Just wanna be one happy camper


Renxkyoko Iglesias musing……

It’s been a while, huh.  I’ve been either hanging out with friends who are on vacation too, or I’m at work these past few days.  As usual,  nothing earthshaking is happening with my life. I don’t know if  that’s a good or bad thing.  As they say, no news is good news.  Although, last Monday, my friends and I went clubbing,  like old times.  Well, it’s a place where no alcohol is served, so it’s safe.  It would be troublesome to meet people who have had too much to drink, no?  Deciding to go out on a Monday night was quite random actually.I mean, who’d go out on a Monday night? Our usual night out is Friday, but it’s a “theme” night, and we weren’t in the mood to cosplay.  ^_^#  Actually, it isn’t really a costume party. Like last time, it was just shorts and shirt. Here’s a pic from last time I was there. See that? Just shirt and shorts…

I guess pictures can  make up for lack of topic to talk about.  ^_^;;    See, a picture is worth a thousand words, don’t you agree?  Oh, by the way, the guys in the pic are waiters, not our dates. As you can see, they are wearing identical royal blue coats. Hahah.  Sometimes, it’s good to be friendly  with  the waiters. We get extra orange wedges in our juice. \(^_^)/

Oh, right!!! I just watched this anime ” SUMMER WARS “…  I found it so good I watched it twice in a row.  After the ending credits, I clicked “Play” again. I guess that was the geek in me.  I did officially declare myself a total geek a long time ago, didn’t I? lol !!  So, okay, about Summer wars…… it won many awards, including  Japan’s Best animation in 2009, and a nomination in this year’s Oscars for Best Animation, but, as expected,  it  lost to Toys Story 3.  Meh.  There was no way Pixel/Walt Disney was going to lose  to Funimation.  Well, I think  Summer Wars is  10x better, IMO.  Just Wiki it to get the synopsis.  It is kinda sci fi, … it’s about the attack on the virtual world of OZ that dominates every aspect of Japanese life… no, in fact, of the world…. but that’s only a small part of the story.  What I find more fascinating is the slice of a family’s life… the ordinary day to day interactions among family members, the humor, the love  they share with each other, and that bit of  sweet romance between the two main characters, Keiji, a shy,  Math genius  eleventh grader and a  feisty, straight-forward 12th grader , Natsuki. It’s definitely a feel good movie. It made me all fluffy and happy., like this……..

  Ah, but  it was     so unlike what I  watched before Summer Wars…. Black Swan. ! It was supposedly a great movie……. Natalie Portman won Best Actress portraying a totally whacked ballerina. But,  what the !#$%^&*  was that  movie all about?  It made me go like this ——->

That was the most depressing thing ever.  Dang it ! I wanted to kick myself  for watching that.  I mean, seriously, this kind of movie is the reason why I stay away from this deep drama gobbledeegook.    I’ve seen  and heard enough depressing  real time drama going on on this planet to last me a lifetime.  I just want to be one happy camper, thank you very much.

By the way, what’s  your wallpaper ? Mine is this…… it’s from the video game Persona 3 FES, one of my all- time favorite. I liked it so much that I played it for 600 hours. =_=#     More , I think.  Crazy, huh.

It’s been my wallpaper from Day one, but if I can find a picture of Keanu Reeves when he was 18 years old, I’ll  replace this. He’s one hot dude.  Problem is, Keanu’s gay?  Noooo!!!!  It’s okay. * fans self*  At least, he ‘s not attracted to women.  I’m one happy camper again.  LOL

*sigh* I guess  this is all for now. Have a good day, everyone!  Be happy!

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  1. Posted by John Ryan Recabar on June 10, 2011 at 4:57 am

    the pictures are cute, reminds me of my sister who also loves to use anime pictures. i hope things doing well there for you.


    • They are so cute.That’s why I love posting them. I just hope I don’t get busted for copyright infringement, Haha
      Oh, I’m doing well, thank you. I hope you are, too. Cheers to both of us!


  2. Who would go out on a Monday night? I would 🙂 Am usually so stressed out by the time I leave the office that I have to get one drink before going for my evening classes.


