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Just a scary experience

Hi there !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

Something bad happened to me yesterday (  Feb. 23 ). I had a bad allergy reaction  to something I ate that morning (a longanisa/chorizo/sausage ) .  At first, I felt itchy all over. I took a shower immediately, was going to work, anyway ) then saw my whole body turned red color, then I felt wobbly and dizzy, and worst of all,  my eyes’ gone blind, (  all I could see was white light ) .  I screamed for Mom,  told her I couldn’t see, and  couldn’t move.  She even had to dress me up, then rushed me to the nearest  clinic (   walking distance from our house ) but  the staff there said to go to the nearest hospital  ER.  They didn’t know what was wrong, and told us they couldn’t handle it.  They wanted to call 911 but I told Mom  to just drive me there , mindful of the fact that a 911 ambulance is expensive. It isn’t  free, folks. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the hospital, and by that time, my vision had cleared up, and I could see again. I was still itchy and the red ( from my face down  to my toes )  hadn’t disappeared yet. The doctor  informed us that the blindness and dizziness were symptoms of a  panic attack.   They held me there for 6 hours for observation ( to see if  reaction would recur ) We were at the hospital from 12:30 to 7:30 PM . I  have to see an allergy doctor soon. I need to be tested for other allergy reactions. By the way,  when I was 5, the same thing happened to me. ( no blindness, though )  It was during my birthday party and  I had eaten too many hotdogs, so I was told.

I was told to avoid  eating processed meat products and any food that contains artificial red dye or color, and preservatives like saltpeter ( sodium nitrites ) for the meantime.

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Happy V-Day !

This is my  4th  time reblogging this.  I guess it’s become a tradition.  ( and this always cracks me up ^^ )

Ahhhh, lonesome hearts.  Cheer up.Hi !

This is a reblog  of my 2013 Valentine’s post.  This is just my fun take on heartbreaks, unrequited loves, and rejections.  Shed some tears then  move on, ladies. It’s not the end of the world.


.Are you alone ?


.Have you been friend-zoned ?


Did you let him know of your feelings , but you were rejected?



So, your maiden’s feelings and pure heart  have been hurt.



You don’t have to do that !!!!!! Get off the rails !



.Dafaq !






Bam ! An uppercut ! You wish you could do that, huh.


You can  talk to me, you know.  Let it all out. Cry.


I feel you, sister.



I know it’s hard but get a grip on yourself, mull it over and meanwhile …….


.Are you done ? Well then , let’s move on, shall we ?. We lonesome singles should stick and do stuff together. Let’s be happy in our misery.



You’ll forget, sooner than you think, I guarantee that, and then you’ll laugh it off.


And you’ll wonder, why the heck did I ever get attracted to this guy?




* walks off *

Let’s just go watch The Notebook.




My Last Day in Paris




Hi, there ! !  Just photos this time. I won’t write much  because it’s Monday, and Mondays s*ck.  Before anything else, those who are interested in reading my manga/anime site, check it out HERE.

Here are some photos of my last day in Paris…. in fact, the last day of my 30 day tour of Europe.




I had liver pate ( I love liver ), and escargot (  fancy name for snail ).

I need to say  this , though….. tipping in Europe is massive..  We had to tip those serenaders, the waiters, the tour manager, the bus driver.  If you bought a tour package for a certain amount,  never , ever think that’s all you’re gonna spend. Some dinners aren’t free. You can opt out and not join the group, and eat at McDonald’s ,  or pay $ 75 each for a lousy  dinner in Monaco , or $ 70 in Rome. Since my cousin and I didn’t really have money , my mother had to shoulder everything , for herself, for me and my 14 year old cousin.  For the tour manager and bus driver, it was $ 14 tip each day from one tourist, and since it was a 30 – day tour,  the amount totaled $ 420 each person, and since there were 3 of us ( Mom, myself and cousin ),  we had to pay $ 1,260. Take note…. there were 50 of us in the group. Good thing credit card was accepted.  If dinner was at the hotel we were staying in, then it was free. Unfortunately,  the group always ate out , in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris,  Switzerland, Venice.  Even some tours weren’t free, like the  Rheine River cruise, etc. So, be sure to bring plenty of cash. One thing though, we drank wine like it was water, one bottle per person, I kid you not. Every night was Happy Hour.



And one more thing,  before  Paris, I had this impression  the Mona Lisa painting was huge.  Guess what, it’s small, about a foot and a half  long


DSCN2023 I have tons of pics  taken at the Louvre Museum.  The Louvre was the residence of Marie Antoinette and King  Louis XIV.  The ostentatiousness was breathtaking. ” They don’t have bread ? Let them eat cake. ” , said Marie, in response to massive hunger and poverty at that time. No wonder she got her head cut off.

Alright, this is it for now.  Peace .


My sister , Mom , and I just signed up to work for Hillary.  I walk my talk.