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 Hello ! renxkyoko Iglesias musing again………..

So, yeah, it’s Monday, May 23, 2011.  And yep, I’m still here. I didn’t get taken. hah! Why would anyone believe  the Rupture would happen last Saturday. Apparently, many did.  I read there was this retiree who spent all his retirement funds to buy huge billboards announcing the coming of Rupture. Frankly, though, for a moment last Saturday, it got me a little bit anxious, wahahaha !!  I mean, I wore my nice  * cough * underthings * cough, just in case.  I understand if ever a person got taken, whatever one was wearing would be left behind.   (~.~)  Oooh, that reminds me….. I saw a movie titled ” Left Behind ” and yes, it was about The Rupture. Planes crashed because the pilots disappeared,  and there were so many clothes on the streets,  and vehicles sans drivers cluttered the roads. Anyways, I was thinking, what if it happened and I didn’t get taken?  Does it mean I’m a bad girl?  And if , for some reason, I was taken, that would s*ck, too coz I didn’t get to do the fun things I have not done before, * sweat*……. . ^o^  ! Enough of this cr*p………….. moving on…….

About these subscriptions…. I’m  surprised  I get at least 2 subscriptions a week since I started blogging here. Well, okay,  not that much, about 67 active  subscribers , to date.  But, considering  I post just my silly random thoughts, my  mundane  happenings and whatnot, it’s amazing readers still subscribe to my blog. A big, big Thank You.  * hearts and  hugs * ………. But, here’s the thing…… I notice subscribers don’t bother to come to my blogsite anymore. * tears * ,…. they just read my post on their email folders , and, directly  email their replies to me.  Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the subscriptions, I really do, but I wish you could still find the time to come and visit me here. And respond here, of course. I’m always happy to see the replies, right here on renxkyoko’s space. And , uhm, while I’m at it,  heck, I’ll say it….. a blogroll , too ? ^o^  ….. My link is

So, you might want to ask, why did I choose megaworthit ? Well, I thought I was mega worth it….. ….. .  (^__^);;

Meh. Apparently not. So much so that DPspaceman had to ask, ” hey, renxkyoko, what’s going on with your lovelife ? Go out there and meet new guys! ”  * sweat * Zero in that department, I’m afraid.

 But I’ll work very hard on it, promise.  Like so………..Oh, by the way, read this from right to left.  

I’ll definitely look for the Fated One…. my Destiny.

If I can’t find one soon, I’ll hit the panic button and confess to the  the entire male student populace at my uni.  LOL   or maybe, I’ll pray to St. Jude… and to all the saints in heaven… T.T ….. or say a novena ( Uhm, this is a catholic thing, ^o^ )

(       ………  ????    )


Now, I’m getting depressed.

LOL !  kidding !!!.  I’m just  having fun posting these manga comic strips.  Speaking of which…. I think I’ve posted here where   my sig Renxkyoko came from. In case you have not read that post, Ren and Kyoko are the main characters of a very popular romance Japanese manga Skip Beat….. This is a series that I’ve been reading for more than 3 years. Now about Iglesias……. do you know of the singer Enrique Iglesias ?  Enrique Iglesias is half-Filipino- half Spaniard.  Erm, * clears throat *, he’s a cousin by affinity…. I mean, we have common relatives on his Filipino side. Well, in fact, his Filipino side is not even pure Filipino or pure Asian…. his mother is half Spaniard too. One blogger asked me,( Quierosaber ),  if  I was pure Filipino . Normally, I’d say yes, pure Filipino, pure Asian, but I guess I’m not. My great grandfather came from Spain, Sta.Maria de la Nueva, Segovia, Spain, to be exact. So, anyways, Enrique Iglesias and I have common relatives, with the same great grandfather.  I guess that answers Quierosaber’s question.   Oh, and here’s a pic of Enrique Iglesias….

 Woof, woof… meow….

This is all for now. Have a good day, folks !



Renxkyoko Iglesias musing here.

It’s been 12 days since my last post. I’m slacking,  I  know, but May is the last month of school and that means , exams time.   That would be next week. I still have 3 essays ( Intensive Writing ) to finish, so I guess I’ll be busy from hereon. I hate writing essays. Know why? Coz I’m shallow.  LOL

So, anyway, there’s really nothing much going on in my life these days, except  school and work. No social life. * sweat *  And it’s not going improve this summer because I’m taking one summer class… another Chemistry. I need to take this now as this is a prerequisite of another course that is offered only in Fall, and this course is another prerequisite of another course, and so on down the line. Oh, well, college life.

