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I’m leaving on an airplane

Hello ! It’s me, Ren.

One or two days more before we leave for Europe. I’m all packed and ready to go……… I’m so excited !    What else can I say ?

The day before departure,  I’ll help Mom cook several dishes good for at least a week….. dishes that will keep nicely in the freezer, and all Dad has to do is get just enough and microwave it.  Mom is so…. Oh, I don’t know, so mother hennish. She thinks Dad is so useless in the kitchen. I don’t think so.  Dad’s Soup # 5 is so delicious.  Well,  I don’t know what’s in it, and  I don’t wanna know.


Right now, it’s 12:57 AM, June 17, the day of our departure .  I can’t sleep. Well, I’ve had 4 cups of coffee since early evening , and I thought I was all done…. but no, there’s still so much to do. In fact, I’ve just colored my hair, ha ha ha, and need to wash it out later… that means, around 1:30 AM.  And while waiting, I’ll do my nails, aaaargh.  Darn it, what else can I say ?  Oh, I’m bringing a few magazines to read.  ” Discover Magazine “. There are a few I haven’t read.   Let me read the cover articles…. 1. Overturning Einstein, Physicist Julian Barbour is rewriting Einstein’s rules of Space, Time and Gravity.  2. When Earth had 2 Moons  3. How to talk to an Alien ( or Frenchman ) 4. Where’s the Higgs ?…  interesting titles , definitely my cup of tea.

Oh, geez, I know this is  so boring.

My employers gave me lots of hours to compensate for my one month absence. So nice of them. So, yeah, I just worked, went to 4 parties, ( yep, my chance to dress like a slut ), read up on my favorite mangas, and avidly watched political talk shows.  I’m currently obssessing on Bill Maher, Hardball, and Lawrence O’ Donnel. Oh, I like Martin Bashir too and Rachel Maddow….. all liberal talk shows, by the way.  And speaking of  which…… right now, I’m avidly reading  a manga that I’m obssessing on.  I’m always on Discussion Forum, writing so many comments for each chapter that comes out.  Ugh, I’m such a geek.  So, anyway, what is the story all about ? Well, it’s romance, of course. At first I thought, ” Oh , another cliche, fluffy and cheesy. ” ( To be honest, I like the fluff and cheese  ) The guy has emotional baggage, but  later, main girl heals him. Then main girl finds out one of her best friends  likes the main guy. Best friend and main girl talk, and decide to have the rivalry fair and square…. the best friend tries to one up the main girl by hurriedly professing her love for main guy. She gets rejected. ( I was  like Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya ! )

.Alright, that was so immature.  On the Forum, there was a question, Is Yuuri a good friend ?  I had  quite a lively discussion with a reader, who was a bit abrasive.  My opinion was No, she’s not a good friend.  Okay, at first, yuuri didn’t know that Futuba ( main girl ) liked Kou , but in my opinion, Yuuri should have backed off when  she learned Futuba liked him too. All’s fair in love and war, right?  The problem here is, Futuba and Kou liked each other in middle school, but Kou later moved. Then , he moved back  and went to the same HS as Futuba’s. They renewed their friendship, and looked like some feelings were being rekindled. Yuuri knew this, but she didn’t back off.  ( And Yuuri is very cute, heh . Well, futuba too, anyways, )  She was rejected of course. So, you’d think it would be plain sailing for the heroine. Apparently not. Kou had a history of past relationship with a former classmate and friend at his former high school.

Oh, my. Guys, may  I continue this after my trip ?  The time right now is 10: 39 AM. We leave at 1 PM. right after Father’s day lunch. Hey, today is Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all good dads reading my blog.  My father is a good dad, I have no doubt about it.  The time he comes home everyday is like an alarm clock.  His type is the one I wish for a husband. Faithful, will do anything for the family, faithful, will give anything that we want if he can afford it, more often than not, he gives it anyway, faithful……

Alright, some random pics taken last  Friday. geez, Mom took these awful pics, he he he…. And i do look awful, but I’ll post them anyway. he he he

.Me, Sis and her BF… see, I told ya, it’s awful.

.It’s 11:08 AM… I’m gonna click Publish now.

BYE ! !  Europe, here I come ! Wooooohoooo !

Break -ups

Come here, Ren….. * whispers*  Don’t give excuses anymore.  Everyone knows you’re one lazy blogger. ”

So, what have I been doing the past few weeks ? Well, I’m almost done packing for my European tour. The tour agency has  given us our tour kits, pic below…..

