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Not motivated to write….

It’s been a while. My last post was in mid- October, 2020. I’m posting now just to let you know I’m okay and Covid-free.

So , how is life coming along, guys ? I hope you’re all well and healthy.

About the title of this post…….. The state of politics here in the US is so sad and negative that I don’t feel motivated to write anymore. It’s disgusting….. and scary. I’m sure you know why .


And this ” new ” WordPress is so annoying. … not user-friendly at all. Or maybe it’s just me ?

Oh, and newsflash ! I ‘ve moved out ,temporarily, and will come back when my parents get their vaccinations. I do believe I’m a lethal weapon , so to protect them from getting the virus, I have to make myself scarce until it’s safe for me to come back. I’m now staying at my co-worker’s condo.

This is all for now. Bye and stay safe. It ain’t over yet.