Okay, I hope you’re not bored reading about my sister’s lovelife, and you know, I don’t really want to talk about that anymore, but it kind of took a bizzare turn a few days ago. It was like, whoa, what is that all about…. DRAMA !! LOL   You see, the ex-BF  talked to my parents, on 2 separate occassions.  First with my father….. and he said  something like this…. ” Dad, I love your daughter very much, but I screwed up. It has something to do with my  Facebook  account” .  ( which Dad didn’t understand , he didn’t even know they broke up, hehe… but anywho, Facebook ? WTH !!! ). So, he said even though he was a Philosophy graduate, there were really no good jobs for Philo graduates, so he has been struggling all this time, and he feels demoralized that sister has a better job  but then a business partnership came along . His business partner though has a daughter who has been hitting on him from day one, and , he said, he made the greatest mistake of his life… he dated her several times.  ( Oh, really now ….. ) So, the daughter logged on to his facebook account and posted about their dates together, getting all lovey dovey in the most intimate manner, and, unfortunately, my sister got to read her posts.  Dad told  him he didn’t know they broke up, and anyway, ” that’s between you and * insert name here * to solve. ”   So…. that was the night before…. next morning, when my sister was at work, the ex BF came over  and talked to my mother. He apologized and said he really felt bad about the rut he’s in…. then he told Mom “it’s my birthday today, but ( insert name of sis ) doesn’t even want to celebrate it with me.”  Mom  greeted him but said she couldn’t do anything about  his situation.   Then he left and came back in the afternoon, and , well, suddenly, in a loud voice, he told my sister” You’re the only girl I ever loved, so please forgive me.”  He intentionally let everyone hear that. And I was like, WTH, Eeewww * goosebumps*….. does he read romantic mangas ? The scene looked ridiculously familiar. (*~*)

I mean, seriously, who’s he kidding?  He was found out, busted!  And he’s just feeling bad because my sister is dating another guy now.  Ooooh, that hurts, huh. Well, sorry.  He  got his swift comeuppance and he totally deserved it.  I say, go  for the jugular, if you can..  Am I harsh?  A resounding  NOT!!!! Do you have any idea how much it hurts to be cheated on ? I’d rather be dumped by a guy because he has fallen out love … with cheating,  there’s also a   sense of betrayal, and , I think that hurts more than the act of cheating itself, IMO.

Uhm, don’t think I’ve experienced this cheating thing…, I haven’t, thank my lucky stars, but  as I said before, it hurt real bad  when I saw the guy I was crushing on ,  with a girl.  If that hurt so much, I can already imagine how it would feel like if I was cheated on.  Aaaargh.

Add the fact that you’ll always remember.

And feel bad, and demoralized….. tormented, rejected, depressed…


Not good.

Well, I do hope life turns out better  for my sister….. oh, and for me, too. He he….  I mean, I hope I don’t experience this cr*p.

So, fight-o !

This is all for now. Have a good day, everyone.

Dreamsending STILL ALIVE!!!

Hello from CHINA!

Sorry for not updating sooner, I’ve been very busy. I’ve been here in China for three months now. I already know my way around the city, by foot and bike. I LOVE MY BIKE!

The place that I live in, is a very nice place. My room is still a little messy, but that’s because I don’t have anything to put my clothing in….bummer….but I’m going to be off tomorrow and I am so going to clean it, move my bed away from the window, dust in here and what not.

So look around, my room. Its nice, cleanish and I think EPIC!

Well, on the trip over here, from Portland to Los Angeles, I bawled my eyes out, I cried. I was really sad and bummed out, but got over it. From Los Angeles to Soul, South Korea. I sat next to a nice old woman and a Russian boy, both teachers. Got a lot of insight. After that, went to Shanghai, China. I had to get to another airport, so I took a subway train system. That was fun, like 122mph. A Chinese man helped me find my right exit. Thank you stranger!

Then took a flight to my new home town, which I will not name, cause I’m strange like that. That was where I met my friend, Fish! Fish is a very nice girl, her mother and father are nice people. She has a little brother named Peter, he’s so cool! He just needs to see that he’s cool.

I took it easy for two days, sleeping off the jet lag. The food was so good, Fish’s father cooks really good. I missed my dad thinking about it. Love you dad, love you too mom. And Tara, you little brat. After that, I sat in watching as other teacher worked the class. Just to have a feel what its like to work in the school. A guy name Joe showed me around, he moved out to another school else where.

