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I’m a lazy blogger

Hi there ! It’s me , Ren !

It’s been 16 days since my last post.  =_=” I’m a lazy blogger, I know. It’s okay, you can slap me. No, wait, hold it ! I have excuses !  Well, to date, there are mere 2 weeks before school ends. I need a lot of catching up before final exams come middle of  May. There’s no  excuse I can give better than preparing for final exams, right ?


It’s  May 12 now. It’s been over a month since my last post. My final exams start next week , then summer vacation ! ! !  It is also 34 days before my Euro tour.

Well, I’ve been real busy these past few weeks, reviewing for final exams, and entertaining relatives from the Philippines who were here in the US  on vacation. It was fun having them here. We went to Lake Tahoe  for sightseeing and Napa Valley for wine tasting.

Lake Tahoe, Northern California. We had lunch at Harrah’s ( hotel/casino) and here’s a view from the restaurant. Beautiful snow – capped mountains. The snows on the way to Lake Tahoe haven’t melted yet. Our relatives were so thrilled to see their first snow ( in May ! lol) we pulled over  and had their pics taken scooping snow off the ground. He he he . Charming.


.Above are the 3 kids, aged 13, 12 and 5. ( oops, that’s my sister and BF in the pic, too )  Their parents are both doctors ( OB-Gyne and husband is a  Nuero – surgeon, and also teaches at a medical school in the Philippines. ) It’s weird that I never heard my little cousins speak the Filipino language the whole time they were with us. They spoke fluent English with a California accent, to boot. And to think this was their first time in the US. What is a California accent, anyways? There’s always a question mark at the end of a sentence , that’s what. lol ! Like so….. ” And then we went to this haunted house? And I was like, , it scared the heck out of me?  And  Tracy was like, he was so scared ? he fell on his butt? ”  U_U

And  their mom shopped til she dropped.  The kids also got 2 Kindles and a GPS for the hubby. The 5 year old got a Car magazine.  Seriously. He can read well,  and knows  so much about cars. 5 year old  kid who can read! ! He was so thrilled to see my brother’s red NSX Acura he had his pic taken hugging the car. o.Oa  He also informed us there ‘s no Acura in the Philippines. Anyone from the Philippines? Is that true?

They also went on European tour summer last year and gave us some tips. …. Be careful of thieves , especially in Italy, Spain and France. Whoa ! Really? Like, pickpockets?  The pickpockets there are so brazen they’ll just grab your purse and run . And France….. my cousin said it was really beautiful ….. just don’t look down coz the streets are full of litter.  And, my father and my cousins said, just eat pasta and pizza in Italy for the experience…. pastas and pizzas taste so much better in the US. And the bagette in France is as hard as  rock, according to my cousins. Maybe they were supposed to dunk  it into a hot choco  or soup ? No, they said, they bought a bagget sandwich that almost cracked their teeth. @__@ And the Coliseum in Rome smelled of urine.  Well, I’m going to find out soon and let you know if these are all true.

I feel bad I haven’t posted for over a month. I hope my readers haven’t forgotten me. Have you?  Another thing…… I haven’t opened my email folder either .  I’m scared to check my emails. I’m sure it will be in the thousnads by now. .. Okay, * checking now*….

* faints* , gets up*, * fans self*

1,379 unread emails ! !

I’m sure I’ll manage to go through all that after the exams, and resume stalking you guys.

Uhm….. I’m thinking……

Pres. Obama is courageous enough to declare he favors gay equality —> gay marriage.  I’ve been saying here on my blog that I also approve of gay marriage.

The contrast between Obama and Romney is quite stunning, so much so there are no more  gray areas left to ponder upon. It’s either you’re for or againts. Absolutely no in -betweens.

There’s a massive $ 2 B loss by Chase/JP Morgan that would have a great impact once again on US economy. This is why Wall Sreet reform is really so important. The risks taken by JP Morgan were not vetted and not regulated. These losses can impact the consumers , just like what happened when banks  gave out house loans right and left, even to those who clearly couldn’t afford to pay the monthly mortgage thus leaving banks holding houses that are exceedingly overpriced and unsaleable .

Mitt Romney is banking on his business experience with Bain , a venture capital company… ( they now call it vulture capital company.) More often than not, it’s the public, the taxpayers,  that are forced  to clean up after these venture capitalists  have cleaned out    ailing companies.  Bain Capital, formerly headed by Romney, buys out ailing companies, like GST Steel,  borrows money from banks to supposedly bail out these companies, then they fire workers to save money, take out workers’  benefits, yadiya, take out the moneys borrowed from the banks , walk away with the money, then later declare bankruptcy. Yeah,  that’s how Mitt Romney made his millions. His presidential bid is banking on that experience. Well, it isn’t surprising that he had once declared,   ” Let Detroit go bankrupt. ” Didn’t he once  say he ” likes firing people? ”

Wall Street has been bringing down the US economy to its knees. They hate reforms, then when they are in crisis, it’s the government  that  bails them out.

* sigh *  Not campaigning here, mind you. I’m just musing.  It’s sad that the Republicans have gone so far to the right happy nedium has totally disappeared.  Nothing gets done anymore.

Well, here’s something funny  for everybody…. It’s a recycled joke, but I still giggle everytime I read this.


T o hoom  it may cunsern,

I waunt to apply for a job what I saw in the paper. I can type realee quik wit one finggar and do sum a counting. I think I am good on

the phone and I no I am a pepole person. Pepole realee seem to respond to me well. Certain men and all the ladies.

I no my spelling is not to good but fi nd that I Offen can get a job thru my persenality. My salerery is open so we can discus wat you

want to pay me and wat you think I am werth,

I can start emeditely. Thank you in advanse for yore anser.

Hopefuly yore  best aplicant so farr,



P.S . Becose my resimay is a bit short – beelow is a pickture of me.


                                 Dear Pepito,

                                                     It’s OK , Honey, we’ve got spell check.  See you on Monday

This is it for now.  Be happy, be nice and PEACE.

Oh, wait, to any reader from France , Italy and Spain, my apologies  . I’m sure your countries are beautiful. I;m excited to go there and savor it all.