and Chinese, by not inviting them to any get-togethers. Put down my Boss, who I will admit is a little clueless at times, but shouldn’t be bad mouthed like that every time I am around. I like my boss, even if at times she may drive me a little crazy. Still, she pays these people to do a job, they show up to work drunk off their asses, not only that….eh, I need to stop ranting about these people, I try not to hang with them. Still, I left Oregon to get away from people who like to talk BS, oh well. (I thought these people were educated as well, but alas, one guy doesn’t even have a high school diploma. How the hell is he teaching English?)

Well, I just chilled, visited some nice parks, went and climbed mountains. I so want to go to monkey mountain so I can get some postcards. Its so HARD to find POSTCARDS!

Had some good food this week, since it’s a holiday or something like that. Well got to go, please look around at the new pictures.
FOr the new pictures, please go to this link. Thank you.

Hello from China

Dreamsending here, OH I MISS YOU RENXKYOKO, since I have word press I can talk now, but I can’t stay long, I will update more when I can. Just letting people know, I LIVE!!

Bye Bye for now

Yo, Update on Books and A movie review

Dreamsending here!!

Ah, its 2 am….I’m on my 7th chapter of my new book, 62 pages, 50 characters so far….so far, fun….but I do love it, love it alot. Writing is my thing, I just wish people would get my style. Yeah, it’s mind breaking, but it’s fun. Ask RenxKyoko about my writing. She is one of the rare ones to have one of my books….ahahahahaha. Also, I forgot to ask…did Number 88 make you cry? I have a following in two towns so far. One book I let my dad have that went missing, that somehow got from Point A to Point B….I find that Uber epic cool. Like OMG, people liked it….also I’m getting e-mails if and when book 2 will be out….uh, when I finish….but I do let people read what chapters I have out. Nothing really goods happens ’til chapter 5, when normal hits a wall….ahahaha, I am so EVIL to my characters…
That has the 3 chapters of my book…. I will only upload unless I get 300 views, lol.

Spoilers for those who are Batman Fans.
Now for a movie review. Yes, I love BATMAN. I was a kid when I read “Death in the Family”…..OMG….They killed Jason Todd, Robin Number 2. I’ve never bawled like that for a DC comic. It was so sad to see someone who was like a son to Bruce, die like that by the hands of the Joker. I mean, just wow…not only that, but Jason got sold out by his own mother. Poor kid get beat with a crowbar to near death, then gets blown up, like WTF. I have never seen that before, because Batman always shows up to save people. Well the movie. Batman Under the Red Hood, is based on “Death in the Family” And “Under the Red Hood” Comics. I tell you what, seeing it animated, ( Jason’s death ), was just as jaw dropping as it was painful. I am so going to buy the Comic of this one, once I have the money to do so. I will not say anything else beyond that, because I don’t want to destroy the movie for anyone. All I can say is,  there was so much emotion  it held heart break.

SO right now, I’m just waiting for China. I will talk more about it when it comes around. Well later dayz.

An Update on Dreamsending!

Well, I found out when I am leaving, officially the 23 of February. Whoo hoo. China here I come!

Also, some other news. First time driving on the major high way. It was fun, I like going 70 mph. I like driving and I will miss it dearly while I am away. (Unless I get lucky and get a Chinese one)

So Really good news, and I hope it happens. My family might get to adopt a little girl. I say might because of all that paper work and people have to check out our family, making sure we are “Safe”. Please, we are a safe family. Also, there are others who want her.

This girl’s story is very sad. She is a 4 year old girl, (people think) she has three older sibling and two younger. Their parents, left them in the forest. For two days, they wandered. To keep warm at night, they slept together. Someone just happened to find them before it was to late. Nothing to eat or dink for two days…..neither of them know their last name, or when their where born. Its sad the children have to be broken up for adoption, but they will all be in a 50 mile radius.

Six kids, left by their parents. I think these monsters, should be found, thrown in jail and fixed so they can’t do this again. I know parents abandoning children happens a lot, for many reasons, but out in the middle of no where. Like What the hell. That right there should be attempted murder if those people are ever found. I mean, we have places here where if you can’t take care of your child, you could drop them off at a hospital or police station. Still, it could have been worse, the parents could have killed them in person, which seems to be happening a lot lately. Many over the littlest reasons to those who are just plain crazy. Still, this makes me sick.

