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Foodie post and some random thoughts

Hello !

I’ve been neglecting my blog. (~.~) #   Well, not really….. I’ve been busy  studying for my final exams.  Also, this Fall semester is almost over.  Oh , in fact, I don’t have classes anymore.  I go to school for the tests.  I’m sure I’ll get an A in Physics, at least a B in Biology . My Chemisrty is the one I’m having problems with. But I won’t fail. If worse comes to worst, I get a C. That is ,  if   I failed the Finals, but I won’t.   A pretty dim prospect , I know, but that’s better than  F.

I’m so happy I got 1 more Versatile Blogger nomination , my 7th,  from Koopa. Thanks a bunch, Koopa !  I’d like to follow the rules once again. You see,  I left out so many info and people on my previous post, so , now I’ll take advantage of this nomination to acknowledge a few more awesome bloggers. But I’ll do this next time….. I just don’t have the time to reread and check out their posts.


Today, Thursday, Dec. 15 , is the start of my long vacation. It’s a combined  Christmas and semestral break. I go back to school last week of January.Also, I had already enrolled for Spring semester…. 2 Chemistry courses and 1 Biology. I was supposed to enroll in another Biology but it was ” closed” .  That’s the one and only class for this course, and seriously, this whacked schedule is  jeopardizing my future. Why , oh, why can’t the university open more classes. I mean, seriously, just one class for , I don’t know , maybe a hundred Biology majors?  Several days ago, over dinner, my family had a serious discussion about future job prospects .  My sister , who’s a microbiologist, and my brother, who’s a mechanical engineer,  already have   well-paying jobs… so that leaves me alone  with a quite uncertain future.  The discussion was all about me, and how I would cope in these uncertain times when rate of unemployment  is 9.2 %  for new graduates. We also discussed the rate of unemployment for graduates of other majors, such as Psychology, which happens to have one of the highest unemployment rate, even higher than say, Philosophy, surprisingly. However, for Nursing graduates, the unemployment rate is practically zero. I;m talking about RNs or Registered Nurses, not the ITT types who study nursing for 8 months, straight from high school, then call themselves nurses, as well.  My sister suggested I should also take  additional   courses that are needed to enter a nursing school, such as Anatomy ( Sis took that too ). However, the tuition fees are quite intimidating, something like $20,000 a year. My parents say whatever it takes… they’re going to help. I’m now like 90% sure I’ll enter a Nursing school after I finish Microbioloy….. neeed to cover all the bases, y’know?

I know this next topic is kind of stale now, but I still want to write about  this.. my Thanksgiving happenings. Well, we all know about Black Friday sale.  For those who don’t know, Black Friday is the mega sale following Thanksgiving Day and usually starts at 12 midnight. I was scheduled from 10 PM Thursday to 8″30 AM Friday. I left our house , together with my former manager at BCBG and co-worker ( they were our dinner guests) at 9 PM, after dinner. When we got there to open the store, there were already about 50 people waiting outside. When we opened at 10 PM, they  frantically rushed in. We later complained to the manager we couldn’t cope with just the four of us working. . She scheduled  4 people that day. Actually just 3 coz one of us ( me ) worked as the cashier. Thank goodness, shoplifting  was minimal. I didn’t come home empty- handed though. I pre-purchased a few stuff and put them on hold….. a pair of boots, a runway dress, a chic sweater, and a jacket I call  Diva jacket. (^__^)

Also, I promised  Zoe I’d post pictures of the dishes we had for dinner. So, Zoe, here they are:

Not shown in the pics are the chocolate cake I baked , the pulled pork my sister’s boyfriend cooked, and the embutido ( pork loaf ) and leche flan  that I cooked too. It was still in the fridge when I took the pics.

Lumpia or eggroll ( I cooked that) , green bean whatever ( my sister’s dish ) mashed poatato ( mine too )

Brownies, banana nut muffins ( I baked those ) , pumpkin poe and cheesecake ( bought at Costco )

Fruit salad,  chicken macaroni salad, ( I made these ) and chicken adobo ( Mom’s ). Do you see the brown juice in the pitcher? That’s boiled brown sugar with banana essence and tapioca ( sago) pearls. It tastes good.  Sister’s BF and non- Filipino guests loved it.  You can also see our bamboo placemats.

That’s beef Caldereta ( Mom’s dish ) and the turkey. Hmmm, not a good-looking turkey ( my sister’s ) but so far, it was the best tasting roast turkey we have ever had . There was no ” turkey” taste at all, it was melt in your mouth good  and very  juicy. The beef caldereta is just stewed beef , but different,  coz we add liver spread/pate to the dish

I don’t know what this is, it’s my sister’s dish, and it’s delicious and spicy.

The lasagne is in the pic, but I wasn’t able to get pics of the pulled pork ( my sister’s BF’s contribution… it was still cooking in the slow cooker when I took pics of the spread….. it was very delicious ! ) , the leche flan, the embutido and the chocolate cake that I baked/ with icing.


Leche flan

That’s it. Our Thanksgiving Day dinner. We didn’t have much, actually, compared to last year’s and the years before that.