    • LOL
      I would, too! Monday is the cheapest night and less crowded. Although last Monday was crowded. It seems everyone’s on vacation and being cheapskate. LOL


  3. Heh you seem to be a huge anime fan judging from your posts =D

    Gonna watch Summers Wars after reading your gushing on it =P


  4. Posted by orramoon on June 10, 2011 at 10:38 am

    Hey!Happy Camper……………….. nice anime…I use to watch animes decade ago….My fav was Sakura:The Cardcaptor!….So wat was the theme for ur Monday party?…..Well I haven’t seen Black Swan yet….hav no idea about how good or bad that movie is…


    • * looks around* Oh, that’s me, the happy camper! Hahah

      Oh I’ve read Cardcaptor Sakura. We have the complete volumes here at home. Uhm, I didn’t really like CCS much, though. I just read it to understand Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxHolic. These 3 series are intertwined.

      Black Swan? Yikes!!! If you want to look like that cartoon drawing I just posted at the end of the movie, then watch it. lol That movie is frikin’ twisted ! !


  5. Well done, young lady!


    • Thank you !!!!!

      But I tell you, I can already see it coming, the dreaded BURN-OUT !! I’m running out of stuff to talk about…. my day is soooo routinary. ( Is there a word routinary? )


  6. Posted by Deeone on June 10, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    Hey there Happy Camper, This post made me an extra happy camper as well! 🙂 You looked awesome in the pic! I also hope you all had a ball on Monday night. Hey, it’s totally OK to hit the night life on Monday, anything to take your mind off of the fact that it is actually Monday. I hate Monday’s! After a super weekend the last thing I want to do is approach Monday. Not to mention, every Monday without fail, I’m left looking at a blank screen trying to get back into the mindset of blogging. It totally sucks, it kind of gives me the feeling of the picture you posted after watching Black Swan.

    Which I thought was an O…K kind of flick, but you’re right; it was totally depressing! Anywho, Enjoyed the blog post. Especially the part where you said that Mr. Reeves was gay. I think he’s super cute! And even if he isn’t I’ll keep that little info tucked away in the back of my mind for later. 😉 Cheers Chica, I hope you have a super weekend… Hit the nightlife again! Hey, that’s what it’s there for… to enjoy the Night “LIFE”! Live it up! 🙂


    • That pic of the crying girl cracked me up, too! LOL! The expression was right on target ! It was not only depressing, it was frikin’ twisted. (*~~*)

      I’ve seen pics of him when he was just 17 or 18 years old. I was like whoa! I wonder what
      he was thinking everytime he looked in the mirror. Maybe he’d sing ” I’m so pretty, oh, so pretty, lalala, and gay !!! ” Dang!! LOL


  7. anything in excess is bad for you… alcohol, within it’s limits can be fantastic and makes conversations easier and mingling enjoyable for some that find it difficult. I am lucky enough to thoroughly enjoy meeting new people w/out the substance, but throw in a few cocktails or rums and i’m not only golden, but platinum


    • Platinum? It’s higher than gold? Gold is even more precious than diamond. No one can ever create gold. The gold we have on the planet came from the wherever, heavens?

      The club is for underaged young ‘uns. So, nope, no alcohol there, folks. Just fun.

      And I can’t hold my liqueur anyways. One sip and I keel over. ^_^#


      • I am sorry. The chemist in me just can’t help but comment on this one. Platinum is indeed more valuable than Gold, like 10x more valuable 🙂


        • oooh, sorry. Indeed platinum is more valuable in terms of rarity, but in terms of value, both gold and platinum prices fluctuate. But in good times, platinum is a bit higher in price, but just a bit, not 10x. Sometimes gold is more valuable when economy is down, and there is less production of goods that use platinum… for catalytic converters, for example. But I agree, platinum is more valuable in terms of rarity.


  8. That Summer Wars movie sounds pretty interesting. But I don’t know if that will be shown here. Re Black Swan, I loved it! The message was a bit philosophical though, about fighting your inner demons and the like. But it’s a great movie indeed, albeit a bit dark. I also loved The King’s Speech, another great movie 🙂


    • Oh, watch it, watch it ! It’s really interesting, and so down to earth…. a slice of life.

      Ah, Black Swan ! ! She’s totally spaced out!!! Depressing.


