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Spring Break!!!!!! YES!

and ….

Time out from distressing news from Japan and Libya.

Here are some TV commercials from the Philippines, for your amusement.

McDonalds!   A few facts: PhP ( pesos ) 25 = $ 0.45  // $1.00 = PhP 45.00    It’s a girls’ night-out, but , they’re “broke”, they don’t have money, I think.

McDonald’s is undisputably the most popular thing in the world, from here to Timbuctoo, but in the Philippines, it isn’t. There’s a more popular hamburger joint over there….. JOLIBEE…… and , funnily enough, McDonald’s has acknowledged it, as shown in the picture. Ahahaha! Only in the Philippines !  And hurrah for Truth in Advertising !

 When I was in the Philippines last summer, we went to McDonald’s ( They say McDo over there ) and yeah, taste was the same, it was pure beef, no compromise there, and that’s a good thing, but Jolibee’s , they say, is much tastier because of the additives, such as chopped onions , garlic and , I swear, I could taste celery and mustard in the beef. And, Jolibee also sells combo meals like teriyaki chicken/rice, beef mushroom in gravy/rice, and they are so delicious and cheap, 39 pesos ( $ .90 ).  McDo has McChicken and McSpaghetti .

I wish I had taken a photo of the menu list . That combo of spaghetti and chicken  is $1.19. Cheap. A dollar goes a long way over there.

Here are some more TV commercials…. KFC , Coke , Tide Detergent

Tide commercial where a woman is handwashing clothes and listening to a daytime radio drama .

It’s spring, but what the heck ! I haven’t seen the sun for weeks , it’s raining hailstones,  my fingers are frozen,  and our heater is not working !! We’ve been waiting for the repair guy to fix the heater, and I hope he comes soon.  I’m freezing to death here.  Oh, and yesterday, I was at the grocery and saw a couple of guys scanning the veggie section with what looked like a Geiger counter?  The Geiger counter detects radiation, right? Now , why would they do that in California ? And, I heard the counter making that click click click sound as the veggies were being scanned.  I wonder what that sound means….. I bought a bunch of spinach and cabbage, anyways….

This is all for now. Have a good day.

Et tu, Libya?

Hi!  Renxkyoko Iglesias randomly musing again.

I’m taking a break from watching the news on CNN. I feel saddened and distressed  at the images shown on TV.  Has anyone of you  seen that video clip of a guy biking away trying to escape the tsunami?  Last night, I had a nightmare that was me on the bike.  The terror that I felt was just so real.  Sheeesh ! By the way, do you know there are people who are actually fascinated watching these disaster video clips and do you know what these people call them? Disaster Porn. WTF !

This kind of people are so disgusting I want to puke, the lowest of the low…..

* sigh*    Blabbering on……..

My brother arrived home late last night from San Francisco.  He told me he and his lady flatmate went out the other night for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner. (  *_*)”  Oooh. Then, he showed me her picture on his cellphone and yeah, she’s a cutie alright. Actually, that’s an understatement. She’s stunning.  She was a cover girl of several magazines, like Curve, and her type is someone like Catherine Zeta Jones.   Well, she was a model or something….. was on Tyra Banks’ modelling show. Didn’t win, though.  So, anyways, while I was looking at some pics, Bro received a text from her, and I was like, whoa, what’s this?  It says ” What are you doing now? ”   Well, hello. ( ^o^)   A blow by blow account of his whereabouts?  Heheh….

I can’t focus… I’m watching CNN ( I just said I wouldn’t )…. Wow ! Libya’s getting hit, 110 Tomahawk cruise  missiles now, deployed by France, Great Britain  and US , an authorized and approved action  by the UN…..

In Japan, more than 7600 are confirmed dead, 12000 still missing and presumed dead,  foodstuffs are contaminated so distribution of food has been halted…..and the  nuclear meltdown…. a deadly 1,2 3 punch. Why am I so affected by these events?  I’m beginning to know myself. Or maybe , I’m just thinking too much.  Or getting too unnecessarily involved , even if only in spirit.  After all, I was part of the group that  actively campaigned for  Hillary Clinton, and I was the youngest .  That was the beginning of my politicized life, I think. 

