Break -ups

Come here, Ren….. * whispers*  Don’t give excuses anymore.  Everyone knows you’re one lazy blogger. ”

So, what have I been doing the past few weeks ? Well, I’m almost done packing for my European tour. The tour agency has  given us our tour kits, pic below…..

.The tour organizer of Grand European tour is Cosmos. I’m sure you’re wondering why I included that green , plastic water dipper/ scoop  in the picture .  Well, Mooselicker wrote in his really funny  post about brown streaks in his underwear. Bahahahaha  !  That’s  funny coz I also talked about this stuff  on my blog not once, but two times.  I know, I’m gross. ……… There’s a joke circulating on the Internet  about Philippine habits and culture/ One such habit is keeping a water dipper. /scoop Filipinos call “tabo” , in the toilet, like that one in the pic above. I don’t think I need to explain what that thing is for. ………. Okay, I will.  After doing the business, we step into the tub or shower room and wash our butt with the sweetest- smelling soap. You don’t think the smell’s gonna come off even if we use one whole roll of toilet paper, do you?  Funny thing is, though we do  have tabo in our toilet, that green one was given to us by my cousin ( the relative who visited us ) . lol. She actually brought 2 from the Philippines. She thought we didn’t have  one here in the US she could use.  Aaargh, I don’t know where this topic is going. Anyhow, to make the story short, the green tabo is coming with us to Europe. Hey, we’re not country bumpkins…… just a tad  fastidious in the hygiene department.  Or maybe it’s just a culture thing….. the tabo, I mean.

We’re leaving on the 17th, this month at 6: 55 PM and arrive in London at 1 PM,  June 18. I’m sure that’s London time.  Our hotel is located at Bayswater Rd., directly opposite Hyde Park and  Kensington Gardens, and a  mere 5 minute walk to Notting Hill. I’ve been hearing about these places since forever, so I’m really excited  to be there. Wow, just 12 more days from now.  Woooo ! !  * happy dance *


My Mom got a call from the Philippines, from my Aunt who’s touring with us in  Europe ( we’ll meet up in London ). She informed us a cousin is getting married in December.( My cousin is our next door neighbor too in the Philippines ) . We thought it was about time… she’s 26  now , and she has been in a relationship for almost 4 years , anyway.. She and her then  fiance entertained me when I was there , took me out to dinners, etc.  so we were surprised when my aunt said she was marrying a different guy.  Huh ?  So what happened?  HE CHEATED , that was what   happened . My cousin and her boyfriend were co-workers, so I don’t know why she never noticed that he was acting weird.  She saw “them” together in December, 2011, broke up with him,  got another BF after a few months, and now they’re getting married after just a few months of being together. Darn ! I smell REBOUND ! ! I think she’s  making a big mistake, marrying another guy while she’s still hurting.  But , my heart goes out to her. We were told that  after the break-up, she just cried  for weeks, didn’t go to work, refused to eat, was hospitalized……. the shock was too much for her.   I don’t understand. My cousin is sooo pretty and sweet and nice.

* ponders*

Men are  natural cheaters. Don’t hate me but that’s  what I think.  If they can, they will. It’s a given.

I have another story that’s as heart-breaking as this one. Except that, the cheater was my  guy cousin.  He and his long time GF were getting married too, already got an apartment,  and lived together.  Unfortunately, my cousin was a good-looking guy and had many women crushing on him at his workplace. There was a co-worker who was so into him that even though she knew he had a fiancee  and was soon to marry, she came on to him without any care., until , one day, he succumbed to her constant seduction and one date with her got her pregnant . He and his fiancee broke up, of course, stupid guy ! I wonder what his fiancee felt when he told her about it.  Oh, Lord .  I cannot imagine the pain and hurt.

* shakes fist in air *

* picks up a placard *  DIE ! ! !

