First 2022 post …. some random musings.

My Mom has been posting on Facebook for over a year now. At first, she just wanted to reconnect with relatives and friends, especially those living in the Philippines. But now, she feels she has to get out of it. She thinks Facebook users live in Lalaland and just want to show off a life of privilege and bliss. She understands the motive , of course. Who wants to post about a life of destitution and misery in public, anyway? ( shakes head )

As for me, I made my Facebook page private. Only relatives and close friends can see my stuff . Now, why did I do that? Do you remember the photo below ? My ex -boyfriend did that when I updated my new relationship status on my Facebook. New boyfriend just 3 months after break-up…. I guess he was offended.


Mom also feels overwhelmed with spiritual, religious, and inspirational Facebook notifications from friends and relatives. She’s like, ” I get it ! Stop !” I guess her friends and relatives are at that age where they’re starting to prepare to meet their Maker. ” Say AMEN if you want Jesus to heal your wounds.”


I watched how, last month, a Category 5 typhoon Odette wreaked havoc on a large area in the Philippines on YouTube. The Philippines is the center of typhoons in the Asia-Pacific region , getting at least 20 typhoons a year, half a dozen of which are very destructive. Check out the video below. It’s jaw dropping.

On Siargao Island, Philippines, Dec.14, 2021

This is all for now. Stay safe.

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  1. Ugh I need to break off on my social media stuff! It’s too time consuming. It was understandable when I had nothing to do in the hospital. But now it’s like if I don’t check out my FB, TikTok I feel like I am missing out! It’s nerve racking!
    So good for you, Ren!


  2. Yes, we all need to take a break from social media now and again.

    That’s very awful the destruction from Typhoon Odette. 🙁


  3. Wicked storm. It looks a bit too exciting. I don’t do FB. I posted on Linked in a few years ago. Even after I tried to delete my account, I get notifications that a number of people are trying to look me up.



  4. Shoot I’m so sorry that your ex did that. It is a very ugly thing to do. I have my fb profile set to private too. It’s good to keep our inner circles private. Stay safe, friend. ❤


  5. God what is it with exes and their insane jealousies? Horrid stuff. It is a pity you’ve had to go so private though. I would have loved to connect as I have with many other bloggers over the years. Mostly, it’s a good experience 😊


  6. Crazy footage of Odette. Prayers to all. We around here have moved from social media to very tight-knit group using iMessage recipient lists. Just totally ignore the platforms – especially if you are totally private. All the best in 2022. —CC


  7. Hi “Remedios”. I hope your end of year went well. Ours was a bit chaotic with contacts everywhere. But we did manage to get the whole family together. pfff!
    Agree about FB. I’ve had an account for years now and almost never go there. Topics are not my cup of tea…
    Shocked by the picture your ex sent… Some people really…
    Happy new year of the Tiger. 🐅


  8. Sorry to see what happened to your car. Sometimes I felt like taking revenge on someone for breaking up. I was able to tell myself “People come into our lives and go out of our lives”. Change allows fresh possibilities. Being cruel or hurtful to someone does not bring me any consolation and it tarnishes who I am. Why would I want to be with someone that wants to move on from me in the first place?


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