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For the LGTBQ Pride March

Hi, Renxkyoko  Iglesias here.


One of the things in Philippine culture that I take pride in , is the fact that  the country is one of the top 10 countries in the world most accepting of  LGBTQ .


In fact, my parents were surprised (  when we immigrated to the US ) that America had issues with the LGBTQ community. In the Philippines, it is a non-issue.


Here’s something  fun to watch…….. just 2 minutes , folks.




Another 2 minutes of your time for an Uber Philippines commercial.  Fun !



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A Video on Wordless Wednesday

Hi, Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


I hope you can watch another Philippine commercial. This one was an ad for Star Wars: Rogue One  , shown  on Philippine TV  in December , 2016.


Just a 2 – minute viewing  , folks, in lieu of my mindless blah- blah =blah.



Even a movie  promo is making me an emotional wreck.  I need to stop watching Philippine commercials.  First, fast food commercials, now a Star Wars ad….. what  is wrong with you, Filipino admakers ?

Philippine Jolibee commercials

Hi !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here .


To be honest, I don’t know where to start.


Okay, so last Saturday,  I was watching some Philippine stuff on You Tube when I came across  another Jolibee commercial, this time for Mother’s Day. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Jolibee Valentine commercial called DATE that I posted in February.  Hold it right there, Ren, what’s a freakin’ Jolibee ?  Well, Jolibee is the largest fast food chain in the Philippines. (  there are Jolibee franchises already here in the US, there are 2 where I live ).  If you haven’t seen it, here it is.  Those who have seen it, I hope  you still remember that particular  commercial ( I posted a series of 3 commercials )


Then last Saturday, I saw this, a Jolibee commercial for Mother’s Day  (   You need to watch both , otherwise, this post is pretty pointless. )



Just a question for my Filipino readers……. are all commercials in the Philippines like these ?  This is  a  fast food chain that sells fried chicken and hamburgers  and targets human emotions in the most profound way. Kind of weird.


After watching this most recent Jolibee commercial,  I had a sudden craving for  Jollibee burgers and fried chicken , and invited my parents to a Jolibee lunch,  my treat, of course.


Then at Jolibee, I saw this.



On my post, Philippine Blood Soup,  I tackled the Filipinos’ love affair with  corned beef, potatoes and cabbage,  very Irish , and so not typically Asian.  Even here in the US, we  eat that for breakfast , with rice and egg, or corned beef sandwich, or corned beef stew with potatoes and cabbage for dinner.  So, can you see the Jolibee menu of corned beef breakfast with fried rice and egg  and corned beef sandwich on the menu panel ? ( You can also see breakfast hotdogs with fried rice and egg ). These are typical Filipino breakfasts.  Is that weird ? Hotdogs with fried rice and egg ? Or bacon.  Guys, you should try this.


Our  lunch at Jolibee.


FullSizeRender (3)


We had ” pancit palabok ” ( noodles with shrimp sauce), a bucket of ChickenJoy, with gravy, Aloha burger, and Mango Peach Pie.


This is all for now. Thank you for reading.


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Baluuuuut ! ! and Champorado

Hi, Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


I just put my email folder on sweep- to- zero mode once a day, at exactly 12 midnight.  I just don’t have  time to read blogs anymore.  At most , I can read 20 a day, and that’s it. I work from 12:30 PM to 9 PM, sometimes beyond that, and that’s okay because I get paid double an hour.  I once called myself the Goddess of Insomnia.  Cassie, my blog buddy, can attest to that.  It’d be 6 AM at Harrisburg, and 3 AM here in California, but we  always got to chat at that unholy hour,  and that was almost everyday.  Three hours of sleep was enough for me. But then, real time in my real life  has   abruptly changed my biological ‘clock.  Nowadays,  I can barely open my eyes at 10 PM.  Drinking a cup of strong coffee doesn’t work on me anymore.  To make the  story short,  I’m sorry if I don’t get to read your posts . I try to catch up on my off days (  Tuesday and Saturday, or any scheduled days in a week…. they vary ) .