Slapping is not enough. But,   I don’t know what else to think . I really feel bad for my cousin  and her family.  We’re very close to them. They are not only our neighbors/relatives, but her older brother came here to the US to study and lived with us for 4 years . He was like a real brother to me.  When he graduated, he went back to the Philippines….. 2 years after, he died, at the age of 25.  He was playing basketball, and collapsed, just like that.  He literally dropped dead. By the way,  do you know my cousin was with her Mom when they saw her then  fiance with another girl?  Dafaq !  I feel like driving a jackhammer into this guy’s  skull. May his teeth ache forever. If nothing bad happens to him, then there’s no justice in this world.

* sigh *

Do I hate cheaters! I think Pres. Clinton is the only cheater that I don’t hate. What was Monica Lewinsky thinking when she did THAT? ” Wow !  I, Monica Lewinsky , am doing THIS to the most powerful man on earth ! ”

Last year,  I wrote a story that I intended to submit to a Japanese publisher of graphic novels ( mangas ).  Problem was, I couldn’t draw to save my soul.  So, I’m saving up to pay someone  draw for me.  I have everything set up, including the script, what to put in the panels, etc.

The theme of the story is love and revenge.  It’s rather depressing, so depressing I’m sure most readers will drop it ( just  like me,….. I drop heart-breaking stories ) but  it has a very happy, satisfying ending.  It’s about 2 sweethearts who love each other very much. The main girl has a best friend . What she doesn’t know is that the best friend is head over heels in love too with the BF. The best friend though is the childhood friend and neighbor of the BF, so , this girl  always comes up with an excuse to come to the BF’s house. I ‘m sure you know what happens. What is so sad about the situation is that the BF really loves his GF, but , as much as I hate it,  I rationalize his infidelity  due to his age, ( he’s 18 ) with testosterone at maximum peak.  His GF is sweet and virginal.  I know this is cliche. In this story, though, the devil is in the details.  The revenge for this betrayal will make the reader stand up and applaud.

No, not that kind of revenge.  I wrote in all my hatred in the story.

This is all for now. This post is really weird.  Anyways, PEACE ! !


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  1. love that! and I love the scooper too, and the manga comics, and the European tour 🙂 thanks for liking my little post, too Renx !


  2. Ooh a Cosmos tour! I’ve done plenty of European tours with them already. They are a good budget escorted tour company. You’ll definitely have a blast, Ren! 🙂 I also look forward to hearing about your adventures in a future blog post. Happy travels!

    To comment on the cheating, I don’t like cheaters either. I really believe in staying true to the person you are with. If you don’t love the person, then why still stay together? I really think when someone cheats, there’s something about the relationship that isn’t making the other person happy and that’s why they cheat. It would save a lot of heartache in the end, if people just break up. If the feelings just aren’t there anymore, then a clean break is best.


    • I’m so excited now, simpleek !

      Wow ! You’ve done plenty of European tours ? Lucky you !

      I know right? If the person thinks he or she is falling out of love, and falling in love with someone else, then break up, and not a minute wasted.

      My cousin’s ex is a complete dooshbag. problem is, we really can’t tell the person to move on. That ‘ s always easier said than done.


  3. Hi Ren! I agree with your point near the end there that age has something to do with cheating guys. I think the out-of-control sex drive goes down the older one gets. Which is not to say that young guys can’t be true – find one who can, Ren, and you’ve got someone special!

    Awesome and amazing that you’re making a manga. Put me down for a pre-order. There, one copy sold already! Have an amazing time in Europe (and take a little time to update); I’ll be in Europe myself come September and can’t wait!

    Peace Ren!


    • Oh, wow ! You’re going to Europe too ? Is it a guided tour or are you going solo aka backpacking ?

      I almost dropped this manga project. Actually, I wrote 2 stories, the same plotline, but in the second one, the ” cheating” BF redeems himself…. I fell in love with this guy’s character, so I couldn’t make the main girl leave him. It’s really weird. The original story is really harsh. The cheating changed the main girl’s life and character. But both have happy endings.


      • Backpackin’ it! Guided tours take out some fun things like possibly getting lost, kidnapped, or dying.

