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Domino theory, from Vietnam to the Middle East


—— Today, Feb. 22,  is the 25th anniversary when two of the Philippines’ Dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ top honchos, the Secretary of  Defense, Juan Ponce Enrile, and the Deputy Chief of Staff , Gen. Fidel Ramos, withdrew their support for Marcos and barricaded themselves at the army headquarters at Camp Crame with a handful of soldiers loyal to them, and  the Cardinal of the Catholic Church called for the people to get out of their homes and block any movement of troops that Marcos might send to arrest the two who defected. Initially, there were just a few people who heeded the call ( including my parents). They did not trust Ramos and Enrile, but , it was an opportunity too great to ignore. It was nightime, and too dangerous to go out, nevertheless, a few braves ones did. They barricaded a part of a major highway leading to Camp Crame with their vehicles . There were only a few hundreds who were there that first night, but by daylight thousands arrived, and by then , it was already too late for Marcos to make a move. Tanks and thousands of soldiers arrived soon but they were blocked by hundreds of thousands of human barricade. ( My parents said it was Marcos’ mistake not to have made a move that night. There were so few of them barricading   the gates of Camp Crame. They could have been  dispersed so easily with just a few bursts of tear gases, and gunfire . =_=  )  Marcos went on TV to speak to the people, but he was cut off. Instructions to the protesters on where to go, what to do were made through Radio Veritas ( owned by the Catholic Church ) and Radio Bandido ( radio station taken over by a group of nuns and a celebrity ). By the 3rd day, the number of people swelled to millions, and on Feb. 26, Marcos was spirited out of the Presidential Palace ( by helicopters courtesy of US pilots based at Clark Air Base, then the biggest US military base outside of US.), taken to Clark, then to Guam, and finally Hawaii, where he died 3 years after.

So, why am I talking again about this People Power Revolution in the Philippines ?  This event in the Philippines is  eerily similar to what’s going on in the Middle East.  Authoritarian governments should learn that their power cannot last forever, Something is bound to snap  and something like this will inevitably happen when people finally withdraw their consent.   

Another similarity is the domino effect that follows . What is the domino theory? Fearing the spread of communism during the 1950’s, Pres. Dwight Eisenhower was the first one to put forth the idea that if one country came into the influence of communism, neighboring countries would potentially follow. The country he was referring to back then was French Indochina ( which  comprised of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos ). The VietMinh, a communist army from the north,  had already taken over North Vietnam after it defeated the French, the latter withdrawing and handing over governance to South Vietnam. Both sides wanted  reunification, but could not agree on what kind of government a united Vietnam would follow. Hence, the Vietnam war.    To make the long history short, though Vietnam , Cambodia, Laos and Burma had somehow followed the domino effect, communism did not spread into other neighboring countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  The fear that all South Asian countries would turn communist and  only a few countries ( Philippines, Japan, Australia ) would remain   as first line of defense againts the spread of communism did not materialize. Note: There was heavy US military presence in Japan and the Philippines, ( Subic Naval Base and Clark Air base in the Philippines, the largest military bases outside of the US )

Question :  Did the People Power have any influence on other countries burdened by similar authoritarian regimes ? People from other countries were ” inspired ” to imitate what happened in the Philippines.  It did , in a way, follow the Domino theory. South Korea, Pakistan, Burma ( brutally suppressed), Indonesia, Tiannamen Square in China, ( brutally supressed), Romania,  Berlin Wall, Russia… people took to the streets and managed to topple down their governments, all this happened  in a matter of 3 years.

Depending on an individual’s perspective, this domino theory has , again, reared its ugly head.  Tunisia was the first to be knocked over, followed by Egypt, now Libya. After the euphoria of a successful ” revolution ” in Tunisia and Egypt  dies down, what will happen next? Who follows next? Another dictator more vicious than the last one? A theocracy ? A government that will ban women from getting a tan?

Just musing…. PEACE!