So, what else will happen on top of that ?  Who knows?   We are certainly living in interesting times.

Mom just donated some $$$ through American Red Cross online. I donated just $25. I’m broke. But I’m willing to donate some more when I get my pitiful salary. I try to walk my talk.

  My sister’s Golden Boy, ( bf ) is glued to the TV since this morning ( well, he practically lives here ) and is again talking about enlisting. My sister is getting angry again. ^o^

I’m sorry this blog is so disorganized and sporadic. I just write down anything that comes to mind.  So, I guess it’s time to say bye for now. PEACE!!!

Japan’s trifecta

Renxkyoko here, musing……..

It’s taken me a while to process what’s been going on in Japan and Libya.  An earthquake , 8.9 in the Richter scale , and tsunamis  are such utterly devastating natural catastrophes. What the heck is happening in the world ? There was earthquake in New Zealand, too. That’s one place no one expected an earthquake to happen.  On top of this natural catastrophic pile is a man-made one…. a possible meltdown of 2 nuclear reactors in Japan. I trust that Japan’s super technological prowess can solve this problem really quick before it turns into another Chernobyl. Fortunately, unlike Chernobyl, there’s a metal casing that houses the reactor itself, thus preventing  further radiation leak. Thank God for that. I didn’t know Japan has so many nuclear reactors ( 17 in all) that provide  30 % of  their electricity needs. For such a small country, that’s a lot, don’t you think so?  Well, they have vested a lot on nuclear power, I guess because Japanese technology needs so much  energy that  natural oil as the only source cannot provide.  Unfortunately, Japan is  within the so-called Ring of Fire . When some catastrophe occurs such as this, there’s really no place to run to.  In my class yesterday, my teacher’s first words were ” Be thankful you’re all here, and you go home to your family safe and sound “. I say Amen to that.

As of now, there are 9,500 people missing  in one area alone.  And four  trains just disappeared. I don’t know if there are people in it. I wonder why it’s not in the news. I hope that means there are no people.  I am also heartened that , despite Japan’s wealth, the government is asking for international aid. And I’m glad the US has started to deploy emergency aid. There are now 8 US warships heading for Japan with food and other stuff, and hundreds of American emergency workers  have already landed in Tokyo.

About Libya….. it’s disturbing what’s going on there. No comment. It’s highly political,  and I feel it would be in US’s best interest not to get involved. Let them sort out their own problems. Besides, I don’t think  US intervention would be welcomed there. I saw one protest rally there a few weeks ago on CNN, and there were big posters of  Qadafi’s face with dollar signs $$$$ and Star of  David ( Jewish symbol) plastered on his face.  Just let the Arab League, then,  decide on what steps to take to solve Libya’s problem.  If  I’m not mistaken, the Arab League is about to declare Libya a ” no fly zone.”  Does that mean no plane bombings would be allowed, or else?  And that,  ground bombings and urban warfare are the only means of  fighting allowed? Ah, thank  heaven  for small mercies !

*sigh* Anyway,

I feel it’s quite inappropriate to be frivolous on my blog today.  Well, okay.  just a little bit about my brother …… he’s moved out and is now living in San Francisco. The flat is a small one but expensive , $ 3,200.00 a month. He’s sharing it with a flatmate and erm, guess who’s he’s sharing it with ?  She was once a contestant  on Tyra Bank’s modeling contest show on TV.  She didn’t win, but was at least one of  the last 5 remaining models on this one modeling competition. Bro says she’s pretty, but a little odd. Well, her dog has a  Twitter account, that’s why. ( o_O )a

Oh, well. I ‘m craving for muffins and cornbread. I’m going to bake  now, so I say bye bye, and PEACE ! !