  9. Well, you already look like a million bucks wearing shirt and shorts, can imagine how you would look like in proper night club attire! Smokin’! haha


    • * cough, clears throat * Why, thanks Gina ! * blushes* Now, I wonder what a proper club attire looks , though. I’ve got a sweet, black number hanging in my closet. I wonder if that’s the one. Whooo. That certainly is smokin’ ! LOL


  10. Posted by Akshay Kumar on June 12, 2011 at 11:02 am

    Once again nice anime pics u got in ur post… well monday night outings are best… comparatively peaceful… 😛
    Summer Wars sounds interesting, on download right now..!! and yeah Black Swan was bit depressing, but somehow i loved the movie… 🙂
    Is Keanu really gay ?? My sis will die of a heart failure to know that… 😛
    The wallpaper is nice, as for me its my girlfriend’s pic who’s more than a thousand miles away from me… 🙂


    • Yep, Monday nights are cheaper, too, esp. the cover charge and drinks… everything discounted.

      So, you are gonna watch it? * sweat* I hope you’ll like it… otherwise, I’m doomed. Nobody will take my recommendations seriously anymore. (6.6);

      Ah, I’m not sure about Keanu being gay…. I mean, the guy is almost 40, single, and no GF… that’s a good thing, though. And , well, I saw a pic of him with a guy kissing him, and they seem to be lovey dovey. I’m cool with that.

      Awww about your GF’s wallpaper. That is so sweet.


  11. Hahaha just read this today… I just watched black swan this morning.. around 2 in the morning… and I went “oh no, my exams are also drawing near, what if I get into some psychological distortion such as this one, I gotta have some fun and relaxation in my life”

    It totally destroyed the meaning of watching the movie.. I decided to watch a movie to rest from studying and it brought me strange perceptions. >.<


    • Lack of sleep may produce hallucinations, majalove, or you may turn into a zombie. * I giggle everytime I address your name majalove , it’s like calling you sweetie or dearie, LOL * It reminds me of someone I know , a childhood friend, whose pet name is Honey. It wasn’t a problem calling him that when he was young, but at this age, the name gets stuck in my throat. ” Hey, Honey ! ” Good thing he’s okay with, ” Psssst, or hey , hey, hey. or I just come nearer to talk to him. Ahahahaha


      • (^_^). I have my reasons why I chose that name.. things of the past I cannot let go..

        I am already a zombie.. I slept 3 today watching another freaky film: Requiem for a Dream.


        • ” (^_^). I have my reasons why I chose that name.. things of the past I cannot let go.. ”

          Ooooh…. ahem…. i think I dialed the wrong number…. Me and my big mouth (*~*)…. uhm, i can’t tell you to let go. coz I know it’s the most difficult thing to do….
          ( . . . . ? ?. . . )
          Wow! I didn’t know guys are like this too… Anyways, I”ll give you the recipes, as promised….. * tiptoes away*


          • haha.. it’s ok… the past is past and it will be there, I can’t run away from it (although sometimes I hear thanatos’ voice) hehe

            My dear, I am a box of emotions.. I get hurt easily …


            • I know right? The past is not like something one can delete like in computers…. it’s always there embedded in your brain………….. Aha, Thanatos ! LOL

              Awww! I think I need to tiptoe around you then. Kidding! Hey, I guess it’s because you’re an artist, musician, not to mention techie guy… the Renaissance Man…..one cannot be an artist and musician without a boxload of emotions in your system.

  12. As usual you have a wonderful post. I am going to check out the Anime you suggested, although I am not a freak I enjoy a good Anime. I trust your opinion. I also agree with you on the Black Swan… I have not seen it and won’t. After reading the reviews, I have enough drama in my life without going to the movies to see more…
    You are one of my favorite bloggers. Keep up the good work.


    • Why, thank you, Lee Devine !! I really hope I never run out of things to say. I’m starting to blabber, you know.

      The anime Summer Wars is a simple slice of life. Maybe it’s just me, but I find the simplicity of the story just wonderful. Maybe I’m just going over the top , ha ha ha.


  13. Posted by petitelicious on June 13, 2011 at 7:57 am

    Hello.. ur blog is hilarious lol 🙂

    And btw, I think Black Swan is amazing.. 😀

    Greetings from Singapore ^^


    • Thank you, petitelicious!

