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Hi, RenxKyoko  Iglesias here, Thinking Out Loud.

It’s been awhile, huh.  I’ve got so many things on my mind, actually, but most of them are not worth writing about.  But, this is my blog, right ?  I can write just about anything  . So, let’s see where my thoughts will take me.

Okay…….  if you bought a plane ticket, be sure to get on that plane at scheduled time. I’m talking about  US domestic plane , particularly budget fares,  and specifically  Jet Blue’s . Do you remember my best friend’s cancelled wedding ?  Well, I wanted to cancel my flight too, but I couldn’t get a refund . Oh, yes,  I can, they say, but there’s penalty  on  the cancelled flight.  How much, I asked . $ 267 out of  $ 287.  In other words,  I get a $ 20 refund.  So I decided I might as well use my scheduled 4 – day vacation,  and fly to Long Beach, California. Good thing my brother lives there. But  then,  his girlfriend was out of town, bro was at work, and I was left alone at his apartment. No problem, though.  His apartment was just a 10 minute walk to the beach, and there were plenty of cool places to visit in the neighborhood.  I took lots of photos, but I can’t post them here  at the moment.  I think I need to buy this Premium plan   being offered by WordPress.  I even got a Notification  from them that it was time to buy the Plan.

About my friend’s ex- fiancé….  he’s not a Captain, he’s just a regular police officer. And do you know how my friend discovered he had a wife and kid ? From his health insurance plan, that’s how.  My friend and I met up a week ago and she seemed okay. This reminds me  of what one character said in one Philippine movie that I watched a few weeks ago. He’s comforting the main female character who just got cheated on by her BF  of 7 years.  He says ” you can fall in love again, but you can never fall in love the same way twice. ”  Sheesh.  I just love that movie. Oh, by the way, I’ve been watching Philippine movies to learn the language  and culture.  The problem now is I’ve started fangirling.  This movie is titled ” The Thing Called  Tadhana ( Fate ). It’s a romantic comedy, and it’s hilarious.  I watched it on YouTube, , and yesterday, I wanted to watch it again, but I think YouTube yanked it out. If you  have Netflix, there’s another  Philippine  movie that I got to watch.  The title is THE ROAD.  I think that’s the one and only Philippine movie on Netflix. That’s unfortunate.  There are millions of Filipinos here in the US  who maybe interested, and at the same time help  the Philippine movie industry. Did I say I was fangirling ? Yes, I am. . I love the romantic tandem of Nadine Lustre and James Reid. Bahahaha.  * Seriously, Ren, get a life. *

By the way,  when I clicked Save Draft, I got this message….. ”  An error occurred while saving the post……. user cannot edit the post. ”   What the heck is going on, WordPress ?  Now that I’m finally on a roll, you do this to me.

Oh, by the way,  I just entered the 3rd or 4th phase of my life. This  is life – changing………. but then, every little thing that happens to us  is life-changing, isn’t it ?  I just  hope   any screw -up  that happens to me from now on is  due to my   choices, mine and mine alone, and  not due  to government decisions and some politicians’  stupidities.  Why do I say that ?  Well,  the university had to drastically cut the  number of classes and this  messed up my schedule.  So, why blame the government ?  The state funds the university……. no funding, no classes. Can  you imagine  having just one open  Chemistry class for  all Chem majors, Microbiology, BioChem students. ?  And that one class is a prerequisite  for all my major courses !  My situation was so bad  there was a time  I only had 3 classes, one of which was Ballroom Dancing.  What a pain.

Well, okay. Less classes , more time, more work, more  money, and at least, I learned how to dance the Foxtrot.

Oh, dang it !   Hillary  Clinton ! !  C’mon, move it, move it, move it ! ! !


I notice every time  I  go  political,  I lose a dozen or so followers.  I swear, every time .  But, I can’t  always keep keep my political preference  hidden, right ?  OOh, and thank goodness for  comment  moderation.  A few weeks ago,  some asshole posted a comment on an old post where I  said I was neutral on GMO’s.  Rice  that had been genetically modified  in the ’60”s had prevented widespread hunger in SouthEast Asia. High yielding  rice was developed  at IRRI ( International Rice Research Institute ) in the Philippines in early 60s. I did  write , ” it’s been 50 years, but , as far as I know, , Asians did not grow 2 heads.  This commenter said, ” No , they did not, but unfortunately for you, you don’t even have one. For a microbiologist , you’re stupid, what kind of US education did you get  that you do not know GMOs are an abomination?”     X_X   How  do I respond to that ?  I’m sure this commenter  also  thinks vaccines cause autism.   +++  The problem with people like  this commenter is it’s difficult to have a decent conversation with them without  resorting to name- calling.  If this commenter is reading this, I would like him/her to know  I wish him/her success.  Meanwhile, I’ll still buy that 5 – lb bag of GMO potatoes for $2.57, instead of those 4 pieces of organic potatoes for $ 2. 79. I’m not a climate denier. I wish this commenter could also work on getting solar power companies to lower the cost of their products. We just had a solar water heater installed  for $ 6,000.00

This is it for now. I better end this before I say something I would regret later.