With that off my chest…….


I promised I’d talk about a Filipino delicacy called Balut  and chocolate rice  called Champorado.


Balut is a delicacy in the Philippines. According to Wiki, it is a partially fertilized duck embryo, incubated for 14 to 21 days , boiled or steamed , and eaten from the shell, like  hard boiled egg.  It does taste like hard – boiled egg, except that,  we get to see the duck embryo , the beak, eyes, etc.  I know, it’s gross.  My Mom and I had eaten it once when we were there in 2014, out of curiosity. My dad said he had eaten  it maybe 6 times, and only when he was drunk. ^_^   Balut eggs are usually sold at night, and I can understand why.  But, contrary to what is bandied around , i.e., that it is a Filipino  staple food……. well, it isn’t.  Only few Filipinos like  to eat balut, (usually the menfolks), and they  are actually hard to find.   The only source of this delicacy is a place near Manila (the capital city )  called Pateros ( I assume from the Filipino term for duck, which is ” pato” , and pateros  means  duck raisers. ) Balut became infamous when it was used as a scary thing on the TV show Fear Factor.  I’m a bit annoyed at that. I mean, the contestants dealt with snakes, cockroaches,   etc,  and then , balut was lumped together with these agrhcjkf ! ( I have snake phobia, and I’m not saying this lightly ) .  I mean, really ?????  Balut is that scary ?  *  Help me out here, Andy ! ! !  *   Andy is another blogger  who visited the Philippines  2 months ago, and had eaten lots of baluts ,  and liked them , too. * Tell them, Andy. *  It just tastes like hard-boiled egg, but with natural broth inside.  Okay, the problem is , I don’t like to eat it, either. The sensation of eating a duck fetus  kind of grosses me out.  I salute you, Andy.


Oy ! !  ” runs off ”


About Champorado…….


It’s just rice cooked with chocolate.  It’s a very hearty Philippine snack, and breakfast food.  Hey, what can go wrong with chocolate, yeah ?  Have you eaten chocolate rice cereals ?   Champorado tastes something like chocolate rice cereals with milk.   I eat this at breakfast , like , 3x a week.


I’ll just give you the recipe.  Guys, try this, specially at winter time.  Hot champorado is  delicious, and so easy to make ! !


You can use sweet sticky rice ( or if not available, regular rice ).  Cook the rice normally. Water is added , and amount depends on how you like the champorado,  very liquidy or a bit thick. Normal    water/rice proportion is 1 is to 1, right ? In Champorado, add about 4 or 5 cups of water,  boil , them simmer, then , when the rice is almost cooked, add cocoa powder ( Nestle or whatever …… in the Philippines, pure , unprocessed  cocoa they call tablea, which is in solid form , is very much preferred ), then cook some more while stirring.  Then add sugar, to taste. Or, you can add sugar in your  bowl.  Note : Never add sugar before the rice is fully cooked.   In your bowl of champorado, add sugar to taste and MILK ! ! !  (   Evaporated milk is preferred, or Half and Half )   Kids will like this, I hope.



Pure, unprocessed  cocoa in the Philippines is called  tablea .  I saw this product at the Filipino store …….expensive , so Nestle is fine.  But this tablea is the preferred chocolate for Filipino traditional hot chocolate beverage drink………. superior taste than regular hot chocolate drink. I had this  in the Philippines… it is thick, and has that smoky flavor, and Filipinos in olden times drink this with churros, or pan de sal (  like mini French bread ,which is dunked into the hot cocoa drink..)



800 words……. This is all for now.  Thank you for reading.