I won’t be able to “grow up” with her, since I am moving out, but I will talk to her when she gets here, over skype and all. My little sister will take care of her, I think she would like to be a big sister. Mom and dad would love to take her in. She would be the youngest kid the family would have taken in. My family is very open, all we ask is no stealing, lying and come home when your needed to be. We took in a half black kid, where as no one else would take her in. (I hate this town, so racist. I mean, we have Neo Nazi‘s right across the street from a Mexican Restaurant.) We gave her a Christmas, a place to stay and she stayed till she graduated high school and got her own apartment and job. The reason why she was kicked out of her house her mom owned was because her mom got a new boyfriend who said “Blackie has to go, or I go.”……some people just need to die…..

But I tell you what, that girl had the most racist jokes to tell, it would crack us all up. Like
“Mmm-boy, you know how “us” black people love’m ribs and chicken with watermelon.”
For real, the family was silent, before we cracked up laughing. I love her humor. Or
“Do you know why “we” run so fast?” “No, why?” “So we don’t get tagged it by the lions.” There are other jokes, I will not repeat on here.

Well, I will leave this here for now. I will update if we get the girl or not. Take care everyone.

Song of Saya OST

Song of Saya

The Japanese Visual Novel Art

Song of Saya American Comic

Saya of the American Comic

OST Review: Original Sound Track: Song of Saya

Song of Saya (Saya no Uta) is a Graphic Visual Novel. Warning, it is slight-Ero, (A very little sex scene, but what TV show/Game/Movie/whatever now-a-days don‘t have?)
And Song of Saya, American Comic Ver. Different story and characters, but still somewhat same story line. I like both, but rather have the Visual Novel Japanese ver.

It’s a story about a man, Fuminori Sakisaka, who’s been in a car accident, one which took the lives of his mother and father. He had been in a comma for weeks, having a new experimental brain saving surgery to save his life. When he awakes, he awaked to a nightmarish world. Everywhere around him, looks like rotting meat, smells and unsightly. Even the friends he once knew by heart, now looked like monsters, spoke like monsters. Fuminori is living in a Hellish world, with no light in sight. That was, until he met Saya. A girl untouched by the world that he sees. For Fuminori, Saya is the girl of his dreams, but for everyone else, its their nightmare.

*Warning, eating of human flesh, horror, murder and mystery.

This game, is in Japanese, but there is an English Patch. Since Visual Novels are getting known in the US more, I thought I’d share one that is most wanted on the list. Song of Saya is really a great story, I for one, will buy this game when it comes out. Now for the Main Attraction, the sound track.

15 Tracks that hold horror in its music, a haunting voice and song.
Kanako Ito as the main vocals, Zizz Studio for the music. Before I even knew the story, I fell in love with the sound track. It was just so mysterious, so rare, that I wanted to find where it came from. So I will post three songs, each showing the range of music in the soundtrack. The art work is also very lovely.

Song of Saya 1 and 2:

Glass Shoes:


The Pic RenxKyoko wanted….and

I’m writing a new story, chapters 1-3 are up. Please read and thank you.

Here ya go!

Was turned down…

Well, I thought I’d try a brave moment, telling a guy that I “had” a crush on him, only to be laughed at….Like, WTF.

Dreamsending here…

I’m over the anger now, I thought I would just be sad, but no, just majorly P’d OFF. I mean, all I said was I had a crush on him, not that I liked or loved him or anything like that….I mean, I still want to be friends with this person, but him laughing like it…over a crush…..But whatever, I moved on and no longer thing he’s as cute as he once was. Oh well. Talk to him later I guess.  Oh well his loss, won’t let it get me down.

Well Feb. 14th, I am leaving for CHINA. RenxKyoko will be posting for me, because wordpress isn’t open in China. Thank you girl!

So tell me, do I not look cute?


