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My musings at 2 AM

Hello !  It’s me again, Renxkyoko Iglesias !

I woke up at 2 AM.

I actually fell asleep while chatting with a friend at around 11 PM.   I always do that,  so, sorry, my friend, you should be used to it by now.

 So, what  can I do at this hour? Do the laundry, and blog , that’s what.  Well, it’s about time, anyway. It’s been 7 days since my last post.  Oh, and you know what, these are  just my thoughts that I’m writing down, so I don’t think this post will make any sense to you.  Nothing new though. I’ve been posting non-sensical stuff, anyways.  (^_^)#  You won’t find me here contemplating the meaning of my existence in the whole wide universe, or explaining The Theory of Thermodynamics.  It’s just me, goofing around and being  idiotic. Ahahah !  Yeah.  Ah, but you are  still going  to read  this, right , no matter what? 

 I know you are.  C ”mon.  You really want to know what stupid stuff I’m gonna come up with this time, yeah ? 


My friends and I ( Olga, Tanya and Ali… yep, the usual suspects) pigged out  at an Eat – all – you-can sushi restaurant yesterday. ‘ I had sworn off eat all you can dinners, but this is sushi I’m talking about here.  At the restaurant, there were  more than 50 kinds of sushi to choose from, with odd names such as, California roll, train wreck, Marilyn Monroll, etc.  Funny thing  about eat all you cans  is that ,  it doesnn’t matter whether there are  just 5 kinds or 1000  kinds of sushi. They all taste the same to me, ( My taste buds aren’t that particular and sensitive anyways. ) What is important is I get to eat a lot…….and at least, get  my money’s worth. That’s important.   This time, it was  $ 20 per. Seriously though, it wasn’t   worth it. I gagged  after  my  10th  sushi.  I felt so full and fat that, as soon as I got home, I hit the treadmill, and did a few calisthenics. And  now I’m back to munching  dried seaweeds again.


Oh, but it’s  torture to exercise in summer. ( Yesterday, temperature was 102 F tops. That’s about 38 C , you Celsius users. ) Well, I need to look good by Monday. The manager of BCBG says I should look  like a fashionista myself  coz  the clothes I’ll be selling are kinda high end. Sorta. There’s a simple   dress there that’s 50% off, but the price is still  high, $ 199.  Hah ! I guess wearing my  WalMart outfit is now out of the question.  j/k  I’m not snobbing WalMart, mind you. I buy most of my make-up stuff and toiletries there…. and other stuff, like socks, etc.  Uhm,  I even used to buy my underthings there too, ( so not sexy ) but  hey, I’ve leveled up. I now buy at Victoria’s Secret.  Ahahaha !  We have to admit WalMart goods  are really cheap.  But the clothes are horrible !  The last time I wore something from WalMart was when I was in elementary. Then in high school , I was like, ” Mom, stop eeeet ! ! I’m not gonna wear that. I refuse !  ! ”  

Enough of WalMart…………

I watched the movie  Battle Los Angeles. It’s an alien invasion thingy….and I liked it. But then there’s no science  fiction movie that I don’t like, anyway. It reminds me of Independence Day….. but Battle is a bit more stupid. There are only 7 soldiers desperately fighting them off. Where’s the rest of the army ? I’d understand if the aliens are like the Independence Day type where one shot from the invaders causes widespread devastation. In Battle, the aliens are quite vulnerable…. I’m sure even the gansters of LA can defeat them quite  handily. * sighs *  I still like it, though.  >.<    Well, that’s me. Beam me up.

So, what else have I been doing this past week?  Reading Japanese manga, that’s what, and  gardening, believe it or not. Last  summer, I discovered the joy of gardening. That’s quite weird, isn’t it ? . I mean, gardening and reading manga  aka comics  as hobbies…. kind of  oxymoron.  Speaking of which,  manga sites just released new chapters of L-DK, one of my favorite stories.  Aaaargh. This one is sooo frustrating. So far, it is still cute , but , the tension between the 2 protragonists  is starting to  tire me.  The main guy is so oblivious and dense, while the main girl is a wimp. They’re living together, for crying out loud,  and readers know they like each other, so what the heck is going on.  Kiss already ! Gosh. But then, that’s exactly what the story is all about…. that is, it’s how long they can hold back . Up to this point, anyhow. It’s ongoing even in Japan, so we don’t really know what’s gonna happen. Right now, they’ve released 15 chapters in English, but in Japan, there are already 25 chapters, and I ;ve read the English summaries.  !#$%^&*  Dang! The main guy is a douchebag !  The main girl finally confesses, but the main guy rejects her, and  says , ” I’m not interested in you at all ! ” What the  !!!  Oh, but this kind of storyline is what makes readers like me riveted and all – agog, so eager to know what happens next.  I’m not gonna drop this , coz I’m sure there’s going to be a happy ending. Meanwhile, here I am, ripping my heart off my chest. …………. Oh, man, she should just give up on the guy  ………….  ” hey, girl, there are so many fish in the ocean…. go sail and fish some more…..