Oh, I almost forgot !  My sister, her Bf and I  and sis’ co-workers joined last night’s Santacon Crawl.  If you don’t know what that is, Google it. It was fun !  We  all dressed in Santa outfits, paraded down the streets of Downtown, bar hopping ( I was the designated driver…. I don’t drink ), and man, it was freezing cold…. about 30 F .. for Celsius users ( -1 C ) .

Here’s an image , taken in San Francisco. It’s like a flash mob type of mayhem and anarchy, with quite a few cops observing in the sidelines. I’m sure to go again next year…… and there’s also the Zombie Crawl , a Holloween event. We missed joining this year, but you bet we’ll be there next year.

This image is from a Denver event.

So, anyways,

What am I gonna do during the holidays ? I’ll do a lot of cooking and baking, work and earn some $$$$ ( better start saving for nursing school ), read Eragon, finish playing the video games  Resident Evil 5 and Persona 4,   Prince of Persia and Infamous. We have over 150 games in our collection.

So that’s it….. the rest of my boring, geeky  life. Maybe  I should start dating

, get a boyfriend,

and , as my BFF suggested , get laid. Ahahaha ! Just kidding !

This is all for now. Peace ! Oh and HAPPY HOLIDAYS ! Wooooh ! Vacation time !!!!!

Eh? I got nominated ? Why?

Hello ! Here  I am again! 

I was nominated for Versatile Blogger Award and Liebster Blogger Award !

But first, I have to qualify that…. I was just nominated, not awarded yet, but no matter, I’m happy ! Thank you, thank you !

But first, I have to follow some rules. I’m not sure  about this, but I think I saw my name in the  list of 2 bloggers’  posts  several weeks ago.   I didn’t know there were rules, though. I thought they were just shout-outs, and I appropriately commented on their blogs and thanked them . I didn’t know I had to do this stuff  ! The problem is, I can’t even remember who they were. I lost the links, too. Clueless Ren !

So, what am I supposed to do ? According to Becoming Bitter , I have to make a list of 15  sexy  bloggers, thank those who have nominated me, list down 7 random  facts about me ,  inform those I have nominated, and post the logo. I really have been nominated,  yes? I hope I haven’t misunderstood it. Hahaha !    So here goes…………. I’m spreading the love………..

So,  I would like to thank those who have put my name on their lists of  sexy bloggers ( Well, sexy  according to Becoming Bitter…… I accept the sexy thing  coz, uhm, I don’t think it’s because of my brilliant  acting, I mean, writing…..  whatever  …I’m on it ! !  )

1. Becoming Bitter

2. Zendictive

3. GianCarlo

4. Topiclessbar

5.The Rhymingmedstudent


Now, about the 7 random facts about me….

1. I have a snake phobia. I can’t even look at pictures of snakes.

2. I liked Michael Jackson… still do.  I just bought his cd Off the Wall.

3. I like guys who wear glasses. Glasses make them vulnerable.

4.  I suck at sports.

5. I’m out of touch with current TV sitcoms…. haven’t even watched a single episode of Glee. I do watch the Military Channel, CNN, Food Channel, Travel, Science, and ID  for crime stories.

6. Guys who can cook , and , LOVE TO COOK  ( that’s important ) get 100 handsome points from me.  100 is perfect score. * whisper * 10 bonus points if  they’re brilliant at Quantum Physics and Integral Calculus.

7.  I’m officially a geek.

Now, for my 15 sexy bloggers….. this is most difficult because I like all  the bloggers that I follow. How about this……. I’ll  make special shout-outs for those who have already been nominated, and those who have nominated me, and others whom I like but SELDOM UPDATE, and those that I just like, period !  ( Some of them post in Philippine language )

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12. Couple-tastic

13. Koopa



Now, for the  Liebster Blog Award….

Liebster  is German for dearest or beloved. This award is given to “up and coming bloggers ” who have less than 200 followers. The same rules apply , except we get to nominate only 5 bloggers.

So, without further ado, I give my sweetest thanks  and love to the following awesome  bloggers :

1. Becoming bitter

2. Koopa

3. jeninesilos

For my nominees :

1. Pitch of dreams

2. Nobody Land

3.Rebecca Dawn

4. Kim

5. Travel with Jim James

For the shout-outs !  They are as awesome as the bloggers above, and I hope you’ll go and check them out . Oh, and I’ve got my own award for them too.

1. Lafemmeroar  —-for the funnies. She’s got a ton of  awards already. Check her out.

2. Rob , my  British online best friend , majalove, a Filipino student in Japan, and Billy, a Greek who loves photography.

3. Farah, a contemplative writer from Indonesia

4. The Tale of my Heart, an awardee already, and an avid reader of even my old, old posts ! Thank you, luv !

5. Annerifficweak, a blogger friend from the Philippines.

6. Yujin  ,  a member of a dance crew from Singapore

7. Kevin, ah, he’s my one and only designated blog buddy.

8. Scott Mitchell, an awardee, writes amazing poetry. ^.^

9.iamtonguencheek One thing, “tongue” is the only word in the English language that I always, always, always misspell !

10. Zoe@Pantry and Fridge, a Versatile awardee, a  foodie, with amazing pictures of the dishes that she has actually cooked !

This is not all . I’ve got a lot more , but writing this took me a good 2 days, checking  each link if I got it right,  and guys, I ‘ve got Final exams coming .  It’s crunch time.

This is all for now. Good day to all ! PEACE !