        Come on, girl! Don’t drop the project. Don’t you have any friends that can draw? Personally, I’m more interested in the harsh revenge, but I’m just that kind of person. : D


  4. I can’t really get behind the notion that all men cheat and women are victims though… To be honest, I’m sure there are just as many women cheaters as there are men… but the men cheaters get more publicity.

    It’s like, when a guy cheats on a woman, he’s a cheating bastard who can’t keep it in his pants. But when a woman cheats on a guy, it’s because she was neglected and just seeking a connection.


    • I know I’ll get some flak from this. * sweat * I didn’t say ALL men are cheaters., just natural cheaters. I think there’s a difference between the 2 statements,. It’s like saying pro-choice women are baby killers. That is so wrong. Like, I’m pro-choice, but it doesn;t mean I will abort a child of mine… I will never do that… but women should be given a choice, esp, in case of incest, rape, and for medical reasons.


      • But why are men natural cheaters, and why are women not natural cheaters?


        • hey, Drewpan, my comments on your blog go to your Spam Folder.

          Now the question….. I have no answer to that, really, because exceptions are numerous, rendering my assertion false. All I can say is, it just is.

          One answer maybe cultural. men can have sex with just any willing female, and he’ll be called a stud. Women , on the other hand, will be called a slut , a whore, a prostitute. We always have our reputaion to think of… not always, of course. And women are the ones that get pregnant.

          Offhand, I can list down easily 10 men who have cheated, and only one woman who has, and this woman did not cheat casually…. the guy was her BF for 6 years, separated due to misunderstanding, not because they have fallen out of love….. they they met again…. problem was, both are already married.


          • I do agree with that, actually. I dislike that inequality in sexual reputations too… But I just don’t think pushing the “men are natural cheaters” stereotype is going to help that, cos sometimes it’s like “If I’m going to do the time, I may as well commit the crime”, know what I mean?


            • Yep, yep, I know what you mean, But hopefully, it will have the opposite effect, you know, like, he has to prove with all his might that he’s not like that.

              But I’m sorry, statistics show that what I’m saying is true.

              Guys are easy. Just give them a hint a girl is interested, they’ll take a second look, always.

            • There is that difference between a second look and crossing the line though, right?

              I do think that for every publicized case of a guy cheating on a girl, there’s like 10+ other cases of a guy being faithful and committed. But hey, it’s not scandalous, and therefore not newsworthy or even gossip-worthy.

              Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn were together for the longest time, and that wasn’t a story. But when they broke up (and not due to any cheating, from what I know), suddenly it was newsworthy.

          • Oh and I fixed the spam thing. I have no idea why it went in there. In fact, I haven’t ever checked my spam folder since I started using


  5. Cheating..IIcchhh…With a side of ick.

    I could not cheat. I do not have it in me. I’m just not that type of person. And, I’m okay with that. lol


    • That’s great ! Any girl would be so lucky to have you.

      I don’t know why people cheat. It’s stressful . Just break up, right?


  6. Posted by REBECCA DAWN on June 7, 2012 at 4:23 am

    have fun on your tour! I think it would be cool if you did some manga. I would read it ^_^ for sure!
    cheaters! men dont realise without women they wouldnt be on this earth, start treating with some respect already! or get kicked in the beans!


  7. I enjoy your post Ren, enjoy on your tour and take care…


  8. ahaha, this is a classic Ren post. the dipper in the pic is rather dramatic. love all the manga pics you put in. 😉 and the dialogues and the pic about slapping – so right on!

    am so excited for you re: your European tour. have a grand time, my dear. forget about cheating guys, first. and hey, do you dig offshoring the drawing tasks of your manga? i’ve nieces and nephews who draw them swell and cheaper, i suppose, haha. 😉

    hugs and lablab. 🙂


    • Classic ren post ? Hmmmm, I wonder what a classic Ren post.

