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———-It’s getting harder and harder to think of stuff to write here.  I don’t know if that means my life is that boring and  uninteresting.  I can’t even get excited over  Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not really into sports.  I used to like basketball but lost interest when my favorite team started going downhill. My sister’s boyfriend will be here to watch Super Bowl so sis will prepare something. Nachos, I’m sure and pizza. Well, I go to work today so I don’t know  if I’ll even get to watch it.

——— Yesterday, at work,  a male customer  came in who was unusually dressed or undressed, didn’t have a shirt on, and wore  just a pair of really short shorts. cowboy boots and cowboy hat.  He ordered banana split fudge and ate it there. I tried  hard not to stare.  Whatever floats your boat, mister. I’m cool.

——–Then, a father and 2 year old son came in, and the boy peed on the floor.  He couldn’t hold it any longer and decided the best place to pee was the ice cream shop. The father was profusely apologetic, but didn’t offer to clean up the mess.  Of course i had to mop up as soon as they left. Eeew. Nice going, kid.

——— I watched some TV yesterday , too.  There was a marathon Glee reruns on Fox. Believe it or not, that was the first time I’ve actually watched Glee. (@__@) I swear I tried watching one full show . I really tried. But I just couldn’t. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it was the silly, childish  acting ?  It didn’t help that Ghost Whisperer was on at the same time. No contest which one I preferred to watch. 

———I just read this news about Sarah Palin …… Her lawyer applied to have the name ” Sarah Palin ” trademarked. For realz. LOL  To be honest, I really, really, really want her to run  for  President .  The country needs a person like her. The country deserves a person like her.  A patriot.   Go for it, Sarah Palin.  

——– Oh, my. I just saw what my mom ‘s gonna cook today ! Blood soup we call dinuguan ! ! The Euros have blood sausage.  The Filipinos have blood soup. There’s a relationship somewhere there, I guess. Before you say , Eeeeewwww!, let me tell you…. it tastes good ! !So, okay, it’s an acquired taste. (=_=) I wonder why Andrew Zimmern didn’t feature this dish on his show Bizzare Food.

So, what’s in there?  Pork blood, of course, vinegar, jalapeno, chopped pork, lots of garlic and onions, bay leaf and oregano. We eat it with steamed rice, and sometimes with rice cake we call puto.  Now, about this show, Bizzare Food……. Philippine food was featured once, and , not surprisingly it featured balut. Balut is a fertlized duck egg, that is  boiled in its shell.  In the pic, you can see the embryo. The whole thing is eaten whole, with a pinch of salt. I had one when I was there and it wasn’t bad., In fact, I liked the taste. The one I ate didn’t have any beak in it. (O_O)  The yellow part tasted  like regular hard boiled egg, the embryo tasted funky, but okay.  Anyways, the show also featured sauteed worms. We were p*ssed off when we saw that. I mean, Filipinos don’t eat worms ! Excuse me, Mr. Zimmern. Some stupid lady cooked up that dish, and now almost everyone who has seen the show thinks  the Filipinos are worm eaters. Not even tribesmen dwelling in the deepest part of the Amazon forest eat worms. !!!!  There were already 3 people who asked me about the worms. Look what you’ve done, Mr. Zimmern.

This is what those worms look like. they can be found on rotting coconut trunks or rice hay.

The lady on the show cooked it like adobo. Well, Filipinos can adobo anything. that’s for sure.

This is all for now. PEACE!

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  1. That is funny that that guy came in dressed like that. But whatever makes him happy I guess. LOL~

    That is disgusting that the dad didn’t even offer to clean it up. >.<


  2. It was a good diversion , that’s for sure.

    It was a little gross, but, he was just a kid, terrible 2 and all that. No wonder he acted so funny before he peed. LOL The poor tyke had been holding it.


  3. Dinuguan and puto! Yum! Perfect for the afternoon merienda. 🙂

    There are also other regional versions of Dinuguan that you should try. 🙂


  4. 1. I hope you are joking about Sarah Palin and 2. I want to eat some worms. 🙂


    • 1. Ahahahaha! Sarah Palin rocks! KIDDING!!! OMG, folks, I thought I was oozing with sarcasm.
      2. Hehehe ….. Aaargh ! I know we have to be adventurous with food, but anything that slithers is my limit.


  5. Blood Soup does sound pretty good… And Andrew Zimmerman isn’t exactly the smartest bulb in the box. I saw an episode where he went to Ethiopia and was hanging out with all these emaciated people, trying their food and commenting to the camera in front of them about how it was pretty bad and how their delacasies were “just ok”. LOL what a jerk.