.The tour organizer of Grand European tour is Cosmos. I’m sure you’re wondering why I included that green , plastic water dipper/ scoop  in the picture .  Well, Mooselicker wrote in his really funny  post about brown streaks in his underwear. Bahahahaha  !  That’s  funny coz I also talked about this stuff  on my blog not once, but two times.  I know, I’m gross. ……… There’s a joke circulating on the Internet  about Philippine habits and culture/ One such habit is keeping a water dipper. /scoop Filipinos call “tabo” , in the toilet, like that one in the pic above. I don’t think I need to explain what that thing is for. ………. Okay, I will.  After doing the business, we step into the tub or shower room and wash our butt with the sweetest- smelling soap. You don’t think the smell’s gonna come off even if we use one whole roll of toilet paper, do you?  Funny thing is, though we do  have tabo in our toilet, that green one was given to us by my cousin ( the relative who visited us ) . lol. She actually brought 2 from the Philippines. She thought we didn’t have  one here in the US she could use.  Aaargh, I don’t know where this topic is going. Anyhow, to make the story short, the green tabo is coming with us to Europe. Hey, we’re not country bumpkins…… just a tad  fastidious in the hygiene department.  Or maybe it’s just a culture thing….. the tabo, I mean.

We’re leaving on the 17th, this month at 6: 55 PM and arrive in London at 1 PM,  June 18. I’m sure that’s London time.  Our hotel is located at Bayswater Rd., directly opposite Hyde Park and  Kensington Gardens, and a  mere 5 minute walk to Notting Hill. I’ve been hearing about these places since forever, so I’m really excited  to be there. Wow, just 12 more days from now.  Woooo ! !  * happy dance *


My Mom got a call from the Philippines, from my Aunt who’s touring with us in  Europe ( we’ll meet up in London ). She informed us a cousin is getting married in December.( My cousin is our next door neighbor too in the Philippines ) . We thought it was about time… she’s 26  now , and she has been in a relationship for almost 4 years , anyway.. She and her then  fiance entertained me when I was there , took me out to dinners, etc.  so we were surprised when my aunt said she was marrying a different guy.  Huh ?  So what happened?  HE CHEATED , that was what   happened . My cousin and her boyfriend were co-workers, so I don’t know why she never noticed that he was acting weird.  She saw “them” together in December, 2011, broke up with him,  got another BF after a few months, and now they’re getting married after just a few months of being together. Darn ! I smell REBOUND ! ! I think she’s  making a big mistake, marrying another guy while she’s still hurting.  But , my heart goes out to her. We were told that  after the break-up, she just cried  for weeks, didn’t go to work, refused to eat, was hospitalized……. the shock was too much for her.   I don’t understand. My cousin is sooo pretty and sweet and nice.

* ponders*

Men are  natural cheaters. Don’t hate me but that’s  what I think.  If they can, they will. It’s a given.

I have another story that’s as heart-breaking as this one. Except that, the cheater was my  guy cousin.  He and his long time GF were getting married too, already got an apartment,  and lived together.  Unfortunately, my cousin was a good-looking guy and had many women crushing on him at his workplace. There was a co-worker who was so into him that even though she knew he had a fiancee  and was soon to marry, she came on to him without any care., until , one day, he succumbed to her constant seduction and one date with her got her pregnant . He and his fiancee broke up, of course, stupid guy ! I wonder what his fiancee felt when he told her about it.  Oh, Lord .  I cannot imagine the pain and hurt.

* shakes fist in air *

* picks up a placard *  DIE ! ! !

Slapping is not enough. But,   I don’t know what else to think . I really feel bad for my cousin  and her family.  We’re very close to them. They are not only our neighbors/relatives, but her older brother came here to the US to study and lived with us for 4 years . He was like a real brother to me.  When he graduated, he went back to the Philippines….. 2 years after, he died, at the age of 25.  He was playing basketball, and collapsed, just like that.  He literally dropped dead. By the way,  do you know my cousin was with her Mom when they saw her then  fiance with another girl?  Dafaq !  I feel like driving a jackhammer into this guy’s  skull. May his teeth ache forever. If nothing bad happens to him, then there’s no justice in this world.

* sigh *

Do I hate cheaters! I think Pres. Clinton is the only cheater that I don’t hate. What was Monica Lewinsky thinking when she did THAT? ” Wow !  I, Monica Lewinsky , am doing THIS to the most powerful man on earth ! ”

Last year,  I wrote a story that I intended to submit to a Japanese publisher of graphic novels ( mangas ).  Problem was, I couldn’t draw to save my soul.  So, I’m saving up to pay someone  draw for me.  I have everything set up, including the script, what to put in the panels, etc.

The theme of the story is love and revenge.  It’s rather depressing, so depressing I’m sure most readers will drop it ( just  like me,….. I drop heart-breaking stories ) but  it has a very happy, satisfying ending.  It’s about 2 sweethearts who love each other very much. The main girl has a best friend . What she doesn’t know is that the best friend is head over heels in love too with the BF. The best friend though is the childhood friend and neighbor of the BF, so , this girl  always comes up with an excuse to come to the BF’s house. I ‘m sure you know what happens. What is so sad about the situation is that the BF really loves his GF, but , as much as I hate it,  I rationalize his infidelity  due to his age, ( he’s 18 ) with testosterone at maximum peak.  His GF is sweet and virginal.  I know this is cliche. In this story, though, the devil is in the details.  The revenge for this betrayal will make the reader stand up and applaud.

No, not that kind of revenge.  I wrote in all my hatred in the story.

This is all for now. This post is really weird.  Anyways, PEACE ! !