xxxHolic–CLAMP and getting shots….

Manga of the Moment: xxxHolic

The ladies have done it again. Even if its a short story, I am happy for the woman. She got her happy ending, even if she did have to wait beyond her own death. I fear for Watanuki, the boy in the picture. Everyone around him age’s but him, a normal human lives to be around 85-100. I would feel bad for him if he lost his friends becaues of this, even if its natural. After one person’s “Death”, he changed big time. I wonder, if he’s waiting 100 years to see that person again.

Watanuki, Drawn by CLAMP

Drawn By CLAMP

Art drawn by CLAMP

Colored by DreamsEnding

Ok done with that.

Now I got shots for my stay in China. I will be living there for two years. I got 7 shots, two blood draws and a TB shots as well. Then I had to drive home, not having a care in the world….my god, how did I drive home, makes me kinda scared now, but home, safe.

I hope your computer is doing well, RenXKyoko. We need to talk again soon girl! Miss yah!

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  1. I dropped xxxHolic after Tsubasa Chronicles ended. These two are intertwined, we know that, but the story of Tsubasa was so confusing I just gave up trying to understand it, and because of this, I ‘m staying away from any Clamp stories at the moment. Besides, I only like happy endings.I’m shallow, you know, hahaha.


  2. Man, darn it! My computer is being a b*tch again. Just now, I tried logging in on Manga Fox to check if there were any new releases of my favorite mangas ( Forbidden Kiss, Youth Gone Wild, etc ), then, darn it, darn it to heck, IE is not allowing me to go there again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Internet Explorer cannot open the webpage ) <—– that';s what I see every time I try to log on. It won't even allow me to search….,. this is the same problem I had last time. Every time I typed anything with the words manga or anime, that note would appear ! !@#$%^&* Got any solution, Alex ?


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