    • There was this Malaysia episode where they featured the supposedly foulest smelling fruit in the world, the “durian”. He tried it and gagged. Uhm, that’s odd. I’ve actually tried eating the fruit. I didn’t like the texture, but the taste wasn’t that bad. In fact, the jam was okay, and the durian candy was even better. (^_^)


  6. Hi Ren! 🙂

    1. Which basketball team is your fave? Is it a NBA team?
    2. So, the male customer came in with no shirt on, wearing extremely short shorts, and cowboy boots and hat? Perhaps he was doing some sort of social experiment or something?
    3. Poor kiddo. It’s the dad’s fault. And he didn’t clean up the mess? A-hole.
    4. Hey, me too, haven’t seen a whole episode of Glee, though I try to. Also, given that choice (between Glee and Ghost Whisperer) I think I’d rather not watch TV at all. But if I had to choose, well, it’s definitely a no-brainer.
    5. Quite sure I could detect a tone of sarcasm regarding that point you made about Palin running for president… uh, am I right? XP
    6. Right on! Filipinos can adobo anything. Haha!


    • Hi Jedo! \(^_^)/

      1. It is an NBA team.
      2. We do get a few odd characters every now and then. The ice cream parlor doesn’t have a dress code. LOL
      3. It was a small puddle. I guess his pants absorbed most of the pee. (^______^) No biggie.
      4. It’s supposed to be a fun watch, but I’ll try to watch it again…
      5.LOL ! Re Sarah Palin….. I was just joking !!! LOL
      6. I wonder if any dish with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and peppercorns can be called adobo.


      • So, which NBA team is it? 😀

        About the Palin thing, I knew I could detect a hint of sarcasm there, it’s just hard to be sure since written communication can’t convey tone. Haha. Oh well. Good to know you really were just kidding. 🙂


        • It’s a Northern California team. o.Oa

          I’m surprised you could just ” detect” it. I thought I was as subtle as a jackhammer. o_O


          • Haha. Like I said, sarcasm is kind of hard to put across in written comm. 😀

            So, it’s either the Golden State Warriors or the Sacramento Kings. Which one is it, then? You want me to guess or what? Hehe. I’m guessing it’s the Kings. 😉


            • o.Oa

              he he Why did you guess it’s the Kings?

            • I was thinking that you’re more of a royalty kind of girl. 😀

              But seriously, I thought you’d have more to connect with in Sac-town than in Golden State. 🙂

              Anyway, did I guess right or wrong?

  7. Well, they’re both Northern Ca. teams, so you guessed right.(*~*)


  8. Posted by dreamsending on February 11, 2011 at 5:33 am

    Balut, I love those eggs. Also, the whole worm thing was strange….I never ate worms over there. (I have eaten them, not bad at all if cooked right)

    You should post Halo Halo, or about how they eat baby crabs like its popcorn. (OMG, I want more of those…..Crab eggs are also good, I loved it…)

    Oh post the sweet foods, those are SO GOOD. Also, how do you and your mother make puto? Puto is a sweet rice cake that I could eat forever. When I first ate one, I bit into the banana leaf….so silly. I didn’t know. I got a little laugh out of everyone. Still its so good.

    I also recall Cobra oil. OMG, Lonlon was so mean, even if the dead snake was in a glass bottle, I ran away from him and he chased me down…grr..


    • Hi! If you loved the crispy crablets, you should also try the “nilasing na hipon” (crispy shrimps).


      • We had crispy crablets when we were there in 2004. Crablets were these tiny crabs that my aunt fried, shells and all. They were yummy.


        • Crispy crablets go well with beer, too. 🙂


          • My cousins bought these crispy fried chicken intestines they call bulaklak something. And we bought a lot of bbq stuff from street vendors…. shrimp and fish balls. I loved the different sauces!!
            My cousins wanted me to taste street foods. Mom was a little wary and warned me about hepatitis.


    • Yep, I’ll be posting about some Filipino dishes. And the halo-halo is just so good, isn’t it? My gosh.

      Alex, if you can find an Asian store in your area, I’m sure they’re selling boxed “Puto” ingredients. That’s what we use and they’re okay. you also need a steamer, and small loaf pans. Mom bought these small puto pans from the Philippines. You won’t find this stuff here in the US.

      Holy crap! Cobra oil? What’s that for?


  9. Blood soup! YIKES!

    It’s always difficult to move away from home, but trust me it will be worth it. Maybe one day you will come back.


    • I know! he he

      Move away from home ? You mean, from the Philippines to US ? Uhm, US is my home, though it’s nice to know there’s another country I can call a second home. We still have a house there. My parents didn’t sell the house when we immigrated….. a place we can go home to.


  10. Posted by ks paminter on February 21, 2011 at 2:54 am

    Dinuguan is my favorite but I only eat my Dad’s dinuguan. Haha. I’m happy that you’re open on food like that. I’m a little surprised though that you also eat Balut. Honestly, I only eat the yellow part. Haha. 😀


    • Actually, my siblings don’t eat dinuguan. Mom knows I;m the only one who’ll eat anything. lol

      And the balut really tasted good. Just don’t tell anyone who hasn’t eaten that there’s a fetus in there, hehe.


  11. OMG you like chocolate soup?! I LOVE IT!!! It’s SOOOO GOOD! 🙂

    and my life has been uninteresting as well which is why i’m lacking posts UGH

    i wonder how much money sarah palin could get from her TM.


    • Yeah, I love it too, but I understand that people find that a little on the gross side. I mean, it’s, it’s b-b-blood, after all. lol !


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