My musings at 2 AM

Hello !  It’s me again, Renxkyoko Iglesias !

I woke up at 2 AM.

I actually fell asleep while chatting with a friend at around 11 PM.   I always do that,  so, sorry, my friend, you should be used to it by now.

 So, what  can I do at this hour? Do the laundry, and blog , that’s what.  Well, it’s about time, anyway. It’s been 7 days since my last post.  Oh, and you know what, these are  just my thoughts that I’m writing down, so I don’t think this post will make any sense to you.  Nothing new though. I’ve been posting non-sensical stuff, anyways.  (^_^)#  You won’t find me here contemplating the meaning of my existence in the whole wide universe, or explaining The Theory of Thermodynamics.  It’s just me, goofing around and being  idiotic. Ahahah !  Yeah.  Ah, but you are  still going  to read  this, right , no matter what? 

 I know you are.  C ”mon.  You really want to know what stupid stuff I’m gonna come up with this time, yeah ? 


My friends and I ( Olga, Tanya and Ali… yep, the usual suspects) pigged out  at an Eat – all – you-can sushi restaurant yesterday. ‘ I had sworn off eat all you can dinners, but this is sushi I’m talking about here.  At the restaurant, there were  more than 50 kinds of sushi to choose from, with odd names such as, California roll, train wreck, Marilyn Monroll, etc.  Funny thing  about eat all you cans  is that ,  it doesnn’t matter whether there are  just 5 kinds or 1000  kinds of sushi. They all taste the same to me, ( My taste buds aren’t that particular and sensitive anyways. ) What is important is I get to eat a lot…….and at least, get  my money’s worth. That’s important.   This time, it was  $ 20 per. Seriously though, it wasn’t   worth it. I gagged  after  my  10th  sushi.  I felt so full and fat that, as soon as I got home, I hit the treadmill, and did a few calisthenics. And  now I’m back to munching  dried seaweeds again.


Oh, but it’s  torture to exercise in summer. ( Yesterday, temperature was 102 F tops. That’s about 38 C , you Celsius users. ) Well, I need to look good by Monday. The manager of BCBG says I should look  like a fashionista myself  coz  the clothes I’ll be selling are kinda high end. Sorta. There’s a simple   dress there that’s 50% off, but the price is still  high, $ 199.  Hah ! I guess wearing my  WalMart outfit is now out of the question.  j/k  I’m not snobbing WalMart, mind you. I buy most of my make-up stuff and toiletries there…. and other stuff, like socks, etc.  Uhm,  I even used to buy my underthings there too, ( so not sexy ) but  hey, I’ve leveled up. I now buy at Victoria’s Secret.  Ahahaha !  We have to admit WalMart goods  are really cheap.  But the clothes are horrible !  The last time I wore something from WalMart was when I was in elementary. Then in high school , I was like, ” Mom, stop eeeet ! ! I’m not gonna wear that. I refuse !  ! ”  

Enough of WalMart…………

I watched the movie  Battle Los Angeles. It’s an alien invasion thingy….and I liked it. But then there’s no science  fiction movie that I don’t like, anyway. It reminds me of Independence Day….. but Battle is a bit more stupid. There are only 7 soldiers desperately fighting them off. Where’s the rest of the army ? I’d understand if the aliens are like the Independence Day type where one shot from the invaders causes widespread devastation. In Battle, the aliens are quite vulnerable…. I’m sure even the gansters of LA can defeat them quite  handily. * sighs *  I still like it, though.  >.<    Well, that’s me. Beam me up.

