I missed the most awaited virtual concert of my favorite Filipino boyband, SB 19…. all tickets $100 international sold -out ! ! How can that be ? It’s live streaming, right ? They can have millions and millions of views , so how ?

SB19 Members Profile (Updated!)

It was when I went to YouTube to post my favorite Filipino boyband ‘s latest song that I found out I missed SB 19’s virtual concert BACK IN THE ZONE .. Well, not really missed_____ the tickets were SOLD OUT ! ! ! Huh? How can it be sold out ?? I mean, it’s live streaming, and they can take in millions and millions of viewers, right ? Apparently not. It’s 5,500 Philippine pesos per ticket or $ 100 International. How many tickets did they get to sell ???

SB19: Back in the Zone

Anyway, here’s the video of one of their latest song, DETERMINADO .

Sorry there’s no subtitle in English. It’s purely in Filipino language, and even though I can now speak the language more fluently, I still don’t understand what they’re saying here, except the title, DETERMINADO or DETERMINED in English. This song shows SB19 is not just a teeny bopper sing and dance boyband…… they have the talent to delve into different genre……… and they compose all of their songs. * Their ballads have exceptionally beautiful melody. *

Darn ! How could I have missed it ?

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  1. Posted by Zen on August 8, 2021 at 12:34 pm

    Hello, saw your gravatar in Monetary Sovereignty site of Mr. Mitchell. Just got curious what got you interested in finance/economic blog.


    • I try to learn and absorb a few things from blogs like this.


    • Your comment re corona virus suddenly disappeared while I was writing my response. The question was… what do I think of the suddenly rampaging mutations of Corona virus ? I forgot the other question. Anyway, Who knows what will happen>….. Spanish flu lasted at least 3 years… but it didn’t entirely disappear. Scientists say this C-virus will become part of our environment, like the common flu, The problem is, will be it be more virulent than the C-virus, or will it turn like a common flu, but a little more dangerous ? I think wearing masks will be part of our everyday life now, especially for the most vulnerable among us… the elderly, no matter if they are fully vaccinated or not. The elderly get flu shots once a year, especially in winter. Our only hope is that the rest of the population become a bit immune to corona virus in the future.


      • Posted by Zen on August 9, 2021 at 1:28 am

        I think my second question was, will there be endless mutations of those deadly spiked proteins? Last I heard there’s already a gamma and lambda variant after the more contagious delta.

        Reason am asking this is that you’re studying micro biology so I thought it might be your forte. Tnx.


        • I am indeed a graduate of Microbiology, Molecular Microbiology, to be exact. Anyway, nobody knows what will happen. The good news is that people have the ability to adapt . People who live at higher altitude have bigger lungs, those that live in the mountains and travel on mountainsides all their lives have much bigger feet , and those that live in hot, sunny climate produce more melanin to protect their skin from harmful UV rays. The more melanin, the darker the skin color. In other words, people will adjust somehow, and become more immune to C- Virus in the very near future.


          • Posted by Zen on August 12, 2021 at 12:11 am

            Hey thanks, I certainly hope you’re right. Otherwise, we’d be stuck in the new normal of all these pandemic protocols.


            • I kSadly, now right. My Mom can’t breathe properly, and it somehow exhausts her easily. Sadly, it is always ” survival of the fittest.” Darwin’s Theory of Evolution…..: Organisms with the strongest and most desirable characteristics are best able to survive….. “

            • Posted by Zen on August 13, 2021 at 12:43 am

              Yup, it’s a Darwinian world out there. which will be made even more nastier when the full effects of AGW kicks in.

              Say, do you happen to major in mycology in your micro bio course?

              Just curious, if you don’t mind.

            • I don’t have Mycology in my course. Actually, Microbiology , Cellular Biology and Molecular Biology are 3 distinct courses. Cellular and Molecular Biology used to be one course, Microbiology is another. They separated Cellular Bio and Molecular Bio because as one, it’s a very hard course nd students are failing. However, I took both Cellular and Molecular Biology, and graduated with a degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology, with just one diploma. FYI, I also graduated with a degree in Forensics Biology, because I’m a hardcore detective/ crime fan, and since I only have to take about a few additional courses specific to forensics, I also took this course and graduated . I have 2 diplomas. Microbiology is a bit different from Cellular/Molecular Biology because my degree deals with cells…. and my work shoukd be in research, in a medical laboratory, like researching on cancer cells, and the effect of , let’s say , drugs on cells on molecular level. All these separate courses use the same tools anyway. He he he.

            • Posted by Zen on August 15, 2021 at 6:18 pm

              Wow, thanks renxkyoko, I can see you’re becoming a Renaissance lady.

  2. I met a few bands while in Manila & Olongapo in 1976 that did perfect tunes in english, however sitting and talking to them afterwards was hard whilst I don’t se hable Tagalog ❗️


  3. I’ve noticed myself a distinct lack of difference between real and virtual events these days when it comes to price. Being old school , however, I’ll always prefer the former.


  4. we must all have to get used to missing a lot of things…sorry. stay well, and continue…


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