Hello from China

Dreamsending here, OH I MISS YOU RENXKYOKO, since I have word press I can talk now, but I can’t stay long, I will update more when I can. Just letting people know, I LIVE!!

Bye Bye for now

Uhm, nothing….just daydreaming

Renxkyoko Iglesias here, Hi there !!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been awhile since I posted . I’ve been busy with exams, pulling an all nighter everyday last week, memorizing tons of stuff.  The tests were hard , but I think I did well. < crosses fingers>

I really have nothing particular to talk about. I’ll just go with the flow , so kindly indulge me.  ‘ k ?  (^o^) Something will come out, I’m sure, so let’s see where this goes.

I’ve said before that I read Japanese mangas ( comics), *laughs*, but since November of last year when my computer crashed, I haven’t read anything, at all . Well, that’s because I couldn’t log in. It was rather strange ‘coz everytime I’d type ” anime ” or ” manga”, I’d get this ——–> “ Internet Explorer cannot open the webpage. ” I suspected SBC Global was blocking it, or maybe , my Norton Anti Virus. After all, my favorite manga site , Manga Fox, is notorious for harboring all sorts of viruses. I don’t know if this site is doing something illegal. Readers can read translated mangas for free. The authors and publishers are definitely not compensated, but, hitherto unknown authors and manga novels are suddenly very popular around the world, thanks to these free mangas online, and for this, they should be thankful. And , it’s not as if we don’t buy the books. We do, especially the ones that we really, really like.

Anyways, last Friday, after my exams ( I only had one class, and was already home by 1 PM ), I tried logging in on Manga Fox, and , lo and behold, it came on ! Wow! My ‘puter doesn’t hate me anymore! * happy dance * So, yeah, like a mad dog,  with mouth drooling , eyes wild with anticipation and great excitement and switching to fangirl mode, I read up all the series that I had missed reading for 4 months.  First in line was Skip Beat, my all time fav.

Yeah, so I was like that. Slap me. (^o^)

About Skip Beat…… it’s a romance/ shojou. And it’s so cute and sweet, hilarious, and almost fairy-tale – like. I have to admit I’m obssessed and addicted. There are now 172 chapters, three chapters every 2 months , so do the math. That means it’s been ongoing for almost 9 years.  I started reading it 3 years ago. Real time it’s 9 years, but the story spans just one year, from the time Ren meets Kyoko. Amazing, isn’t it? And it doesn’t get old.   I ‘m the one who’s getting old.!!!! I swear, at the rate it’s going, I’ll be sitting in a rocking chair, drinking hot cocoa, clacking my dentures, and still reading  ( and swooning over ) Skip Beat. ( o.O)a   <* Ren, for Pete’s sakes, confess already. Kyoko loves you! * >

So, why are hundreds of thousands of girls addicted to mangas, you ask?

 Yep. These pics are the reasons why. \(^o^)/ Believe me, I know. (=_=)” * sweats*   I mean, who, among real time male homo sapiens, can compete with these guys?  o_O   *ponders*  So, okay, maybe Pepito can.

Here’s Pepito….

(6_6) ………………. (*~*)………..( =_=)…….

He lives right next door. Yeah, right. In my dreams. T.T

These Japanese mangakas  draw  hot guys to keep the girls totally in their radar. And they get sucked in, daydreaming that one fine , glorious day, a handsome knight in shining armor will sweep them off their feet and together, they will ride into the sunset… to live happily ever after.

* Daydreams* ….. * shakes head *  Erase , erase……

I swear, my IQ just went down a notch….. make that 3 notches.

Oh.   ( watching CNN )……. The US is contemplating on going to Libya . Uhm, Mr. President?  Don’t even think about it !

Well, this is all for now. Whew!  And I thought my mind was blank. Then, suddenly, it felt like a plane taking off.  PEACE!!!!!!!

(@__@) I need a life…   *runs off to check out the next door neighbor”  Muahahha! Kidding!