Here’s the cover of the manga . The main guy is hot.  * drools*  ………. Hmmm, why am I suddenly feeling a sense of deja vu?   Never mind. It just feels “familiar”.

This is all for now.  Wish me luck on my second job.  Good day to all !

Another Love Episode…sorry


It’s me again, renxkyoko iglesias.

I’m feeling down right now. I don’t know why. It seems life is passing me by. Do you know I didn’t even know today is Friday?  I thought it was  Wednesday.  I’m not kidding.  I was at the front porch this morning drinking coffee when I saw the garbage truck  and I hollered, ” Mom,  have they changed the collection schedule?  Today is   Wednesday, right?  ! ” And then I was like, No way, today is Friday? Already?  What the #$%^&*! !


It’s  9 PM. Good news for me. I got a call from my sister’s friend who is the manager of a retail store BCDG, and he said he was going to employ me. Yes ! ! A second job ! I’m not going to leave Baskin and Robbins. I work at BCDG from 10 AM to 4 PM and dash to Baskin at 6 PM til close, which is 10 PM. I don’t mind the work hours. I’m not even sure if my new job’s an everyday thing.  Besides, this is going to take me off a little heartache.  Uhm, * clears throat * , you see , there ‘s this guy that I kinda liked, and he liked me too. We were schoolmates in high school, then we met again at the university. We became close, but , he stopped going to school after one semester and decided to move to LA  to try his luck in the entertainment world.  He stayed there for over a year, but, like thousands of others with similar aspirations, he didn’t make it. ……. epic fail. So he moved back here, and worked odd jobs. I asked if he was going back to school,…. his answer was negative. He said he wasn’t done yet. He’s still going to pursue his dream.  I thought real hard about the situation, I really did. Bottomline is, I didn’t want it that way. ………….. Oh, it’s rather complicated. In romance stories that I’ve been reading,  love is supposed to  conquer all.  Even if the family opposes it, right? About my family……. and that includes my relatives….., high achievers, all of them. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, governor, law professors, prosecutors, Supreme Court justice , even the younger ones are high achievers.  I’ve met all of them last year when I went  to the Philippines.  For instance, this was my dialogue with  my aunt who’s a judge ( Dad’s sister )…… So, Ren, what exactly are you majoring in >  I’m studying Microbiology, auntie…… Good, good, so does it mean you’re entering medical school I hope so, auntie, but I’m not sure now, my grades, you know, and it’s very expensive.…….Well then,  you can come back  here  to study medicine … it’s cheaper, and medical schools are excellent…… and that’s  your father wish……... I’m aware of that, uhm, excuse me , auntie, I’ll get some cake…….

So, what has it got to do with the guy in question?  Well, last week, I told him  I really liked him, but it wasn’t going to work out , I’m sorry.  I didn’t tell him  my reason, but he knew………had known it all along.

 Do you think this episode makes me look like a cold-hearted person?   Yes, it does, and I know that’s what you’re thinking too.  I used my head, not my heart.  I hurt too, but ….. I know I won’t be happy with him in the long run.  I just pray he doesn’t give up on his dream. He’s still young ( ( I’m more than 1 year older than him and one year ahead of him in high school ), and I hope if or when he becomes successful and famous,  he doesn’t forget me . After all, he has liked me since when, high school ?  That’s quite a long time to be carrying a torch. And just in case he forgets, I’ll show him the poems he wrote, hahah… kidding !   Ah, I’m sure he’s going to make another girl happy…. he’s a warm person, not to mention good – looking. He’s just not the guy for me. ………. pause…….. okay, please don’t hate me.


* sighs*  Another sad episode…..  I don’t even know if I’m going to publish this, but I can delete it later. right ?  Oh, by the way, I told my mom about this.  So, uhm,  I guess to make me feel good, we went shopping.  Mom, can you afford it, I asked. You just paid my full tuition fees. Oh, well. I bought several shirts, and a Nine West purse.  Yep, I was quite happy with my loot.

