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California wildfires… Please help.



I’m currently having a GoFundMe campaign as my birthday gift . Donations ( aka birthday gift to me ) go directly to American Red Cross, specifically for California Wildfires victims. The air here in my city is bad. I now see so many people wearing masks. We can even smell smoke in our house, especially at night and early morning. ( not to mention the smog ! ! )The affected area here is now as big as Iowa.  My target is at least $ 500…. funding ends on my birthday ( coming up very , very soon ) . To date,  I already have more than half  of my target.


Burnt out vehicles litter the roads of Paradise, CA.


I’ll continue with my mission, next time as Christmas gift to me.


I guess they don’t need blood for the victims ( also for  the LA mass shootings ). The last time I donated blood was for the Las Vegas mass shootings last year….


California, hang in there !


By the way, I’m not using WordPress…. the funding is on another media site.


Thank you for reading. Peace !


I have a new entry on my anime/manga /video games blogsite @            It’s about ” 10 signs you’re not an anime/manga/video games fan anymore. ”



Getting nasty, but I’m not apologizing.

00000003sitoshii_000cMelania Trump  officialy calls for firing of an assistant deputy national security adviser  Mira Ricardel.  This woman Ricardel  is an appointee of John Bolton, tRump’s national security top  hombre, a real scary man whose lifelong desire is to bomb a few chosen countries  to smithereens…. so I assume this woman’s psyche in in sync with Bolton’s.  In other words, I approve of Melania tRump’s calls for her ouster. But that’s not the point, isn’t it ?  I didn’t know a First Lady could do this kind of stuff. I mean, a former illegal worker  nude model is now  meddling in this nation’s national security ? ( Oh, Ren, Ren, please,  don’t be bitchy,  calling her a former nude model is uncalled for …..besides ,  you totally rooted for Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman )

Cartoon of a braying jackass.  Literally rolling on the floor laughing.  I mean, being a former illegal worker   nude model is not my point of contention.  Good for her.  She can be a former porn star for all I care.  It’s a success story, right ?

Thumbs Up Emoji | Symbols & EmoticonsBut, Madame , you can’t fire  public officials.  You have no right whatsoever  to interfere in this nation’s  security affairs.  .  Uh, uh.  Are you out of your mind ?  Oh, wait…..

Illustration of People Laughing loud

So, okay, here’s the thing….. Former First Lady Michelle Obama had been harshly  criticized for wearing a sleeveless dress at a formal official function. . Oh,  how unbecoming !   How unbefitting  of a First Lady !

I mean, First Ladies should not  bare their arms, right ?   That is so inappropriate.


So okay, let’s be fair to  Michelle Obama, because  I’m sure there’s a photo of Melania tRump baring her arms   somewhere on the Internet…. Lemme check…….

Found  it !  ……On second thought…. never mind….  I’m trying to make this as PG 13 as possible.

But, Ren , you’re disrespecting a woman, a wife , a mother ! I thought you were a bleeding heart liberal !  Well, duh ! !  I threw out respect for this brazenly corrupt, amoral, lying,  nasty,  dangerous,  burlesque family  regime out the window a long time ago.   Melania  tRump is part of this regime….. A regime of the ” Master race, don’t you ever forget it. ” ( as invoked by a Kansas City commissioner to a black city planner )


Oh, yes, I’m a nasty girl  .  And I’m not apologizing.  So,  do you hate me now ?


An Update :  I just read a comment.  It didn’t upset me….. I just thought  it  was, well, a lie that ”  he has been reading my blog for a long time, and it upsets him that  my blog has become nasty ,  to paraphrase  him,  and how I”m not  an American and don’t even live in the US .”  What the heck is that all about ?  ^___^  Oh, well.


A rant , not in English…. nice to be bi-lingual.



The United States of America is a nation divided……. divided between those whose minds and hearts reflect the beliefs and values (  if any) of the current president, and those who do not .


Lower House  is now under Democratic Party control . Thank goodness for small mercies.


Pero,  baka   mas  grabe  pa si  tRump  ngayon. Segurado ako mag- jurumentado  na  yan .   Ahhh,  buti na lang talo si Kim Davis, ( Booo !! ) yung tarantado at hipocrita  na nag -refuse magbigay ng marriage license sa gay couple.  Pero,  s’ya  mismo  4  beses na kasal .  Ay,  Dios  mio,  ang kapal  ! ! ! Sige,  punta ka na sa  kueba mo,  gaga , bobo, bruha  !  Tapos, yung  taga- Florida,  nag- boto ng sobra na racist.   Eh, kahit gusto n’yo  para ng California, ( may Hollywood Blvd. pa ?? He he ) , ‘di pwede, kasi   di kayo ” cool”. Kelan pa naging cool ang racists ? Aber ? Pero, siempre, hindi lahat, huh.  Big hugs and hearts  to blue Floridians. Malas  talaga,  ‘di ba ? Hu, hu,hu.  Pati Georgia, malas . Tsk !  Akala ko, medyo Okay na.  Wala rin. Sobra na Red.      Congrats sa Wisconsin.  Na- boot out n’yo si Scott Walker. ! Yey !

* sigh *  Pula  o  asul.. ( red or blue )   …..  Grabe.


Brown at  minority ,  nasa California ako. Suerte …. Walang duda , miserable and life namin kung kinuha ni  Papa yung trabaho sa Alabama, ha ha ha.  * shivers*


It’s nice to know another  language ( Philippine language ).  I can write,  unfiltered, every now and then.  I’m not being rude, though…. just trying to spare your  sensitive, refined feelings.  Ignorance is bliss, ‘di ba ???  He he…… I wonder if any non-Filipino can get the gist of  what I just wrote above. Hmm….  Let me know in the comment section.


Okay, ciao ! Babayooooo ! !


Oy, mga  pareho  na Otakus,  paki- basa naman yung blogsite ko sa        Wala akong  gana  mag-write dito kasi wala  naman na  bumabasa.  Sige na, ok.