2012 is BS

Dreamsending here…… Rant time for 2012, cause I AM SICK OF HEARING IT

it’s the end of the world as we know it, # god knows how many the human race wish’s for. Yes, I do think, many humans, (The American kind) Think the end of the world is near….once again. I mean what, we had the year 1999, which should have been an epic battle of good and evil, (X/1999) where the human race was taken off the face of the earth, but nope, nothing happened. Then there was Y2K, in like what 2000-2001?, what was it, computers coming to life and kill people…..WHAT? Sorry, our A.I. isn’t that advanced yet, even in this time and era of 2011. Still, I find that really foolish, computer and electronics coming to life and killing people. Now there’s 2012, oh how so scary. Also a rumor about a Superstorm hitting California…are you kidding me? I was in a Superstorm once in California, I think it was 1997, where it rained 180 days none stop, yet for this Superstorm, it only rains for 30 days and destroys Southern California ….if a Superstorm was to happen, it happens, its called NATURE, it happens. Its not some dooms day set up for 2012. I like to think of it like this, if people know a Superstorm is coming or happening, don’t just stand there like an idiot and go “durdurdur” like many did in New Orleans. Many people were told to relocate, to get the hell out, or else they will have to fend for themselves, but what did many people do? “Oh its just another storm, nothing bad will happen.” ….. its called Darwin Awards, sorry if it sounds cruel, but its kinda true. I do feel sorry for the people who could not get out because of medical issues, like those poor people in the Nursing Homes, but I mean come on, if you can walk/drive/have a brain, you should be getting out of dodge. What happen to common sense? I think it went out the door sometime in 1997.

Still, there is something that alludes me, why do so many people want the end of the world to happen? Once again, I am looking at many of the American people, cause I have no idea how other people think around the world on the issues of 2012. I find it so sad, how people look forward to its own destruction. What mind set are they, to have that view? Are they just so depressed, that the end of the world is their “get out of jail free card?” If that’s the case, then I do fear 2012. Not that it will be the end of My world, but for the end of many others who happen to join in the hysteria this is happened to create. This here, is a classic “Drinking the Kool-Aid”, a memory of the Jonestown incident comes to mind. Many of those people, believed their end was coming, many people forced by those who thought it was the end of their world, to drink the Kool-Aid. For the people of Jonestown, it was the end of the world. I see 2012, to be another incident, I do see many people dieing because of it. Which people? Those who are mentally unstable, who whole heartedly believe the end of the world is near. I mean, their mind set it “Set”, after seeing Australia and Brazil are being flooded, the major Earthquakes that are hitting around the 6.0-7.3, birds dieing in mass’s all over the USA, Fish dieing in mass’s in the rivers, the worlds apparent “Global Warming” will heat the internal earth, when in truth, the world is getting colder, its more of a slight “Global Cooling.” Earthquakes, floods, tornados, landslides, Tsunamis, plagues, virus….its all a natural event that is bound to happen, bound to repeat, be it sometimes the human element can and will make it worse. It’s an unfortunate event, when people are trapped in a situation like this, but only truly destructive if one allows it to effect them forever.

So, readers of this blog. I am sure you already know I don’t believe in the end of the world. My world won’t end of that day, but I do know it will end for many others who follow it. So don’t follow the mindless drones, whom carry “End of the world” signs, its best to live the life you have, love those that you care for. There are times when bad things will happen, but its not the end of the world.

I will leave this here, so readers, what do you think of this little over a page rant? Do you think the end is coming?

Manga Review: Olimpos

Dreamsending here…..

Manga Review:


Writer: Aki

Year: 2008-2009

Two Manga

I will buy the Japanese ver. When I’m there! Whoo Hoo!

This Two short story Manga, have lovely art, nice story telling and an interesting story. The only two down falls, its to short and the ending is so open ended.

The story starts off with a boy, Ganymedes the youngest Prince of Troy. He has caught the eye of a God, because of his beauty. This God, Apollon, God of the Sun. Ganymedes is held captive in an endless garden of white flowers and eternal night with endless stars, no matter how far he runs, he can never find an end. Ganymedes can not die, can not age, forever is he trapped with the longing of a revenge he can never succeed in. What is Apollon’s reasoning for this? What happens when other God’s happen to interfere with Apollon’s fun?

It’s a must read manga, even if its short. My two favorite male characters are Ganymedes and Poseidon. The female, Iris.

Rating: 4/5 Over all: Ending could have been better, but the artist might continue.

Zodiac Change, Pluto and Nuke the Moon!

 Dreamsending here, you know the other blogger, the one people send the wrong silly e-mails too, lol ahaha. Well I have a new post!


Hi everyone, thought I’d let people know about this shocking news.