Just my random thoughts, pls don’t rate

Renxkyoko Iglesias here,

——— The House Republican majority managed to bulldoze off regulations that have been put in place to protect the environment, then made changes that would protect greenhouse polluters, stop authorities from closing down mining industries that cause so much pollution, like those mercury emissions that come from cement kilns, and deregulate privately owned colleges. Why did they have to do this? This move has nothing to do with solving our humungous deficit.   It’s clearly a  blatant and totally unconsionable action by these politicians to cater to their base supporters, the big industry bigwigs.  Folks, even if you don’t believe that the climate changes we’re experiencing now are due to human activities, don’t you want a clean environment ?

——-About the Tea Party movement……” They want to privatize Social Security, gut Medicare, repeal health care reform, cut all social services that help the poor, and demand massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations. ” And , of course, I don’t have to mention the obvious….. ban all gun controls.  I only hope they have the decency not to invoke their demands in the name of Jesus.

——-Seriously, do you really want to hand over  Social Security to Wall Street? 

——- Social Security is now running on deficit, much earlier than the deficit spending  projected to start in 2016 . How did this happen? 1. cut in payroll taxes 2. baby boomers retiring 3. massive expenses incurred to support wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 4. recession  5. others ( such as unemployment cheques, etc, mostly as the result of recession. ) The federal government is forced to borrow from SS’s surpluses, and now , the surpluses are almost gone. The fact is, the government has also been borrowing heavily from other countries, mainly from China ( 20% ), Japan (20%), United Kingdom (12.4 %) , Oil exporting countries, and believe it or not, Brazil, which is  at # 5. Ah, but don’t fret, folks, the government is borrowing more from domestic sources, rather than foreign ones.  At least, we  patronize our own banks.

—– How much is the US spending on  wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in one month? $ 12.3 B ! We could have used some of that to subsidize homes that opt to utilize solar energy to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,  improve our mass transporation system, fund research on alternative sources of energy….. and improve our aging infra -structures.

—–Now , look at these pics of Hiroshima and Nagasaki…. didn’t we nuke these two cities to smitheereens  65 years ag0? Here they are 65 years later.

And here’s Detroit 65 years later.

——–How much aid are we giving to Pakistan and Egypt?  Egypt is the recipient of massive aid , in return for its tepid peace with Israel… the same aid is given to Pakistan to help the US fight the Taliban in its borders. 

——-Meanwhile, American schools are in deep quagmire. The middle school and high schools I went to do not have an orchestra and band anymore, they have been defunded. The university I go to does not have enough science classes and professors. I always have to wait another semester to get in, if I’m lucky. Our downtown shopping centre looks abandoned. Most stores are closed and boarded up. It was  a sorry sight that our relatives from the Philippines saw when they came here to the US to visit us.

——- I think we need to keep our own house in order first before we start giving aid again.  I’m not saying we should outright stop it, but the government does need to set its priorities.

——Oh, well. This is just a layman’s point of view. What do I know?

This is all for now. PEACE!!!!!

Yo, Update on Books and A movie review

Dreamsending here!!

Ah, its 2 am….I’m on my 7th chapter of my new book, 62 pages, 50 characters so far….so far, fun….but I do love it, love it alot. Writing is my thing, I just wish people would get my style. Yeah, it’s mind breaking, but it’s fun. Ask RenxKyoko about my writing. She is one of the rare ones to have one of my books….ahahahahaha. Also, I forgot to ask…did Number 88 make you cry? I have a following in two towns so far. One book I let my dad have that went missing, that somehow got from Point A to Point B….I find that Uber epic cool. Like OMG, people liked it….also I’m getting e-mails if and when book 2 will be out….uh, when I finish….but I do let people read what chapters I have out. Nothing really goods happens ’til chapter 5, when normal hits a wall….ahahaha, I am so EVIL to my characters…
That has the 3 chapters of my book…. I will only upload unless I get 300 views, lol.

