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My sister all suited up to fight toxins in California

My sister all suited up to clean up burned down areas in Northern California. She works with California environmental agency as a toxicologist.


Hi, guys !

So, what have I been doing while on a long hiatus from WordPress? Well, I’ve been practicing on a few new dishes that we want on the table for our Thanksgiving celebration. Baked sushi , Empanada, ( we bought a Kitchen Aid Mixer for its dough maker feature ), revisiting my already top – notch baked macaroni with Bechamel Sauce , Swedish Meatballs with mushroom gravy sauce, Chicken pastel , etc. I also found an excellent recipe for banana bread, which is moist, dense and velvety. Do you know bananas should be this ripe ( photo below )to get the most out of its deliciousness? I didn’t know that! I’m also revisiting my fruit cake recipe. At first, we wondered why Americans make fun of fruit cakes. Filipinos love them. Then we bought an American fruit cake. Gag ! Now we know why. It tasted awful. But I’ll bake it, anyway, using the Filipino version, and brush it with rhum once a week until Christmas, ha ha. Delicious !

Black Bananas, not brown bananas, are best for baking ♥


My sister has been working here in Northern California for more than a month now. She works with California’s environmental agency as a toxicologist. Wildfires here in Ca burned down at least 2 towns, so she’s there cleaning up toxins that were released by fire. The most heart-breaking scene that my sister saw were hundreds and hundreds of dead animals. ( a baby deer and its mom that is limping… heart – wrenching ) Photos below are my sister ‘s and her ” uniform ” at her on- the -job site.

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I’m so proud of her and the work she does for our beloved California. ( despite the ridiculous -looking outfit, he he he. )

This is all for now.

Bye ! See you when I see you ! ! Stay safe ! Luv ya !

11 years of blogging with WordPress.

11 Year Anniversary Achievement

11 years of blogging on WordPress.

I was in high school when I started blogging. Now I’m this old and still blogging. How old? Never mind. Who cares? I still look young… and cute. * flips hair *