The Zodiac Sign’s have changed. Now this, here, I find ridiculous. I can’t help but wonder if the whack job who thought this up, also thought it was a good idea to no longer call Pluto a planet. Leave the stars and planets alone, its already bad enough that Obama OK’d to have NASA send a nuke up to the moon to see if “it has water or not?” I’m sorry, but sending a nuke up to the moon to see if there is any water up there, is rather stupid. If there was water up there, now its contaminated. If, lets say the world got together, and wanted to build a station on the moon, the place it hit would not be a safe place. Thank you, foolish People with Power. Also, thank you once again, for knocking our moon away from earth by 3 inches. Yeah, do people know that our moon is the controller of the earths tides? That the moon is slowly leaving us? Still, I know I won’t be alive to see it go, its just what a waste of money, time and possible living area up in space.

Now back to Pluto, not being a Planet any more. Sorry to me, it still is. I just want to know, how many text books had to be changed with Pluto no longer in the history books of Space? Still, it was money that should have been to be productive, not deductive. NASA needs to get real and start sending people to Mars. Hell, I would do it if I was to make sure my family would be well taken care of.

Once again, back to the Zodiac. I am a Leo, but on Leap Year I am a Cancer. Now with the New Zodiac, I am a Cancer all year around. Sorry, but I don’t feel like a Cancer, I’m more of a Leo because I relate more to it. I can’t help but wonder how much money was wasted on this too, more so now that his will confuse people who follow the Zodiac signs. This here, will mess with people internally, doing more harm them good. Yes, there are those who read their daily zodiac sign, just for fun or really believing in it, it causes something scary to happen. For some people, to lose one’s self.

What do I mean by that? Well believe it or not, the day your born in, the month, the year, the time, your first and last name, shape you into the person whom you become. If, lets say, you as a person, was to be born another day other then your real birthday, you would become a different person altogether.

But not all is bad, after all, this time right now is the Ophiuchus Constellation. it’s the “new” zodiac, one with a rare 13th sign. Serpentarius/Ophiuchus sign. Those born November 9th 2010 and onward, will have their Zodiac changed to the Ophiuchus, If your born November 8th then your still a Scorpio. Be it that the last time this was used was over 3000 years ago. In that case, the Chinese Zodiac’s change would be that of the year of the Cat. Another rare one in deed. So fear not, your Zodiac’s not changed.




New Zodiac signs:


Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18- May 13
Taurus: May 13- June 21
Gemini: June 21- July 20
Cancer: July 20- Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10- Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16- Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30- Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23- Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29- Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17- Jan. 20

No Luck In Love..

Ah, I am sure many people have been there before, be it sooner or later. The “No luck in love” state. For me, it true. I know how to love, I think, but when it comes down to it, will I really know what love is, or is it just an imitation of love, which later turns into a like or something much more scary. Still, it’s a tricky subject. Everywhere, around the world, is different in love. Some are the strong silent type, others are the bashful, others are the “I’ll say it cause its true” type, different ways to even express it. Then there are those of unrequited loved, which can be either helpful or hurtful. The unrequited love, I think is the most scariest of all. It can turn ugly, where once was a far away love, to an extreme bitter hate. Sometimes that hate can last a life time, with that person never finding that one true love, for them alone, because they are to into themselves to even see it. For anyone that has that, I am sorry to hear.

For me, I’m just a fool to love. I dream of it, but I don’t know what I would do if I had it. I mean, I would love that person, but since I have never really been in love, I don’t know how it would work out. Still being 23, never been kissed and still a virgin, its really a confusing time. I have been on date, but nothing grew out of that, why? Cause people set me up on them. Why the feel the need to, I have no idea. They pick people whom they “think” I will like. I just wish they would let me pick whom I want and leave me be, but for right now, I don’t want anyone. Just there are times, that I wish I could have a love of my own, even if for a short while. Keep dreaming I guess, till I find that person.

Now, I know there have been people whom have liked me, would love to date me, but for me to date them, would be out of the question. Why? Cause I don’t know them like I did before, and they don’t even know me, since many years have passed. I’d like being friends with them more and if it was to become something more, they would have to achieve two goals. 1 have an education, 2 have a job. Other then that, that is all I ask for. Is that to much to ask. Well there is also the basic, as long as he don’t hit woman type too, he just has to learn some woman fight back. Which I do and have kicked many man’s ass’s in my life time. But back to the people whom have liked me, I did like one. Well we both liked each other. The only thing was neither of us had the guts to ask one another out. Sure we went to Prom together, but after that nothing. Then a few months later, he asked one of my friends out. This hurt me, but I got over it. They dated for a year, before they broke up. Then that guy wanted to know if I was single, I was, but I told him I had a boyfriend, why? Cause I didn’t like him that way anymore. (Also, I could not get the thought of him and my ex-friend out of my mind, knowing that they slept together. I have nothing against it, a guy can have sex if he wants, a girl too, its just “WHY” her? I just told him to have an STD test, from a friend to friend way. The ex-friend later ended up pregnant on some one nightstand. I would later dump this friend due to personal reasons. She wanted to try out woman, thinking I would like to try with her. Um, NO and HELL NO with her. If I was that way, I would go for some hotter chick. I want some standards at least. LOL) But that guy and I are friends, every once in a while we talk. There is also another guy, which he is cute, but would never happen. Why, he’s a male whore. AHAHAHAHA, Love you man, like a brother and nothing more!