After that, I had to go to school and learn and be certified to be a teacher. I got a B grade! Well, it was a nice city, but it was a long drive, bus ride for 7 hours, there and back, a place called Jinan. The hotel I was in was very nice. I miss the hotel, it had an American feel to it. The breakfast was very good. Headed back home on bus, an accident happened. I didn’t see it happen, but the bus had to break really quick. The passenger behind me, another American, was sleeping behind me. He hit the back of the set rather hard, but got up and went back to sleep. I asked him if he was ok afterwards and he was like, huh? He slept like a rock the whole time. I liked being back home. Didn’t get much of a break, had to work the next day.

Then Saturday happened. My first day on the job, my first class, sucked so hard….but after that, the classes got easier. My C10 is the best class, all good girls! My least favorite class is PC2 a parent and child class, its my last class on Sunday. If I don’t make the kids happy, there is no way in hell I can make the parents happy. So Saturday, 5 classes, from 8 am to 7:30 PM. Sunday Five classes, 8 am to 5:30 pm. On good days, I either walk or take my bike to school, it’s a 45 minute walk, bike I have no idea, hadn’t timed it yet. On bad days, I take a cab. Its 5 Yuan and + whatever amount used to get to place to place. (I find it real gay that the price went up 1 Yuan because of Spring, but 5 Yuan is like $0.76, so I shouldn’t complain too much.) A bus ride is like 1-4 Yuan, depending on the destination. Like if I wanted to go to Xinpu or Shugo, it would be 4 Yuan because of the distance. (Well 8 Yuan there and back) if I wanted to go to some other place, it would be 1 Yuan. My other classes are new. Monday and Wednesday at a Kindergarten at 8:30 am to 10:00am and another Kindergarten at 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm Monday and Thursdays.

Well here is what the money looks like. See those five little coins, that would be 1 Yuan. See those two gold coins, that would be 1 Yuan, see that one coin, it’s a Yuan. See that paper 1, it’s 1 Yuan. So many things to make a Yuan, but its not done yet. See those small ones that are marked “1,2,3” that right there, would make 1 Yuan……….yeah

Well here you have 5 Yuan
Here you have 10 Yuan
Then a 20 Yuan
A 50 Yuan
100 Yuan

Right now I have 700 Yuan on me, which is like $107 something dollars and can and will last me for a whole month or more. I can’t wait for pay day….I dream of it….The only thing I have bought for “just for fun” was a little Chinese book that I am trying to translate. So far I got “Always remember the ones you love, whom are forever by your side, even if they are no longer there.” I think this will be a tearjerker book. A hair dryer. I went a day with wet hair in this place, it sucks….and a necklace for 30 Yuan, $4 US.

The most I spend on, like needed things. Water, anything drinkable, coffee, toilet paper, shampoo, tissue paper, food, lots and lost of water/drinkable items.

So here is my list:

Water: 2 Large 4 liter jugs. Once every week for the home. Cook rice with and drink or add to instant dinners.
Water: Small water bottles: Everyday. Work days, 4 a day. (20 bottles of water)
Soft Drinks: Sprite (2 bottles, Sat and Sun)
Other Drinks: Milk Tea, Gatorade, Milk, Yogurt (which you drink here) Instant coffee, and other items with unknown names but taste good.

Food: Eggs, really cheap. Apples, cheap. Potato’s, dirt cheap. Banana, grapes, tomatoes, onion. Just really good prices.

Meat: Liver, the only meat I have bought so far, will try others soon. Shopping again in two days.

Spoil myself: Skippy Peanut butter, honey, bread. Some strange food thing

Street Venders: 1-10 Yuan, depending on what and where you go. Rule of thumb, go to the one everyone else happens to go to, means the food is fresh and good. I had something that tasted almost like a burrito for only 2 Yuan. It had vegi bread, egg, potato, lettuce and some “don’t ask what it is” secret sauce.

Restaurants/Bars: 5-160 Yuan
For places that have just Chinese food, 5-50 Yuan. I walked into a restaurant close to my home. I call it Garfield Bus Restaurant, why, because it’s a bus with the cat on it. Yeah, I wanted something to eat, to lazy to cook dinner and didn’t feel like street food. (Also, just got off work) SO, I was like, lets do this. Went in, got it, got strange looks and then had somewhat of a fun little party. A few men wanted to buy me a drink called Bi-joe, I was like “no bi-joe, no bi-joe.” They all laughed. So the menu came up, I pointed to two items. Had no idea what is said. I kinda hoped it wasn’t cat or dog… I waited. My first dish was cabbage with hot peppers and rice. My second was Eggs and peppers. OMG, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I will go back there again.