      Oh, sure ! ! Tell them to email me some of their drawings. I have a certain type of drawing already in mind. I hope they can do that type of drawing. I can direct them to a link and then let me know if they can do that…. I want different emotions to be depicted nicely. And by the way, I hope they are not that young. Coz I plan to have some smut in it…. like bed scenes. he he he ( It’s needed in the story )


      • a classic Ren post? deals with a variety of topics – sprinkled by manga pics for emphasis, haha – feels strongly about politics and cheating guys, haha, has updates on how she’s coping with her frenetic life and sometimes ruthless schedule. has hints on her ideals of love (this is the romantic kind, that better be clear). haha, did i get this right, more or less? peace, kapatid! ^_^

        ahaha, sige. i’ll get in touch with them and let them take a peek at your sight so they’d have ideas on how you want things. their drawings and the kinds of manga pics you usually insert in your posts look the same (to me, haha). my niece is an archi grad, by the way and her bro is eng’g naman. the other niece has a diff. course but draws manga awesomely, almost effortlessly. oh, believe me, they know bed scenes and violence better than i do, hehe. i’ll keep you posted. thanks and regards… 😉


        • Oh, right, right… That about sums it up…. kind of a little of everything, eh ?

          All they have to do is draw a gorgeous-looking male and female, showing different emotions. It’s not comedy, so the drawing shouldn’t be too cartoonish. One good example is Nicky Lee’s THE ONE. the characters there look gorgeous. Then, there’s another one but I can’t remember the title at the moment.

          can they get in touch with me as soon as they can ? Are they familiar how mangas are drawn, with all those bubbles, and panels? Well, there are thousands on so many sites. No problem. One important thing, they should be able to draw a really beautiful girl…. that’s important to my story.


          • hi, Renx. i’ll send text messages or phone them soonest. the archi girl’s working on a project right now but i suppose she’ll be thrilled by the idea… ah, yes, i see them draw unbelievably beautiful human figures (whatda!) as well as terribly ugly and hideous ones. i thinks people who draw well have wild and uncontrollable imaginations… ^^

            btw, do scout for others who can render your mangas, ha. better if you have other options so the animes will do justice to your ideas. ayon… i hope i can email you about this over the weekend. cheers! 😉


            • Incredibly beautiful ! Whoa ! That’s great ! Hey, I don’t have to tell them anatomy should be proportional right? Ha ha ha !

              I’m looking for that manga with drawings that I like. THE ONE maybe too ambitious, but if you say they draw incredibly beautiful figures, tell them to check out THE ONE on Manga Fox. Of course the artist will be cited. Usually the story teller is the artist too but half of mangas have other artists drawing for them.

        • site pala (bad spelling and bad eyesight, my bad)***


  9. have a great trip in Europe…looking forward for some pictures (yeah I’m assuming you’ll share some)

    Sorry about your cousin – your girl cousin, I guess she was really heart broken, but maybe the guy she’s going to marry is way better than the effin cheater… so let’s just hope that she’ll be happy forever…

    and i think your story is great! hopefully it gets to be published :))


    • If I can’t get it published, I’ll put it on the web, something like Webtoons.

      I’m worried that the current guy is just a Rebound. It’s okay if she’s just into a relationship…. that’s to help her forget, somehow…. but actually marrying him is a different matter.


  10. Hi Ren,
    The tabo was very funny. I also remembered asking that to my friend when I went to Singapore. Well, I wanted to make sure they also have the water dipper for the same reason you have explained earlier. I am also the type who is not satisfied with the toilet paper. Actually I rarely use toilet paper because I think the water can be more hygienic than the paper. Hehe

    I am excited for your Euro trip! I wish I could go there, too, someday! 🙂 Enjoy your trip and I’d be looking forward to your blog about this trip! 🙂

    And regarding that cheating thing, I was once told that if I am not ready with my partner’s infidelity, then might as well not go into a relationship. Waaa…that would be so unfair. Anyway, the same person told me that Men (in general, NOT ALL) can be loyal but not faithful. I don’t know if that is TRUE. Hehe…

    One of my co workers in the call center married her bf of 2 months and had 2 kids. Unfortunately, the hubby died this year of illness.