Spoilers for those who are Batman Fans.
Now for a movie review. Yes, I love BATMAN. I was a kid when I read “Death in the Family”…..OMG….They killed Jason Todd, Robin Number 2. I’ve never bawled like that for a DC comic. It was so sad to see someone who was like a son to Bruce, die like that by the hands of the Joker. I mean, just wow…not only that, but Jason got sold out by his own mother. Poor kid get beat with a crowbar to near death, then gets blown up, like WTF. I have never seen that before, because Batman always shows up to save people. Well the movie. Batman Under the Red Hood, is based on “Death in the Family” And “Under the Red Hood” Comics. I tell you what, seeing it animated, ( Jason’s death ), was just as jaw dropping as it was painful. I am so going to buy the Comic of this one, once I have the money to do so. I will not say anything else beyond that, because I don’t want to destroy the movie for anyone. All I can say is,  there was so much emotion  it held heart break.

SO right now, I’m just waiting for China. I will talk more about it when it comes around. Well later dayz.

Valentine Rant

Hello! Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day , or Happy Single Blessedness, as the case maybe.  Today, I’m going to indulge and buy myself a bag of Valentine’s M & Ms,  wear my battle gear to school and pretend I have a hot date tonight. lol !  So, what’s a battle gear ? I’ll be dressed to the nines, that’s what. …. make -up,  high heeled black leather boots, skinny jeans, red blouse, black  jacket, and accessorised to the max. Hahaha. Just kidding.  No, I go to work tonight, scooping ice cream . (>.<)

Oh, well.

Anyways, here’s something for you.

I’m quite annoyed at the star rating feature here.  Why do we need to be rated anyway? I don’t really want that thing on my space.  On my previous blog, some reader rated my work as 1 star. I think that’s so rude. It’s like telling me my work is pure crap. Well, it is, but you , whoever you are, don’t have to rub it  in. WTF !  This isn’t a grammar test, nor a writing  one.  These are  my random thoughts , and  crappy or not,  this is my freakin’  blog and I can freakin’ write whatever I freakin’ feel like writing, so don’t freakin’ judge me.  I’m sure you’re no  freakin’ Pulitzer Prize winner either, whoever you are.

This is all for now.  Not in the mood to write anything else.  I have headache .

An Update on Dreamsending!

Well, I found out when I am leaving, officially the 23 of February. Whoo hoo. China here I come!

Also, some other news. First time driving on the major high way. It was fun, I like going 70 mph. I like driving and I will miss it dearly while I am away. (Unless I get lucky and get a Chinese one)

So Really good news, and I hope it happens. My family might get to adopt a little girl. I say might because of all that paper work and people have to check out our family, making sure we are “Safe”. Please, we are a safe family. Also, there are others who want her.

This girl’s story is very sad. She is a 4 year old girl, (people think) she has three older sibling and two younger. Their parents, left them in the forest. For two days, they wandered. To keep warm at night, they slept together. Someone just happened to find them before it was to late. Nothing to eat or dink for two days…..neither of them know their last name, or when their where born. Its sad the children have to be broken up for adoption, but they will all be in a 50 mile radius.

Six kids, left by their parents. I think these monsters, should be found, thrown in jail and fixed so they can’t do this again. I know parents abandoning children happens a lot, for many reasons, but out in the middle of no where. Like What the hell. That right there should be attempted murder if those people are ever found. I mean, we have places here where if you can’t take care of your child, you could drop them off at a hospital or police station. Still, it could have been worse, the parents could have killed them in person, which seems to be happening a lot lately. Many over the littlest reasons to those who are just plain crazy. Still, this makes me sick.

I won’t be able to “grow up” with her, since I am moving out, but I will talk to her when she gets here, over skype and all. My little sister will take care of her, I think she would like to be a big sister. Mom and dad would love to take her in. She would be the youngest kid the family would have taken in. My family is very open, all we ask is no stealing, lying and come home when your needed to be. We took in a half black kid, where as no one else would take her in. (I hate this town, so racist. I mean, we have Neo Nazi‘s right across the street from a Mexican Restaurant.) We gave her a Christmas, a place to stay and she stayed till she graduated high school and got her own apartment and job. The reason why she was kicked out of her house her mom owned was because her mom got a new boyfriend who said “Blackie has to go, or I go.”……some people just need to die…..