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Philippine Blood Soup

Hi !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


I mentioned a Philippine dish called Chocolate soup/blood soup, or in Filipino language, Dinuguan, on my previous post.  I need to clarify what this blood soup is exactly. It comes from the word ” dugo”  ( pronounced doo-goh  ), which means blood , and dinuguan means made bloody (  ? ).  It’s not liquidy like chicken soup. The liquid is basically thick, and the dish is stewed pork , with sautéed garlic, onions, tomatoes, lots of  chiles, a pinch of oregano ,  vinegar, and of course, pork blood. Vinegar is added to neutralize the blood taste, and maybe , you won’t believe me, it actually tastes amazing. Yes, it is.  It’s eaten with steamed rice, bread or steamed  rice cake they call ” puto”. ( pardon me, puto in Spanish is a bad word. hahaha ) The white muffin in the picture below is puto.( pronounced poo-toh )  Puto is a delicious snack and usually eaten with coffee, or hot cocoa as breakfast meal.

Dinuguan with puto.jpg


The  English, Irish, Germans, Spaniards ( morcilla ) have their blood sausages, …..Poland, ( Czernina ) , Italians,  Romanians and Greeks ( melas zomos , and just like the Filipino way, has pork, vinegar and blood as primary ingredients )  have their blood soups.  So, Filipinos are not the only people with ” bizarre ” taste, thank you very much.


I do sound defensive , don’t I ?  So, okay,  I got to watch a few videos on YouTube, of  non- Filipinos taste -testing dinuguan  , and I found some of their reactions  a bit offensive . There ‘s one done by BuzzFeed where one guy thought the taste was good, and when told it was blood, he immediately said YUUUUUUCK, and spat out the food, and looked as if he was about to vomit.  It was so unprofessional,  childish, immature, moronic, and very insulting to a group of people who love the dish.   I’m sure that video got a ton of vitriolic comments , unlikes, and un – subscription, and perhaps, to correct a mistake,  they are now more polite and respectful.


I also watched some You Tube videos of  some Irish folks  taste tasting  Japanese and Korean dishes.  Five out of 6 taste testers’ remarks were very rude , too.  Yuck, do Koreans actually eat this ????  They even disparaged the tofu in Japanese Ramen. Eeeeew,, slimy , eeeew, fishy, they said. Okay. Sure. I understand their palate’s range  is limited and confined to potato, cabbage and corned beef……. so much so that when their potato crops were ravaged by potato fungus, they had to mass migrate to other countries to escape mass starvation.  So, did I just write something ignorant and  inappropriate ?  Of course . It’s nasty and mean and I apologize for that. But, you know,   tit for tat, ignorance for ignorance.


It is funny and very ironic because, unlike other Asians,  Filipinos eat a lot of corned beef , cabbage and potatoes…. corned beef sandwich, corned beef in baked bun, sautéed corned beef  with potatos,( eaten  with garlic fried rice for breakfast ), soupy corned beef with cabbage/potato soup for dinner, corned beef empanada, and corned beef spaghetti.  Yes, corned beef spaghetti !  Open the pantry  of a Filipino household, you’ll find a dozen cans of corned beef , ( and sardines and Spam ) and packs of  whole corned beef in the freezer. ( bought on sale after St. Patrick’s Day ) .




  • ponders *


I am clueless as to when  Filipinos started their love affair with  corned beef. Hmmmm. Maybe, the American soldiers who came to the Philippines when the country was colonized in 1898 were mostly immigrant Irishmen who couldn’t find work in the US so had decided to join the US army ? And, were they  selected to go to the Philippines because the Philippines was a Catholic country , and the Irish were Catholics too ?  Well, you won’t find this in any Philippine history book, because, who would write about corned beef in a country’s history ?  Most probably in Argentina’s history books, yes.  Argentina produces a lot of corned beef. And Ireland , of course..


Where was I ?


Well, never mind. I’ll just end it here, and write about BALUT and Chocolate Rice  snack  (  Champorado ) on my next post.   I’m looking at you, taste testers.




Thanks for bearing with me and  my meandering and wandering thoughts. I leave it up to you, my dear, smart readers, to make sense of what I just posted. And please , don’t hate me.  I love corned beef , too.  And the Irish.


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Bye ! Peace ! ! !