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Just to amuse you

I’ve been watching Philippine entertainment scene on YouTube and I notice it’s a youth – oriented – IDOL type , much like this K-Pop and J- Pop thing going on in South Korea and Japan, and , most likely, the whole of Asia. Do I like it ? Hmmm, I don’t know. Maybe. But , it does entertain me. A lot. lol I saw this Filipino all-female girl group whose songs sound like a Japanese Anime theme song. Then, I found out the group is actually managed by a Philippine -Japanese entertainment company. The group is MNL48. MNL means Manila, and they have a counterpart in Japan , JNK48 . Are they trying to homogenize Asian entertainment ? It’s fun to watch them, though. I gave the link to my Filipino co-worker, and I think I ‘ve turned her into an obsessive fan. Everytime we see each other at work, we do this finger thing and sing, ” Tension, sion, sion, sion, sion, tension max…. good job, job, job, job, good job, yeah…” And my co-workers are like, what’s going on with you two ? Hahaha.


Here it is………. Click to be amused and entertained.

The song is stuck in my brain ! !!