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So , okay, I’m an island girl.



I was taken aback when a co-worker asked me where I was born…  I answered the Philippines, of course… then he said, ” I mean, on what island .?????” I thought for a minute before replying….Uhm… Luzon Island ???


I  told him I’d  always thought of my birthplace  as a country and not an island   ( if that makes sense). Well, the Philippines is comprised of 7, 641 islands ( or 7, 107  at  high tide, ha ha ) , and though I find  his question  a bit strange, I have to admit it   makes  sense…  After all, the former name of the Philippines was  Las Islas Filipinas ( as a Spanish colony.. .. islas means islands ) , Philippine Islands ( as  American colony) , Commonwealth of the Philippines, ( still American colony) , then Republic of the Philippines ( after independence)


So, I ran off to tell my Filipino co-worker and she was surprised, as well. I mean, we have the same mindset.  We don’t consider ourselves “island people ” .  Japan is an island.  Indonesia , Singapore… Come to think of it… England.   Here’s the thing… it’s A-Okay  to be considered an islander. I find it very exotic… it evokes images of  beautiful, tropical islands with white beaches, palm and coconut trees swaying in the breeze…


Most importantly,  Palawan Island ( which is on the video above) is the  location of TUBBATAHA REEF, a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site, the most protected site in the world.    The biodiversity of  Tabbutaha Reef surpasses that of Galopagos’ and Hawaii’s  combined. Then , there’s Apo Reef, the second largest contiguos coral reef system in the world , and is a highly protected site ,located in the waters of Occidental Mindoro  in the Philippines. The reef is submerged, of course, but are marked by 3 uninhabited islands, Apo Island, Apo Menor, and Cayos del Bajo. Like Tabbutaha, it is a no- take- zone., and just like Tabbutaha, it is  patrolled  by the Phil. Navy  24/7. Despite that,  Chinese poachers still encroach  and fish illegally.  On one Chinese fishing boat, they found turtles , manta rays, sharks, etc.  ( maybe for their shark fin soups and turtle soups which the Chinese love ).  I know I’m being politically incorrect, but I;m just stating a fact.  I hope the Chinese people desist from consuming stuff  that come from endangered animals. . Stop eating shark fin and turtle soups ! ! ( and buying elephant tusks for ivory. It’s outrageous. )*whisper* I don’t even want to mention what’s going on in West Philippine Sea ( South China Sea) .. Palawan is located in that area. How should I say this …. well, the situation there is extremely intense. If you haven’t heard about it, start reading , I beg you. The Philippines is a very small country. This is like David and Goliath.


Here is TUBBATAHA REEF. The preservation of the reefs and Philippine biodiversity is not only for the Philippines, but for whole mankind.



Well,  * cough * I wasn’t really born on any of these islands shown above… I was born in Manila, on Luzon island, the biggest island in the Philippines.  The city of Manila, shown on the video below,  is the reason why I don’t feel like an island girl.  Still, I am an island girl,  and proud of it.  I think the Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


This is all for now.  I hope you can watch the videos.  Bye and peace.

BUYBUST and That Thing Called Tadhana, Philippine movies showing on Netflix



Hi,  RenxKyoko here !  ( waves)


Well, there’s so much stuff swirling inside my head that I don’t know how and where to start . …but, start I must… or else, hiatus, eh? … that’s how it is with me nowadays.


OK, I’ll start with Philippine movies. .


I’ve been watching Philippine movies on Netflix ( to learn the language ) .. I think I’m getting better, but I still need to watch them with English subtitles.  The last one that I watched was “That Thing Called Tadhana. ” Tadhana means Fate. It’s about a girl who’s heartbroken, and meets the male lead at the airport in Italy and both are flying back to the Philippines.   The story is slow, but it fits the mood. Acting is very natural, and dialogue is mundane but very humorous. The male lead’s acting  is Napoleon Dynamite-ish, but I’m sure it’s intentional. It makes their bonding and kinship funnier.   All I can say is WOW ! Loved it !



I highly recommend this to lovers of romantic comedies.  It’s such a refreshing change from  cringe-worthy  over-acting , unrealistic  ( with really stupid plotlines ) Korean romcoms. So, if you’re a Filipino lover of Kdramas,  please note that you have  gems in your own backyard. <—– This is a social commentary.

The other movie that I watched was BuyBust … this is about  big time drug dealing gone wrong. It’s extremely gritty, and the mood and atmosphere don’t feel Asian at all… for some reason. It feels like I’m watching a confrontation between cops and Latino gangsters somewhere in New York or east LA. ( forgive me for being politically incorrect and for stereotyping, but  the actors do all look like Latinos, both  the drug dealers and PDEA ( Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency)  agents.

buybustmovie's profile picture

Brandon Vera Picture




Back to BuyBust …..  I watched the movie with my parents. They say it’s a bit Hollywoodish,  because nothing of this sort will ever happen in the Philippines. Bad men, when trapped, just  surrender like innocent sheep, and never fight back.  This movie ,however, looks like an apocalyptic massacre. There’s a free-for-all fight between the cops and drug dealers’ sympathizers.  I mean , the whole squatters’ area’s residents are the drug dealer’s army. Wtf !  It’s unrealistic, and implausible in the Philipppines.  Overall, though, the acting is good.  Highly recommended. Also… ahem… *cough*… all my  Filipino friends say I resemble  Anne Curtis, the female lead in BuyBust.  They’ve sworn by this  this since long ago, and it’s only in this movie that I’ve finally taken a good look at her.  Hmmm….  Yeah, I can see a resemblance.  He he…      Oh, wait, I’m being politically incorrect again, haha.  In the Philippines, people don’t call them slums or squatters areas anymore. They are now called ” depressed areas” and the residents are not called squatters, but “illegal settlers”. Illegal settlers, hmmm…. I don’t know if that makes their situation better.


Anyway,  if you have Netflix, ( I assume everybody has Netflix, right ?  ) , I highly recommend these two movies.


Alright, this is all for now.  Bye bye, see you later. Muaaah !