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Paranormal or Coincidence ?

Hi ! Renkyoko Iglesias here !


Holloween is just around the corner…….  and I just realized that in all the years  that I’ve been writing about anything under the sun here on WordPress,  I have never written  about  a topic  that I like  …… scary stuff and things that go bump in the night.


So, do you believe in ghosts or in  the paranormal ?    To be honest,  I am not sure that I don’t.


Let me tell you a story.  There were two unexplainable incidents that happened to my mother.  One occurred when she was in 6th grade, the other in 2005.  When Mom was in 6th grade, her grandmother  who lived in the ” province ” fell ill.  When the incident happened,  the whole family had just come home from visiting her, and their grandmother was fine when they left her .  Then one night, something woke up Mom’s older brother (  a college student ) . Something or someone sprinkled water on his face. He also felt  that something bad happened to the grandma.  With the parents’ permission, he and my mother  went back to the province  early morning ( which was about 250 miles away, by the way ) to check up on their grandma.  She was already dead when they arrived.  Then in 2005,  the same thing happened to my mother.  She freaked out  when she felt water on her face, but  was relieved that Dad was snoring   beside her .  She got up to check up on all of us,  and  yes, we were all * cough *  alive. But she knew  something bad had happened, so she took note of the time. It was  3 AM.  At  6  AM, she got a call from my aunt in the Philippines to inform her that our second cousin, Jay,  died  of heart attack while playing basketball  that night  , 7PM Philippine time, or 3 AM  US time .  Jay was the son of Dad’s first cousin who lived next door to our house  in the Philippines.  Jay was only  25  years old.  But then,  Jay was only a second cousin, right ?   Well, Jay lived with us here in the US  for 4 years to study  and went home to the Phil.  right  after graduation in October, 2004. By March, 2005, 5 months after coming home,  Jay was dead  from undiagnosed heart condition.  Jay was part of our family for 4 years …. my parents treated him like a son. We were his immediate family .  I guess Jay thought it was just right that we were one of the first to know that he had passed on by giving a sign.


So, here’s my question…. were they mere coincidences or  was it something else ?  You be the judge.

This is all for now. Thank you for reading.

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Job -hunting Update

Renxkyoko Iglesias  here. Hi !

I didn’t watch the second debate.  While watching the first debate,  I did a juvenile thing …. I threw potato chips at the TV, not to mention  my intestines almost exploded.  Eh.  I don’t need that kind of aggravation in my life.



So, okay, some of my readers have been asking me about  my job hunting.  Thank you very much for asking.  I did say on my previous post my dream job was  to be a forensics  analyst….. after all,  that’s  one of my majors (  I graduated with 2 majors, Cell and Molecular Biology , Minor in Chemistry, and Forensics Biology. )  I applied as Criminalist 1  two months ago,  took a test,…… unfortunately, it was  an ” experience ” test with questions like ” Have you ever been called as a DNA expert at a court trial ? ”  What the heck !  Of course I haven’t.  So, I didn’t get the job. But I have a question……   I got a Rank 4 and they said  they took in those that got Ranks 1 , 2 and 3 (  with experience , all of them ) but I’d have first priority  if and   when a position opens within the next 2 years.  I told my police officer friend about it….. and she said, ” Congratulations , girl, Rank 4 is  great news.  Just be patient. ”   My question is,  what does getting a Rank 4 really mean  ?  I want to be optimistic . That’s my dream job, after all.


Good thing I have another  degree to fall back on.  I actually got so many responses to my applications, but 90% of them are from out of my city……..  LA,  Nevada, San Francisco, Berkeley, etc.  Oh, wait, I even applied  at NSA ( National Security Agency , ha ha ha )  I answered NO to all the questions, except the one on being bi-lingual.  Then the questions got more detailed. Well, never mind. Hey, that’s NSA , okay ? *   zips mouth *


I got 2  responses from 2 companies   that are  located in my city….  one from Diagnostics and one from a  dairy company. At Diagnostics, I  didn’t get the job because , believe it or not, I WAS OVERQUALIFIED  in  the position  that I applied for.  That’s one  heck of a reason for rejecting me.


Well, good news! ! !  I got the job  at a dairy company.  I am now working  at their   Quality Control department,  checking out for contaminants, microbes….  in other words, the quality of the finished products, duh.   The dairy company manufactures milk, of course, and  ice cream, novelty ice cream products,  cheese,  cream cheese, gosh,even eggnog, and any product that comes from milk. Our milk comes from California cows,  and California cows are happy cows.


My work schedule is fluid…  sometimes it is from 12 PM to 8:30 PM….. or  8 PM to 4:30 AM  .  Another good thing about this job is , it’s a) unionized  b)   pay is good, very, very good    c)   it’s just an 11 to 12 minute drive from our house.

MegaRenp013 (2)


Irrelevant random photos because there should be photos, right ?   I love these ones that I took at Louvre Palace in Paris.  Bet you haven’t seen a photo of Venus de Milo’s  butt.


This is all for now.  Thanks for reading, folks !  !

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Shameless and mind boggling

Hi ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here !

I cannot wrap my mind around  the fact that the Philippine president  could actually  compare himself to Hitler….. that if Hitler had managed  to kill  6 million Jews , he could  eliminate  all the drug dealers , as well.  I don’t know if Filipinos are just a  bunch of ignoramuses who have no f*cking idea what this person’s remarks imply, or ,  I don’t know, the cavalier  and casual attitude  toward  the deaths of millions of people  is  just….. mind boggling.  Hasn’t this person   realized  he just compared  the 6 million Jews killed by Hitler  with drug dealers ?  Applaud him, applaud yourself.


F*cking disgusting.