So, what else have I been doing this past week?  Reading Japanese manga, that’s what, and  gardening, believe it or not. Last  summer, I discovered the joy of gardening. That’s quite weird, isn’t it ? . I mean, gardening and reading manga  aka comics  as hobbies…. kind of  oxymoron.  Speaking of which,  manga sites just released new chapters of L-DK, one of my favorite stories.  Aaaargh. This one is sooo frustrating. So far, it is still cute , but , the tension between the 2 protragonists  is starting to  tire me.  The main guy is so oblivious and dense, while the main girl is a wimp. They’re living together, for crying out loud,  and readers know they like each other, so what the heck is going on.  Kiss already ! Gosh. But then, that’s exactly what the story is all about…. that is, it’s how long they can hold back . Up to this point, anyhow. It’s ongoing even in Japan, so we don’t really know what’s gonna happen. Right now, they’ve released 15 chapters in English, but in Japan, there are already 25 chapters, and I ;ve read the English summaries.  !#$%^&*  Dang! The main guy is a douchebag !  The main girl finally confesses, but the main guy rejects her, and  says , ” I’m not interested in you at all ! ” What the  !!!  Oh, but this kind of storyline is what makes readers like me riveted and all – agog, so eager to know what happens next.  I’m not gonna drop this , coz I’m sure there’s going to be a happy ending. Meanwhile, here I am, ripping my heart off my chest. …………. Oh, man, she should just give up on the guy  ………….  ” hey, girl, there are so many fish in the ocean…. go sail and fish some more…..

Here’s the cover of the manga . The main guy is hot.  * drools*  ………. Hmmm, why am I suddenly feeling a sense of deja vu?   Never mind. It just feels “familiar”.

This is all for now.  Wish me luck on my second job.  Good day to all !

15 responses to this post.

  1. goodluck on your second job. It sounds fun working for a high-end fashion retail store. I’m jealous 😉


  2. I wish my life was animated…


  3. Hahaha ! Yeah! Just about anything can happen in cartoons.


  4. As always I love your view on life… Your musings are relaxing and fun. Good luck on your new job. I think that most people put down wal-mart, yet they still shop there. Go figure….I love your take on anime it is fresh, exciting and new. I too just watched battle Los Angeles. To me is was quite unbelievable, the aliens were wimps. too true that the gangs could have taken them out.
    Have fun, look forward to your next entry


    • Gee, thanks , Lee Devine,

      You’re right about WalMart…. people make fun of this store but we have to admit the goods there are so much cheaper. I just don’t like ithat they kill off other businesses. I know consumers deserve low prices, but the way they do their business is less than stellar. Vendors ( the people who sell to WalMart) are forced ( yes, FORCED) to lower their prices if they want to do business with them. I think I should write something about this , but I need to research more. I hate monopolies.


  5. Posted by vampyrefangs on June 27, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Going to the Walmarts is like being in a graphic novel. I can almost see the dialogue balloons over the heads of the zombies shopping there. The problem is, they all say “Brains!” 🙂


  6. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog (however bland, new and under construction), and liking my co-worker rant 😛 Your cartoons are fun; I’ve always enjoyed anime. I like how they create a fun picture to your musings.


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Be sure to check out when that 100th post comes along. haha

    cute story. I love sushi and can eat so much … without being full til I go home and regret it. I would pay top dollar for delicious sushi.

    as for walmart … I bought a few clothing pieces there. it was spur of the moment and I still wear it. If you pair it with other stuff you have, you can’t even tell it’s from walmart or cheap. (:


    • Hahah! Confession time….. I bought a few slacks at WalMart. Nobody can tell they’re WalMart stuff. I mean, who would know my cottony black pants was less than $20? He he


  8. Posted by Deeone on July 1, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    The illustration of you working out after the pig out was priceless… I laughed so hard at the mental picture you left me. 😀

    I’m with you on Walmart as well, they have awesome prices and all, but their clothing sucks! After a couple of good washes and drying, they could fit a mini me, and I’m already a mini me. lol Well, skinny anyways. Haha

    Anywho, good luck on the job. I know you’re going to wow them. 😉


  9. Life is funny.

    I just got back from Wal Mart, am getting ready to go to the gym and you mentioned my favorite food in the whole world…SUSHI!!!!

    To top it off, I watched Battle Saturday night. Enjoyed it. And to answer your question about where the rest of the army was; they were on other missions. The group the story revolves around were sent to rescue the civilians at the Police Station. Other soldiers were on other missions. I think the movie is very similar to the new TNT series Falling Skies which I try to watch every Sunday night.

    I wish there was an all-you-can-eat sushi place here. The misery of living in a small town.


    • I know, huh. What’s the probability that our train of thoughts would run along the same tracks.

      Really? There’s a series on TV similar to Battle ? I’ll watch that ! ! That’s my kind of show!


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