    And with your guy cousin, maybe they (he and her gf or should I say ex gf) aren’t really meant for each other. Or who knows, in the future, there will be a chance they can be together again. 🙂

    And with your manga story, WOW! is all I can say. I am sure it’s such a nice story. Good luck on your manga. 🙂


    • It didn’t occur to me that the TABO is something cultural until I saw my relatives with tabos in their luggage. hahaha

      Loyal but not faithful….. that sounds ominous. You mean, stay with the GF or wife, while he does it with other women ? that’s unacceptable in my book.

      I’ll make a better story that the ones I read on manga sites. Some of the plotlines are so unrealistic.


  11. what is your correct url? I used renxkyoko’,is that correct? I nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award! You have always been visiting my site so i wanted to bless you as much as you have blessed me! Thanks


  12. I hate cheaters to0…

    with no exception. hehe


    • I hate Brad Pitt for cheating on Jennifer Aniston.

      I hate Jennifer Lopez for cheating on her Filipino husband Cris Judd with Ben Affleck.

      I hate Jude law for cheating on his pregnant wife

      I hate Arnold Sch….. for banging his housekeeper

      I hate Yano for cheating on Nana.


  13. Posted by Hopeful Romantic on June 7, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Yeah, that is a little weird that we both wrote about cheating at the same time. Sorry I didn’t get your update. Your blog said I was following you but my dashboard didn’t. Damn! I’ve taken care of that so I should get your updates now. Hope you have a blast on your trip and don’t lose your tabo. That was funny! Ciao!


  14. Sorry to hear about your cousin…that’s terrible.

    I thought a little bit about what you wrote here:
    “Men are natural cheaters. Don’t hate me but that’s what I think. If they can, they will. It’s a given.”

    The first part, I’m apt to agree with. I think all of us are ultimately looking to satisfy ourselves – we’re selfish beings and value ourselves above others. For men, physical satisfaction often takes priority, so when temptation comes, it’s hard to resist.

    But that’s the thing – you have to resist. And so, I disagree with your generalizations that “if they can, they will” and “it’s a given.” I purposely stay away from situations where such temptations might occur, and many of my married friends do as well. When you love someone, you demonstrate that through actions. And though men are generally not particularly thoughtful, love is a force that makes you do things that are uncomfortable, like deciding not to hang out with buddies when you know women will be around or deciding to avoid a flirtatious co-worker.


    • I think my statement ” it’s given ” is the one that’s erroneous, because some men can resist temptation.

      the problem with men is that they can do the act without loving the woman,especially with willing women. That makes them easier to hop from one bed to another .


    • BTW, my comments still go to your Spam Folder.


  15. your tour sounds like it will be so fun!! take lots of pictures!!


  16. Have a safe trip and enjoy Europe!! 🙂


  17. Happy trip, Ren! Can I fly with you> Tara na, maghanap na tayo 😀 Ahaha


  18. You have a strange obsession with poop. That is why we get along.


  19. Your cousin is the “rebound queen”, h’uh?
    Have fun on your trip!


    • I’m sure she is, and that’s sad. Hope she’ll be happy with the new guy.

      And thanks, Mr. Hook. I’m sure it’s gonna be fun !


  20. First of all, I’m jealous of your grand EuroTour–you’re gonna have a ball!

    And the reason you don’t hate Clinton, is because, at least in his logic (remember, the man is not only a Duke Educated lawyer, but a Rhodes Scholar as well), he never cheated.


    • I thought he was a Georgetown U graduate? Together with Hillary ? Hillary gave the valedictory address at her Law graduation.

      Yeah, right. He thought that one wasn’t sex, just making out , I guess. To him, sex is that one. He was being technical and lawyerish. No wonder ” lawyers will not go to heaven. ” He he he ….. Aaaargh. Some people say just thinking about doing it with someone other than your partner is mentally cheating.


  21. Plus, regarding Clinton, let’s be honest–you kinda want him. But that’s his super-power. I’m a happily-married heterosexual man, and I kinda want him.


    • LOL

      When that happened , I was like 8 years old. Ha ha ha ! But I eagerly read up the story of Clinton’s shenanigans, and I thought the impeachment thing was the most stupid thing that ever happened in US History.

