A rant , not in English…. nice to be bi-lingual.



The United States of America is a nation divided……. divided between those whose minds and hearts reflect the beliefs and values (  if any) of the current president, and those who do not .


Lower House  is now under Democratic Party control . Thank goodness for small mercies.


Pero,  baka   mas  grabe  pa si  tRump  ngayon. Segurado ako mag- jurumentado  na  yan .   Ahhh,  buti na lang talo si Kim Davis, ( Booo !! ) yung tarantado at hipocrita  na nag -refuse magbigay ng marriage license sa gay couple.  Pero,  s’ya  mismo  4  beses na kasal .  Ay,  Dios  mio,  ang kapal  ! ! ! Sige,  punta ka na sa  kueba mo,  gaga , bobo, bruha  !  Tapos, yung  taga- Florida,  nag- boto ng sobra na racist.   Eh, kahit gusto n’yo  para ng California, ( may Hollywood Blvd. pa ?? He he ) , ‘di pwede, kasi   di kayo ” cool”. Kelan pa naging cool ang racists ? Aber ? Pero, siempre, hindi lahat, huh.  Big hugs and hearts  to blue Floridians. Malas  talaga,  ‘di ba ? Hu, hu,hu.  Pati Georgia, malas . Tsk !  Akala ko, medyo Okay na.  Wala rin. Sobra na Red.      Congrats sa Wisconsin.  Na- boot out n’yo si Scott Walker. ! Yey !

* sigh *  Pula  o  asul.. ( red or blue )   …..  Grabe.


Brown at  minority ,  nasa California ako. Suerte …. Walang duda , miserable and life namin kung kinuha ni  Papa yung trabaho sa Alabama, ha ha ha.  * shivers*


It’s nice to know another  language ( Philippine language ).  I can write,  unfiltered, every now and then.  I’m not being rude, though…. just trying to spare your  sensitive, refined feelings.  Ignorance is bliss, ‘di ba ???  He he…… I wonder if any non-Filipino can get the gist of  what I just wrote above. Hmm….  Let me know in the comment section.


Okay, ciao ! Babayooooo ! !


Oy, mga  pareho  na Otakus,  paki- basa naman yung blogsite ko sa  https://2megaworthitwordpresscomblog.wordpress.com/        Wala akong  gana  mag-write dito kasi wala  naman na  bumabasa.  Sige na, ok.







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  1. Questi giorni, si puo andare a Google Translate e avere una traduzzione che e’ abbastanza buona.

    Ho letto quello che ai scritto. Penso che no aggiungero i miei commenti perche di solito nessuno gli piace quando parlo.


  2. I have no idea what you’ve said but I love bilingualism!


  3. I presume this is Tagalog so I’ll ask some of my Philippino friends to translate it for me.

    One of my very good friends in fact is a Trappist order monk and priest in the Philippines.

    Maybe I should ask ahead of time- in gist of what you wrote above there and the language used, should I ask my priest friend to translate for me or might it be a wise thing to ask one of my other Philippino friends?


    • Priest OK … unless, gaga ( or gago) meaning stupid, idiot, or bobo, ( dumb ) and bruha ( witch ) are really nasty words ? ^_^ ”

      That’s conversational Tagalog.


  4. Fortunately, there are lots of nice online translators. 🙂 Anyway, glad you guys didn’t end up in the south. Part of my family lives back there and it’s a scary place for minorities. 😦

    Also, did you see that there will probably be a recount in FL? I was very glad. Still, a creepy racist getting about 50% of the vote is still terrifying.


  5. Sinorpresa mo ako ah. Nakakapagsulat ka rin pala sa Filipino.


    • That’s my best Filipino writing, ha ha.

      I just watched Heneral Luna on Netflix. I had to turn on the subtitle feature. The language was too deep for me. We left the country when I was about 6… my Filipino vocab is very limited.


  6. My home state of Michigan had an awesome night!


    • I’ve been on ” radio silence ” 2 days before election… still on silent mode… but I’ve been hearing snippets of good and bad news, and nothing on Michigan yet…. so, what happened in Michigan ?????


      • Whole bunch of ladies won. Flipped a couple of seats and even got some statewide offices that haven’t been blue in 20, 30 years. Plus, all 3 proposals passed: marijuana, anti-gerrymandering, and expanding voting rights.


        • THAT is so amazing, krystallina ! Real, true blue Good news ! they have gerrymabered the whole country for themselves it makes it very hard for a Dem to get a federal position.


  7. My non-Filipino translation: Georgia and Florida are bad news, but Wisconsin woke up.


  8. Well I got, Ay, Dios Mio. And I’m right there with you.


  9. love the handwriting dear! Excellent, artistic and very pleasing to the eye!


  10. May nagbabasa pa rin naman dito sa wp. Haha I thought you don’t speak tagalog kasi pag may comment ka sa ibang blog, sabi mo dun hindi mo masyado maintindihan. Must be hard for you there. Kaya yan!


    • Mine is conversational, a bit choppy but definitely , no Filipino can sell me off , ha ha. ( though i’ll never win a Filipino literary award , he he )

      I watched Heneral Luna on Netflix, but the Tagalog was so deep I had to switch to English subtitle.

      I also watch ” Learn Tagalog ” on You Tube. Ha ha… not useful, though.

      I was just about 6 when we left the Philippines… so my vocab is very limited.

      I’m desperately trying to learn the language… it’s nice to be bi-lingual, isn’t it ?


  11. Posted by marple25mary on November 11, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    I have a pretty good idea what you wrote, and it’s highly likely i agree with every word. Trump has not one single redeeming quality as far as i’m concerned. We Democrats gained some in this last election, but i was hoping for a lot more.


  12. Posted by Franchesca on November 13, 2018 at 5:14 pm

    Nagbabasa pa po ako!


  13. Uy, you can write in Tagalog din naman pala. Natawa ako sa bruha. 😀


  14. Hi Ren.

    Sorry I’ve not been around for a while. Though saw this and just wanted to have a guess at what you just said…

    “Donald Trump, the Tangerine American dream, is a bigoted jizz stain on the metaphorical pants of the USA!”

    That may offend your ‘sensibilities’, but such a man deserves harsh words.

    They need to hurry up with that investigation and get him out before he starts throwing Nukes around. I used to think “He’s got too many level-headed people around him who would stop him from making such a military mistake” Though as the months and years go on he’s shedding staff and acquiring new ones who are as daft and demented as he is.

    Hope all is well.

    – Phil


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