Another place I went it, is called the Taiwan Bar. Its where everyone meets up at, but it’s the next town over. Most people just drink, eat and sing KTV (Sing along music video’s) Its just the place for all “Not from China People” meet up at. There foods good, but I liked the Milk Tea there more then the food.

And last, the big 160 Yuan. It was for deep dish Pizza, I don’t care spending on that much for something really good. I was just so sad when they didn’t have ranch here….boo.

So for sight seeing. I took my bike. I have a helmet, I dare not ride a bike without one. So, I wanted to just look around, on a nice sunny day. (It was freezing.) I didn’t bring anything like my purse, just enough Yuan do buy a drink of water or two and went my way. I took road 40. it’s a new place, meant for Tourist in mind. Its still being built and should be finished sometime this year. The bike ride, was very long. I had no idea where it was going to take me, or how long it would take me to get there. But I kept on going. Then I hit the ocean. Oh, it was so nice. I can’t wait for it to open. It looks really clean too! So many items I wanted to buy, but I would will wait for that later. I took a few pictures and left, headed back for home.

Well, I already worked by second Sat and Sun, done working Monday. Break day tomorrow. Night everyone!

Continued from another post….

Went a a trip to see YELLOW FLOWERS. It was nice, fun and oh so cool. Just took pictures.

I am doing well. Missing home and all. Here are some more pictures! Now there are some people I like here and some people I don’t like here. 90% of the Chinese people here are ok, the other 10% are punks. (Those who call me white devil in your Chinese Language, (la-ow-way), those who ride on sidewalks with their motorcycles, (piss off) and those who pretend to be the almighty “God” of whatever is going on in their crazy little minds.

For the “white” people…I only Trust two Americans (Texan and California) , one Welsh and one Britain. All happen to be male. The female whites, blah, no thank you. They can go jump off a cliff, do nothing but bitch, spread rumors and drive me up the effing wall. For real, I am ready to tell them to shut the hell up, because they do more harm then good. The put down my good friends, both white and Chinese, by not inviting them to any get-togethers. Put down my Boss, who I will admit is a little clueless at times, but shouldn’t be bad mouthed like that every time I am around. I like my boss, even if at times she may drive me a little crazy. Still, she pays these people to do a job, they show up to work drunk off their asses, not only that….eh, I need to stop ranting about these people, I try not to hang with them. Still, I left Oregon to get away from people who like to talk BS, oh well. (I thought these people were educated as well, but alas, one guy doesn’t even have a high school diploma. How the hell is he teaching English?)

Well, I just chilled, visited some nice parks, went and climbed mountains. I so want to go to monkey mountain so I can get some postcards. Its so HARD to find POSTCARDS!

Had some good food this week, since it’s a holiday or something like that. Well got to go, please look around at the new pictures.
FOr the new pictures, please go to this link. Thank you.


Renxkyoko Iglesias musing


It’s been awhile. Well, spring term is almost over, and tons of exams are coming up soon, so I’ve been really busy catching up.  But I’m taking a breather now, posting something for my Post-a-Week obligation.  Nothing much had happened since I last posted. Good thing I found a few gems from my email folder, thank goodness.  Well, jokes mostly…. religious jokes….. I just hope no one gets offended. I’m a practicing Roman Catholic myself ( go to Mass every Sunday without fail), but I’m not offended. (^_^) Gosh, it’s so hard to be politically correct nowadays, isn’t it?  I’ll post them, anyways. Please don’t hate me.

This is a Catholic driver speeding.  That’s a rosary. We have that hanging in our car too. And that’s Jesus clinging for dear life. (^_^)


 Teehee , that one is a Jewish Olympic swimmer.

 Noah’s Ark…….Saving a pair of woodpeckers from extinction is a bad idea.

Here is a nice, friendly conversation between a Roman Catholic Church and a Prebysterian Church  nearby.

Catholic Church sign says ”  All Dogs Go to heaven.”

It’s weird why the pic of Prebysterian ‘s response does not appear on final post.  Anyway, the response is:


It says, in case you can’t read it…. All Rocks go to heaven.”

I made my fellow Catholics have the last word. Ahahahaha!!!!!!


One suggestion from WordPress  as topic for the blog is “How close have you been to a celebrity?”

Well, these pics are as close as  I could get to a celebrity…… Jason Derulo……. he was all over me  while he was singing. Wooohooo. Geez, I just can’t resist posting these again. lol

Get a load of  that !  Sweet!