      Hey, you’re from Singapore! I’ve been there with my family…… I just can’t remember anything though…. I was only 5 or 6 when we went there.


      • Posted by petitelicious on June 14, 2011 at 8:56 am

        Indonesian Chinese actually.. but residing well in Singapore for the past 3.5 years (:

        Small city but quite happening i should say 😀 . And since u were here ages ago.. there are so many changes in the country already! haha.. perhaps u should pay a little visit back ():-)


        • After more than a decade, I should hope so, lol ! From family conversations recently, we stayed at Bishan. I remember vaguely, or maybe it’s from looking at the pictures? I hope to go there next summer. We’ve talked about it, including the airfares, but it’s a long ways off yet, and we don’t really know what ‘s gonna happen from now til then.


  14. Summer Wars ? Now i’m going to find that movie… I looove watching animated movie as well but i’m not geek.. lol… why you consider your self as a geek just because you love anime?… have you watched spirited away i heard it’s won oscar some years ago… I love it althought it’s suspense with a lot of ghost… (they even present Leak local ghost from Bali Island, Indonesia) LOL

    I haven’t watched Blackswan… now your review made me want to keep away from that movie… actually i love natalie portman since she played in Garden State… and i heard she is harvard graduated too… i love tracking well educated people.. 🙂


    • lol…. watching anime does not equal geek….. methinks it’s just my over-all habits…. I did attend an anime convention once, lol…

      Yeah! I watched it, we even have the dvd at home, and that one did win a lot of awards…. you should watch Graveyard of the Fireflies too…. check it out, the reviews are amazing


  15. You have a lot of MANGAS in your posts 😀 nice


    • Ahhaha! I know, right?

      I love the expressions on the drawings. Really humorous and funny and do make my post more interesting. * I hope*


      • It sure makes your post more interesting. 😉
        I used to draw animes. In fact, I’m planning to make a manga 😀 hahahaha.


        • Our planning to make a manga? Nooo, really? I’m writing a story too, but my problem is I can’t draw !!!!!! I can’t even draw a straight line, honestly.

          It’s very hard to enter the Japanese market if you’re not Japanese, but the US and some other countries are starting to make their own. There’s one Filipino who managed to publish a manga, and guess what, her manga is being scanlated and released on manga websites. Of course, the author does not get paid, but it is still great to have her stuff on the Internet, for publicity. And the good thing about is, the original language is in English, so it doesn’t have to be translated
          A US publishing co. published her work. So there’s still hope for us yet. By the way, I’m looking for an artist…. am willing to pay.


  16. Posted by libertas on June 16, 2011 at 3:31 am

    found your blog via prof heckler
    also fan of cosplay and anime
    will follow your adventures


  17. Wonderfull Manga !! :p


  18. what are your requirements anyway?

    are you a half-Filipino? or what?


    • My requirement is, you should be able to draw gorgeous looking characters, hahaha, and should be able to draw emotions and expressions . Bishies galore, yeah? lol

      I ‘d like to believe I’m pure Filipino. I always say I am one.


      • So you’re half. okay 😉
        Maybe I’ll post some of my sketches in my blog and you decide whether I pass or not. hahaa. I’d love to work with you.
        Do you have a facebook?


        • I’m pure Fil…. if there’s some other foreign blood somewhere, it’s too diluted…. or just a trickle.

          I’ll also post samples of the kind of drawing that I like , maybe in my next entry.

          Yeah, hahaha. I hope I can work with you too.

          No FB , I’m afraid. WordPress is enough for me.


  19. Aww.. hahaha. where? Do you understand Filipino?

    well, it’s really nice knowing you.
    Tutor me English. 😀


    • ‘Course I understand Filipino ! I’m fluent ! Although to be honest, I can’t seem to understand the written language. Besides, we immigrated when I was 6 or 7, so my Filipino knowledge is a bit limited. We speak Tagalog here at home., though,

      Pero, madalas, nauubusan ako. Ang hirap kasi, kasi paulit ulit yung syllables, diba? Yung faborito namin, ( and it never fails to elicit guffaws) ay eto….” Bababa ba? Oo, bababa. ” LMAO ! ! ! Dang! What the heck is that !


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