Right now, there is someone I like. Just like. I don’t dare tell him. I’m afraid if I do, I might scare him away. So for now, I like just being friends. Still, at times, my heart beats a little fast. I think that is why I’m a fool in love, I am not brave enough to tell that person, that “I like you!”. For those whom are, I think are the bravest people in the world and I wish the utmost happiness of all. I know one day, I will find love, but I don’t mind waiting for him to show up.

So for those broken hearts out there, those unrequited loves or those love birds whom have found each other, move on with everyday, taking it as it is. Be happy for those whom have love and wish one day, that you will have it too, if you already don’t. If that person whom you love, loves someone else, be happy for them, just don’t let it grow into a bitter hate. Also, if love is also different, be happy for them, because it will be a hard road. Be it heterosexual or homosexual. Be it by different religion or races or even age. Everyone has the right to love someone, no one has the right to say not to. Everyone has the right to be happy? Don’t you think?

I have been Interviewed!

I was interviewed by my friend, Phio-chan! Its the first time I’ve ever had one and it was rather fun! Here is the link, please leave a note there for her to read. Thank You!

Here is also something I happen to get while playing around with drawing. Enjoy

New Art

2011 Art

New Art for the New Year!

Since its the Year of the Rabbit! Tada.

For a Friend, a Devil Fish!

New Year’s 2011 Year of the Metal Rabbit

Burning the City of Sin

Sound the Horn


Hey, the second poster is still alive. Sorry RenxKyoko, my MSN won’t let me log in. I miss talking with you…..

Well, as some of you know already, 2011 is almost here. I will be the Year of the Metal Rabbit. 4th in the line of the Chinese Zodiac.

The Rabbits natural element is Wood, but since 2011 is a Metal year, its a combo of both. Courage will come with strong confidence and faith in ones own ability this year.  So the timid rabbit has a trick to pull, but warning, don’t be to bull headed into making a deal in haste or else your year will come to haunt you.  

Love will also come out stronger this year, then those that have passed. That one person whom have loved you afar, will some how grow stronger to tell all. The person who is in love, shouldn’t go over board, otherwise it will chase that person away.

Money won’t mean much this year if you are looking to hard for it. If your hardly looking, you will find your calling. Slow down and find your creative side, join an art show in any medium and let the money come to you.

Health will be an issue for those who worry to much. The stress will bring gray hair’s, so just breath, take your medication when stuck with a cold, all should be well.

Lucky Numbers: 10, 11, 51, 64 and 90

Color: White to Gray in Winter: Green to light blue in Spring: Red to Yellow in Summer

That is for now. If people want to know anything else about the Zodiac, their birthday or future, let me know.

Also, here is an art I am working on at the moment. Its a young Gabriel, in the background I will be drawing a burning City.  Bye for now.

xxxHolic–CLAMP and getting shots….

Manga of the Moment: xxxHolic

The ladies have done it again. Even if its a short story, I am happy for the woman. She got her happy ending, even if she did have to wait beyond her own death. I fear for Watanuki, the boy in the picture. Everyone around him age’s but him, a normal human lives to be around 85-100. I would feel bad for him if he lost his friends becaues of this, even if its natural. After one person’s “Death”, he changed big time. I wonder, if he’s waiting 100 years to see that person again.

Watanuki, Drawn by CLAMP

Drawn By CLAMP

Art drawn by CLAMP

Colored by DreamsEnding

Ok done with that.

Now I got shots for my stay in China. I will be living there for two years. I got 7 shots, two blood draws and a TB shots as well. Then I had to drive home, not having a care in the world….my god, how did I drive home, makes me kinda scared now, but home, safe.

I hope your computer is doing well, RenXKyoko. We need to talk again soon girl! Miss yah!