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Hello, there ! ! * waves*  Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

” Life is like a box of chocolates. You don’t know what you’re gonna get.”   Well, my blog is a box of chocolates.  You don’t know what you’re gonna read.  Like today, I am  supposed to write about part 3 of my fun vacation in the Philippines,  but have decided to  write  about some other things that are going on in my life on my mind right at this very moment.

First off…… October is a treat for me.  The cable is teeming with vampires, ghosts and monsters,  and zombies , and I’m loving it. I watch these shows while studying or reading your blogs and they do keep  me  up and about   until the wee hours of the morning.  That reminds me…..  I guest posted in October of   last year, on jmount’s blog, and if you have time to read it, click   HERE  . It ‘s a true personal paranormal experience and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s cr*p or not. Today is the birthday of the person in the story. Forever 24. I still miss him.

And speaking of studying…..  I have already graduated . As you very well know, I major in Molecular Microbiology, and minor in Chemistry.  I have decided though to participate in the university’s  Commencement Exercises in Spring, 2015  because I ‘ve come  back to school  to  take  some   Advanced classes in Microbiology, and  Forensic Science.  I think I’ve found my mojo.

Our teacher in Forensic Science came from  Austria, and unfortunately, he has a very long German name, and his first name is Adolf.  Do you know that in California, he’s  called Criminalist, instead of Forensic Scientist?  Sometimes, his name and title don’t fit on the dotted line, so what we see instead is Adolf……. Criminal….  XD, and  everytime he goes to court to testify, and sees a bored , sleepy jury, he  states  his name in a loud boomimg voice that he’s  ADOLF  plus his long German last name.  It wakes up the jury, without fail  🙂   * Oh, my brother in law’s family came from Austria too, and yeah, he has a long last name. Hmmmm.  My sister hasn’t changed her last name yet. Says it’s troublesome. Anyway, I digress.*

So, what do we do in Forensics class  Well, right now, our small class is divided into groups of 3.  The  class project we’re into now is  to look for DNA from residual  * cough* semen *cough* in a rape case , where the victim takes a bath after the act. I’m the only female in the group, so to minimize the variables ( no male DNA other than the male source’s DNA.) I. act. as. the. victim. In other words, I pour the semen on my body and take a shower. Then wait for the shower room  to dry, take a swab for DNA, shower again, repeat 4 x.  Of course I demanded  to know whose semen would touch my skin.  ( It’s supposed to be an anonymous  donor ) What if he has a disease , or something . Yup, he had to reveal himself… a classmate. XD Awkward.  I really  have to keep a straight face when I discuss stuff with my male classmates. But then, a  classmate from another class ruined it for me. He was like, ”  That would  be so awkward !  A known source ! I’m not gonna jack off , even for you, Ren. ”  What the heck ! Idiot !  I’m not asking you ! We already have a volunteer !

Okay. I have to publish this now. I’m starting to freak out.