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March 11, 7th anniversary of Japan’s 9.0 earthquake and devastating tsunami



I assume majority of us Americans do not know  what it feels like to experience a 7 to 9 earthquake /tsunami ( March 11, 2011, in Japan ) , an off -the charts  typhoon ( as in 200 mile/hr super typhoon / 240 mile /hr. wind gust/  tsunami – like storm ocean surge, Nov.11, 2013 in the Philippines) and  the second biggest volcanic eruption of the 20th century and the largest that occurred in a densely populated area (June 11, 1991 in the Philippines ) , tsunami  that originated in Sumatra, and devastated 5 other countries ( Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc , in 2004 ) that caused the death of almost half a million people.


I’m  now remembering the 7th anniversary of  Japan’s 3/11  earthquake and tsunami.



I’ve  been obsessing about this for 2 weeks now, watching all the videos , including the ones in the Philippines.  I am in awe of the destructive forces of nature. The storm in New Orleans was Category 3 when in reached landfall…… the one in the Philippines was more than Category 5 , the highest category , and they said , it  should have been Category 7 if there was such a category.  Filipinos are used to typhoons. They will shrug off Category 3, and maybe Category 5 or more . After all, they get at least 2 dozen typhoons a year.  What devastated the area was the unexpected  tsunami -like storm surge which the country had never experienced before. The people were angry at the warnings because they weren’t told  a tsunami would follow. The Philippine Weather  Bureau did warn of a storm surge over and over , but the people countered they didn’t understand what a storm surge was.  They should have used the term tsunami , instead of  friggin’ storm surge.  Well, I understand the logic.  The contentious interchange would have been comical if it wasn’t so tragic.  What made this event even more tragic was the fact a nearby  Philippine island, Bohol, suffered a 8.0 earthquake a month before Haiyan typhoon.


The Ring of Fire



The Ring of Fire is a horse -shoe shaped  area surrounding the Pacific Oceans….it’s a string of volcanoes, ocean trenches, tectonic plates and intense volcanic and seismic activities.

a)   It is home to 452 volcanoes….. 75% of the world’s active ones are located within this ring.


Mt. Pinatubo eruption, 1991, ( Philippines) second  biggest in 20th century, and caused the lowering of world’s temperature by 1 F  .



2)   Roughly 90% of all the world’s earthquakes occur here.


3)   It stretches about 25,000miles from new Zealand northwest to the Philippines, northeast to Japan, east to Alaska, south to Oregon, California (  San Andreas plate ) Mexico, and the Andes Mountains of South America.




Here’s the thing….. Japan ‘s Tokyo has  one of the most beautiful skyline in the world. The city of  Metro-Manila, Philippines , is currently  #12 in the world’s most beautiful  city skyline. I mean, how many cities are there in the world ?  That means, beautiful skyscrapers, tall buildings, etc.   I hope these 2 cities  are fully prepared for the inevitable. It’s a scary thought.






This is all for now.  Bye and peace.


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DSC00047 (2)A photo of yours truly (  the cute one on the left, lol ) with my lab co workers. The girl on the right is another Filipina. It’s blurry coz I took the pic from our company newsletter.  The girl in the middle won the Ugliest Christmas Sweater.  I didn’t win despite my stupid antler hat.

Our  dairy company has started producing bottled McCafe  for McDonalds and Coca Cola…… additional work for us  microbiologists.  Rest assured, we’ll give you quality products.


I actually  have a lot  to talk about, but I’m not in the mood to write about it at the moment.

Below are random photos of my sister and cousin .


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Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat against the world was as subtle as a ten-wheeler truck. The President of the US had no response to that.. zilch,nada, zero…. instead, he started a Twitter fight with actor Alec Baldwin.  Guys……..