I know,  I know!!!! While one person is hurting, I’m out happily shopping.  I get it, so  smack  me.

Oh, hey, we’re going to barbecue again !  Memorial Day, we had one. Last  Saturday was Mom’s birthday, so another barbecue…. beef tritip and pork ribs, and today, Saturday, another one. It’s  for Father’s Day.  We do love our backyard bbq happenings, hahah. Oh, in case you have not noticed, I started writing this post yesterday morning, Friday. And  today is Saturday. Well, I was out the whole day yesterday,  added a few notes here last night, but I was so tired I went to bed early. I didn’t even get to turn off the computer.  So, it’s now 8:32 AM , and I need to say bye for now. Mom wants me to bake some cornbread.

And don’t throw those tomatoes at me. I’m going to hit back and throw raw eggs at you.  Fu fu fu fu  ( that’s manga chuckle )  Oh and later, I’m going to play Persona 4 video game.  I may not have time to play anymore.  oooh, and a new chapter of Skip Beat came out. Chapter 176….. Ren and kyoko are looking good.   Yay!

Bye for now. PEACE ! !

Just wanna be one happy camper


Renxkyoko Iglesias musing……

It’s been a while, huh.  I’ve been either hanging out with friends who are on vacation too, or I’m at work these past few days.  As usual,  nothing earthshaking is happening with my life. I don’t know if  that’s a good or bad thing.  As they say, no news is good news.  Although, last Monday, my friends and I went clubbing,  like old times.  Well, it’s a place where no alcohol is served, so it’s safe.  It would be troublesome to meet people who have had too much to drink, no?  Deciding to go out on a Monday night was quite random actually.I mean, who’d go out on a Monday night? Our usual night out is Friday, but it’s a “theme” night, and we weren’t in the mood to cosplay.  ^_^#  Actually, it isn’t really a costume party. Like last time, it was just shorts and shirt. Here’s a pic from last time I was there. See that? Just shirt and shorts…

I guess pictures can  make up for lack of topic to talk about.  ^_^;;    See, a picture is worth a thousand words, don’t you agree?  Oh, by the way, the guys in the pic are waiters, not our dates. As you can see, they are wearing identical royal blue coats. Hahah.  Sometimes, it’s good to be friendly  with  the waiters. We get extra orange wedges in our juice. \(^_^)/

Oh, right!!! I just watched this anime ” SUMMER WARS “…  I found it so good I watched it twice in a row.  After the ending credits, I clicked “Play” again. I guess that was the geek in me.  I did officially declare myself a total geek a long time ago, didn’t I? lol !!  So, okay, about Summer wars…… it won many awards, including  Japan’s Best animation in 2009, and a nomination in this year’s Oscars for Best Animation, but, as expected,  it  lost to Toys Story 3.  Meh.  There was no way Pixel/Walt Disney was going to lose  to Funimation.  Well, I think  Summer Wars is  10x better, IMO.  Just Wiki it to get the synopsis.  It is kinda sci fi, … it’s about the attack on the virtual world of OZ that dominates every aspect of Japanese life… no, in fact, of the world…. but that’s only a small part of the story.  What I find more fascinating is the slice of a family’s life… the ordinary day to day interactions among family members, the humor, the love  they share with each other, and that bit of  sweet romance between the two main characters, Keiji, a shy,  Math genius  eleventh grader and a  feisty, straight-forward 12th grader , Natsuki. It’s definitely a feel good movie. It made me all fluffy and happy., like this……..

  Ah, but  it was     so unlike what I  watched before Summer Wars…. Black Swan. ! It was supposedly a great movie……. Natalie Portman won Best Actress portraying a totally whacked ballerina. But,  what the !#$%^&*  was that  movie all about?  It made me go like this ——->

That was the most depressing thing ever.  Dang it ! I wanted to kick myself  for watching that.  I mean, seriously, this kind of movie is the reason why I stay away from this deep drama gobbledeegook.    I’ve seen  and heard enough depressing  real time drama going on on this planet to last me a lifetime.  I just want to be one happy camper, thank you very much.

By the way, what’s  your wallpaper ? Mine is this…… it’s from the video game Persona 3 FES, one of my all- time favorite. I liked it so much that I played it for 600 hours. =_=#     More , I think.  Crazy, huh.