      Well, they say, power is very sexy and mesmerizing. I wouldn’t know, o.Oa


  22. Posted by jakesprinter on June 10, 2012 at 2:20 am

    Great work my friend 🙂


  23. I hate cheaters too! grrr… kudos! love your post!

    btw, enjoy your European Tour! 🙂


    • I know. Even though it hasn’t happened to me, for some reason, my heart feels like it has been stabbed too. I wonder what I’d do if this thing happened to me.


  24. Have a great trip.
    I always wonder about people who move from relationship to relationship really quickly…the rebound factor I guess. I knew someone who broke up with her fiancee after 8 years and wanted to start dating immediately because she needed to find someone and felt she was losing time. After 3 months she got back together with the fiance in part because there was “no one else out there”…but I would think after 8 years, you would need some time to be by yourself and figure out who you are…
    it’s all weird.


    • About that someone you knew… yeah, it’s all weird. But if she found someone new, I don’t think it would be a rebound, because she was the one who broke up with her fiance. Which is not the case with my cousin. That’s a classic rebound. She was cheated on, got hurt really badly, and perhaps this other guy made her feel better,. The speed though is quite suspect. And if so, it’s bad. She should not marry another to forget the other one. It’s worse if she thinks she’s marrying to spite her ex.

      She and her ex were supposed to marry soon before it happened. In fact, last time I saw them together, they were looking at some furniture. So, I understand that she’s not thinking clearly. It’s really sad.


  25. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on June 10, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    Oh envy envy envy! 🙂
    But you’ve only just been hiking, haven’t you?
    I hope you have a brilliant time, & so bet you will. You can still blog though – won’t you? I’d love to see photos… oh, photos of the world.

    BON voyage. The kit looks so exciting.. omg, best to you 🙂


    • I was begging to borrow my bro’s iPad, but he wouldn’t budge. I don’t know if I can blog, but you bet I’m gonna take tons of pics to chronicle my travel. All I have is my digital camera and a notebook where I can write down my impressions of the moment.

      Right now, it’s 6 more days. OMG


  26. I decided not to finish the article after reading that line saying man are cheaters, and go straight to this comment box.

    Hey! Not every man is a cheater. Atleast not me. Well, I’ve cheated before. But that was during an exam haha :p


    • I’m getting so much flack from this. =_=”

      I think so many male readers hate me now. O__O”

      I guess my opinion is giving me so much trouble. Hu hu hu


      • Please don’t feel bad about airing your convictions and taking a stand on an important matter like this.
        You are simply stating a natural fact and people inevitably get flak for doing that. What you said is nothing but the truth and millions of women who experienced and are smart enough to face this ugly reality will confirm your belief.
        I have lived a life and have witnessed infidelity on men’s part in all relationships around me. Men are just polygamous, and that’s it.
        But here’s the exception. There’s also such a thing as “finding your soulmate.” And that is what I’d wish for you to find. A very fine young lady like you who’s got everything deserves to find the One meant for her. Because that soulmate won’t cheat on you. There’ll be noone else for him but you. Hold out for that One when it’s time to settle down. I’m sure he’ll come by in your future. Meanwhile, you can simply play and have fun with the “undeserving” ones if you wish. 🙂

        Warmest Regards.


  27. Haha. I love the TABO part. I mean, in all honesty, I still don’t feel clean even if I have used like two rolls already.


  28. Hope to see beautiful pictures of Europe soon!

    Well, even if most men are cheaters, we couldn’t say that, women are not. I have two guy friends who actually got a divorce because their wives cheat on them. So.. I guess it takes both hands to clap. An unguarded heart would soon fall prey to lust and temptation.


  29. Its been a while. Nice book you have there, I think I need that manga tutorial too. 🙂


  30. hi, Ren! Just dropping by! And what a post to begin with! 🙂 What happened to your cousin who had died at 25? Geez! Too young! And I agree.. this post is kind of weird but interesting! Haha! Kudos! 😛 -Nica here


    • My cousin who died? it’s sad about his parents. When we went to the Philippines in 2010, his mother still spoke about him in present tense. How are you? merry Christmas !


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