But I tell you what, that girl had the most racist jokes to tell, it would crack us all up. Like
“Mmm-boy, you know how “us” black people love’m ribs and chicken with watermelon.”
For real, the family was silent, before we cracked up laughing. I love her humor. Or
“Do you know why “we” run so fast?” “No, why?” “So we don’t get tagged it by the lions.” There are other jokes, I will not repeat on here.

Well, I will leave this here for now. I will update if we get the girl or not. Take care everyone.

Random musings, that’s all

———-It’s getting harder and harder to think of stuff to write here.  I don’t know if that means my life is that boring and  uninteresting.  I can’t even get excited over  Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not really into sports.  I used to like basketball but lost interest when my favorite team started going downhill. My sister’s boyfriend will be here to watch Super Bowl so sis will prepare something. Nachos, I’m sure and pizza. Well, I go to work today so I don’t know  if I’ll even get to watch it.

——— Yesterday, at work,  a male customer  came in who was unusually dressed or undressed, didn’t have a shirt on, and wore  just a pair of really short shorts. cowboy boots and cowboy hat.  He ordered banana split fudge and ate it there. I tried  hard not to stare.  Whatever floats your boat, mister. I’m cool.

——–Then, a father and 2 year old son came in, and the boy peed on the floor.  He couldn’t hold it any longer and decided the best place to pee was the ice cream shop. The father was profusely apologetic, but didn’t offer to clean up the mess.  Of course i had to mop up as soon as they left. Eeew. Nice going, kid.

——— I watched some TV yesterday , too.  There was a marathon Glee reruns on Fox. Believe it or not, that was the first time I’ve actually watched Glee. (@__@) I swear I tried watching one full show . I really tried. But I just couldn’t. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it was the silly, childish  acting ?  It didn’t help that Ghost Whisperer was on at the same time. No contest which one I preferred to watch. 

———I just read this news about Sarah Palin …… Her lawyer applied to have the name ” Sarah Palin ” trademarked. For realz. LOL  To be honest, I really, really, really want her to run  for  President .  The country needs a person like her. The country deserves a person like her.  A patriot.   Go for it, Sarah Palin.  

——– Oh, my. I just saw what my mom ‘s gonna cook today ! Blood soup we call dinuguan ! ! The Euros have blood sausage.  The Filipinos have blood soup. There’s a relationship somewhere there, I guess. Before you say , Eeeeewwww!, let me tell you…. it tastes good ! !So, okay, it’s an acquired taste. (=_=) I wonder why Andrew Zimmern didn’t feature this dish on his show Bizzare Food.

So, what’s in there?  Pork blood, of course, vinegar, jalapeno, chopped pork, lots of garlic and onions, bay leaf and oregano. We eat it with steamed rice, and sometimes with rice cake we call puto.  Now, about this show, Bizzare Food……. Philippine food was featured once, and , not surprisingly it featured balut. Balut is a fertlized duck egg, that is  boiled in its shell.  In the pic, you can see the embryo. The whole thing is eaten whole, with a pinch of salt. I had one when I was there and it wasn’t bad., In fact, I liked the taste. The one I ate didn’t have any beak in it. (O_O)  The yellow part tasted  like regular hard boiled egg, the embryo tasted funky, but okay.  Anyways, the show also featured sauteed worms. We were p*ssed off when we saw that. I mean, Filipinos don’t eat worms ! Excuse me, Mr. Zimmern. Some stupid lady cooked up that dish, and now almost everyone who has seen the show thinks  the Filipinos are worm eaters. Not even tribesmen dwelling in the deepest part of the Amazon forest eat worms. !!!!  There were already 3 people who asked me about the worms. Look what you’ve done, Mr. Zimmern.

This is what those worms look like. they can be found on rotting coconut trunks or rice hay.

The lady on the show cooked it like adobo. Well, Filipinos can adobo anything. that’s for sure.

This is all for now. PEACE!