It’s been my wallpaper from Day one, but if I can find a picture of Keanu Reeves when he was 18 years old, I’ll  replace this. He’s one hot dude.  Problem is, Keanu’s gay?  Noooo!!!!  It’s okay. * fans self*  At least, he ‘s not attracted to women.  I’m one happy camper again.  LOL

*sigh* I guess  this is all for now. Have a good day, everyone!  Be happy!

My School Woes, etc.


Renxkyoko Iglesias musing………

I’ve been staring at the monitor for more than an hour now.  My mind is blank. Well, I can talk about our Memorial Day barbecue, but it’s so boring.  So, okay, there was one guest, my sister’s friend, whose stomach seems to be bottomless.   He devoured 20 lbs of barbecued pork ribs and so many pounds of bbq chicken.  Dad told my sister never to invite that guy anymore.  So inconsiderate and shameless.  Yeah, I saw him. From 12 noon to 7 PM, I never saw him without food in his mouth. 

I posted that I’d take one Chemistry course this summer in another school. Not anymore. There was only one class being offered , and though I enrolled early, I was put on the waiting list on  a 3rd priority basis coz I was just a cross-enrollee. Chemistry was not offered this summer at  my uni.  This messed up my Fall schedule. You see, this Chemistry is a prerequisite of another course that I just enrolled in this fall.  Needless to say, I had to cancel and enroll in Chem. instead, but, all classes are closed now.  I curse California’s  big deficit. What used to be 6 Chemistry classes one semester  have been reduced to only 2.  Darn it. My future is being jeopardized through no fault of my own.  But I’d like to be positive and do something about this drawback. I’ll check out some courses in Forensic Science, and I;m thinking, maybe I’ll take Forensics as my Minor, with Molecular Microbiology as my Major.  I fancy myself working with CSI and helping catch the bad guys, eh?  Yeah. After all, I love to watch crime stories on TV. It’s definitely right up my alley.  The only drawback here is I’ll be touching dead people. Aaargh. I can’t even sleep with lights off. I’m a scaredy cat.  I’m afraid of the dark. I’m always afraid there might be a ghost or a shadow at the foot of my bed , looking down on me. Oddly enough, I love ghost stories and watching scary movies. The scarier, the better.

 But I digress. … back to my school woes……….  So, anyhow, I did manage to enroll. And guess what I added…. Music ! as in violin. I get to play violin again. I haven’t played for maybe 3 years, so I’m sure my fingers are quite rusty now.  But I’m sure the skill will come back.  I used to play it well, and I guess it’s one of my skills that I take pride in, if I do say so myself.  * ponders*  Come to think of it, it’s the only skill I have !    (*~*)  Well, I can do the mambo , and maybe the samba…………

Ah, here’s a topic as suggested  by WordPress that I’m interested in….. ”  If your house were on fire, what would you grab first ? ”  So, okay, I’d grab 1. my laptop  2. textbooks  3.  a few clothes and underthings/ shoes   4. picture albums ( this is very important…. these are an accumulation of our memories for decades, that would include really old pictures of my parents and relatives …. they are irreplaceable. …..I guess it’s time to go to Kinko’s and have everything copied onto discs. )    5. as per my parents’ request, we have to save a bunch of stock certificates….. these are   what we call ” Bearer’s Certificate”, that is, whoever bears it , owns it, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. We can’t go to the company and demand copies of the stockholder certificates.  Oh,  the company is San Miguel Corporation , the biggest company in the Philippines. They produce beer ( San Miguel beer, one of the best in the world ) ice cream, bottles, and other food products and yeah, Coca -Cola.  The company , is in fact , almost a monopoly.    6. property titles and deeds  . In other words, all the so important documents. …7. My PS3 and some video games, lol.   8. my purse, of course… it would be troublesome to get new ID’s, driver’s license and credit cards.   Hmmm, what else do I deem important ?  OH. MY. GOSH !!!! The paintings !!!!!!!!!! I’ll make that # 2 ! How can I forget that ! Geezuzzzz !  They are paintings by well known Filipino painters, two of which is by a painter whose painting sold for $65,000 at Sotheby’s.  !  Okay, I’ll engrave this in my brain…..

Oh, before I say bye for now, I have a sidenote…… I was reading  another blog and on her blog  I read something like ” There’s an exteremely interesting blogsite written by a Microbiology student living in China, and here’s the link. ” And I thought , Hmmm, this sounds familiar, but I don’t live in China…  Out of curiousity, I clicked the link, and , ta dah, lo and behold, out came my blogsite !!!! Oh, wow ! Thank you !!!! I really appreciate that.