Some thoughts on events in Egypt

Hello, renxkyoko iglesias here

Egypt and whatever is going on there have been the topic of  my  family’s conversation these past few days.  Why should it concern us, you ask.  The inevitable ouster of Pres. Mubarak may result in one secular government becoming a theocracy,  led by Islamist extremists that call for global jihad againts infidels, maintain ties with Al-Qaeda, and be part of garden-variety governments that hate our evil western ways.  This  should concern us because we don’t really want to lose another country that is somewhat friendly to us, our list of friends short enough as it is. The US government now finds itself between the devil and the deep blue sea.  How does the US solve this problem like Mubarak ?  To his credit, Mubarak has at least maintained peace with Israel for 30 years, and modernized Egypt. But, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It can’t be helped. It just is.  It’s about time Pres. Mubarak steps down peacefully before the situation in his country worsens. And it will worsen, that is inevitable. The extremists who have been sidelined are now starting to flex their muscles.  We can only  hope the Egyptians think deeply and hard before they allow extremism entry  into their society.

——- I am proud that my parents had been a part of another revolution that took place in the Philippines  in February of 1986. The Filipinos call it the People Power Revolution. It was a peaceful uprising againts the Kleptocracy , corrupt and vicious regime of Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Imelda Marcos, their cronies and the military. On Feb. 26, 1986, my parents, together with millions of Filipinos took to  the streets to protest and oust the Marcoses from power.  But, this was not the only thing my parents did. In fact, my mother said that momentous event on Feb.26 when Marcos left the country was a picnic compared to the things they did  for 3 long years before the Marcoses were forcibly ousted.  It is a long, dramatic story.  Struggle for freedom and democracy began when Senator Benigno Aquino, who was detained for 10 years by Marcos, and was allowed to go on exile to the US, decided to go back to the Philippines.  He was shot at the airport  tarmac by soldiers  on Aug. 21, 1983. The whole country was outraged and thus began the long struggle for freedom that ended on Feb.26,1986.   Suffice it to say that one night, my parents got a call from a friendly military guy and informed them their names were on the list of people that would be arrested soon. That same night, my parents took my 4 year old and 5 year old sister and brother to a friend’s house, then they went into hiding . It was a dangerous life they lived for 3 years.   When President Corazon Aquino came to power, my parents ‘ efforts were recognized. Mom was appointed to serve in her government.  She  received a letter from the President  informing her of her appointment, just like that. Some of the people in her core group  were also appointed. One became the Metro-Manila Governor, one became a Secretary in Pres. Aquino’s cabinet.  I told Mom she should write a memoir of her experiences and involvement  in the protest movement.

Here’s a few images of the events in the Philippines in February , 1986.

This is all for now. PEACE.

Song of Saya OST

Song of Saya

The Japanese Visual Novel Art

Song of Saya American Comic

Saya of the American Comic

OST Review: Original Sound Track: Song of Saya

Song of Saya (Saya no Uta) is a Graphic Visual Novel. Warning, it is slight-Ero, (A very little sex scene, but what TV show/Game/Movie/whatever now-a-days don‘t have?)
And Song of Saya, American Comic Ver. Different story and characters, but still somewhat same story line. I like both, but rather have the Visual Novel Japanese ver.

It’s a story about a man, Fuminori Sakisaka, who’s been in a car accident, one which took the lives of his mother and father. He had been in a comma for weeks, having a new experimental brain saving surgery to save his life. When he awakes, he awaked to a nightmarish world. Everywhere around him, looks like rotting meat, smells and unsightly. Even the friends he once knew by heart, now looked like monsters, spoke like monsters. Fuminori is living in a Hellish world, with no light in sight. That was, until he met Saya. A girl untouched by the world that he sees. For Fuminori, Saya is the girl of his dreams, but for everyone else, its their nightmare.

*Warning, eating of human flesh, horror, murder and mystery.

This game, is in Japanese, but there is an English Patch. Since Visual Novels are getting known in the US more, I thought I’d share one that is most wanted on the list. Song of Saya is really a great story, I for one, will buy this game when it comes out. Now for the Main Attraction, the sound track.

15 Tracks that hold horror in its music, a haunting voice and song.
Kanako Ito as the main vocals, Zizz Studio for the music. Before I even knew the story, I fell in love with the sound track. It was just so mysterious, so rare, that I wanted to find where it came from. So I will post three songs, each showing the range of music in the soundtrack. The art work is also very lovely.

Song of Saya 1 and 2:

Glass Shoes: