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My thoughts on Obesity

Hello ! Here I am again.


For the first time, I’m posting with so many random thoughts swirling on my mind, so much so that I don’t know where to begin. Most of them are current issues though, and well, you know what happens when I talk about issues of the day…… I get into trouble. You may or may not agree with me, or you may even hate me, and not read me anymore, but , I really do need to speak my mind, and be honest about it.

So, okay, Ren, what is it, talk, and be done with it. Well, uhm, it’s about obesity, Ma’am. The American Medical Association has just declared obesity as a disease. This means obese people can seek treatment for obesity, not just the diseases that are the result of their condition. I expected that obese people would be happy, since now they can go to the doctor, have surgery or whatever treatment is deemed appropriate and necessary, and have the cost be shouldered by the insurance company. Surprisingly, they’re not. Not at all. The National Association of Fat Acceptance does not like the announcement. Its members think their condition is not a disease, and calling it one just fuels discrimination. They just want to be accepted, that’s all. It’s not their fault if their metabolism is low, they say. In my opinion, I think it would be to their advantage if their condition is considered a disease. It won’t fuel discrimination.I don’t think so. On the contrary, it will lessen or, at the very least, solicit sympathy for their condition. It will be seen as something “that cannot be helped”, and not the result of over-indulgence and over-consumption of food.

To be honest, I don’t know where I am on this issue. I’m not a doctor. And yes, they’re right about metabolism. I have low metabolism too. To me, eating is always like the battle of the bulge. I have to fight my urge to cut a big slice of cheesecake, and finish off one big package of M & Ms and chips. I have to watch my calorie intake, and everytime I overindulge, I get on the treadmill. It does take determination, discipline and will power to keep fit, I know that. But, these are what we need to live a full life……in fact, in all aspects of a normal life. At least one of these should come naturally to us. And here lies my problem with this issue. We do know that all that body mass does not come from nowhere, right? It comes from the food we ingest, and that means, either we eat too much, and we don’t exercise. If we don’t have time to exercise, then don’t eat too much. That’s all there is to it. It’s not rocket science.

By the way, I’m not talking about the ” regular” chubby people. In fact, some of them are more beautiful with the extra flesh. I call them well-endowed, and cuddly, and I can understand why some men prefer them. I myself don’t like to see women so thin their ribs stick out of their chests, looking like skeletons. Now, what I’m talking about are the morbidly obese. I went with my Mother to WalMart this morning, and that’s where I saw obese people. Lots of them. I’m not concerned about how they look, but rather, about their health. They can barely walk. And what did I see in their carts ? Ice cream, chips, cakes, boxes of pizza, gallons of sweet juices, lots of baked products. I didn’t see any vegetables and fruits. All that fat is poison. All foods, in fact, are poison, if eaten in excess, and that includes plain water. That is Toxicology 101.
So, what foods do we see in the photo ? 1. 4 boxes of family size pizza ( one for each, obviously) 2. 2 boxes of greasy fried chicken, and biscuits that come with the chicken, 3. 2 hamburgers ( I assume 2 had already been eaten) 4. donuts 5. cupcakes 6. there are 2 more that I can’t recognize
Ladies, what the fudge are you doing ? As I said, all that mass do not come from nowhere. These women are the living proof of the Law of Conservation of Mass , a basic principle in Chemistry. In AstroPhysics, their stomachs can be compared to a black hole.

To be honest, I don’t feel like posting this. I’ll be accused of being blunt and harsh, unmindful of people’s feelings. But there are some things that need to be said. We cannot always coddle people for fear of ruining their self-esteem and self-worth. It’s not how you look outside, ladies, it’s who you are inside. Continue eating. Why can’t we talk about a few hometruths? Sometimes we have to call a spade a spade. Like so…..Ladies, that’s gross and you’re killing yourselves. Also, you do know about the seven deadly sins, right? Yes, gluttony is one of them. And you’re committing it.

So, okay, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it really is in the genes, and they can’t help it. And worse, maybe I’m just being evil, and mean and cruel. And if I am indeed wrong, I’d like to ask for forgiveness on bended knees.


This is all for now. Please don’t hate. ( Although I think I deserve it if I would be hated )

Paris is next on my European travelogue.

Will post this now. * closing eyes, clicks Publish. *


Wait !!!! I’ll wimp out and delete this if I get cursed, hated, and verbally abused .


My Euro Tour, Part 23, Bordeaux, France

Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

It’s my summer vacation . Yay ! Well, it’s June 9 today. Last year , June 9, 2012, was the day we flew to Europe for our 30 day tour. I was really hoping I could end my travelogue post today, the anniversary of our trip, but I guess not. * sets aside the fireworks, disappointed* You’d think I’d have more time to blog, read other people’s blogs, more time for stuff I’d like to do, which is to play video games, read books, read mangas, watch TV, etc. and oh, yeah, post more often, but no, my employer had the temerity to promote me to a managerial position. Now, don’t get impressed with the title. It just means I work longer hours supervising 3 hapless sales clerks, I keep the keys, and handle some confidential store stuff. It’s a high end clothes store, though. A simple women’s Tshirt that sells for $ 5 at walMart, we sell for over $100.00. We have walk -in customers, and we have clients. Clients come by appintments, and they’re usually businessmen from overseas who choose the clothes themselves. ( We wear each dress and show it off to the client. I happen to be the favorite of Asian shoppers , the big spenders from Indonesia,Shanghai, HongKong, Malaysia, Singapore , and Japan. I have the body size of an Asian girl, ( I’m size 1 ) so I’m the one who gets to show off the dresses. If I’m lucky, I get a free dress. * blows my own horn * . I get the highest sales every month,too. * beats drum*

And well, that’s not the only job I have. I have another one…. I work at an ice cream parlor, scooping ice cream at Baskin and Robbins…. my very, very first job. I’m loyal to Kamal, my boss, even if she hasn’t given me a raise for years. ( So, okay , I got one teeny raise…. 25 cents an hour….. Booooo ! ! ) But, I’m the only one she trusts to handle money, and my work hours are flexible. I’m grateful to her for the work she gives me, at my own convenience.

One reader asked me about Monsanto. I’ve heard of it, but don’t know anything about it. I read up , but gave up trying to know. This corporation is huge ! ! First off, what is Monsanto? According to Wikipedia, Monsanto is a ” publicly traded American multinational biotechnology corporation and is the leading producer of genetically engineered seed ( GE) and now known as GMO ( genetically modified organism).” It is considered by purists to be an ” evil” corporation that breeds modified seeds that are detrimental to humanity’s health.

I’m an environmentalist, a tree- hugger, if you will, but I’m not sure if I can totally side with the anti-GMOs . I have to be honest…… my sister, a microbiologist, had applied for a job at Monsanto. She didn’t get it, but will apply again when a position opens. She currently works for an establishment that does chemical anlysis of food products, fresh produce and manufactured ones.( Department of Analytical Chemistry ) I’m majoring in Molecular Microbiology, and when I graduate , hopefully this school year, I hope to follow my sister’s career.

There;s a research facilty in the Philippines, the IRRI ( International Rice Research Institute ) that is based in the Philippines, at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos, Laguna. According to Wikipedia, the main goal of IRRI is ” to find sustainable ways to improve the well-being of rice farmers and consumers, as well as the environment.” The IRRI is a pioneer in genetic diversification and breeding of rice to improve yield, and grow more resistant to drought and pests , and breeds that are less likely to ” fall over”. While Monsanto started in the 90’s, IRRI was launched much earlier, in late 60’s. According to Wikepedia, ” 60% of the world’s rice area is planted to IRRI -bred rice varieties or their progenies.” The difference between IRRI and Monsanto is that IRRI is non-profit. Seeds have been distributed at no cost to rice farmers all over Asia. Since then, farmers in Asia have been planting high yielding varieties of rice. This helps feed the growing population of Asia, and so far, we have not seen anyone who has grown a horn or two heads. This is the reason why I cannot make a judgement on what Monsanto is doing. Not all of these biotech researches are bad, as long as they don’t make something like Soylent Green. What is Soylent Green, you ask. Soylent Green is a 1973 science fiction film that depicts an overpopulated earth, not much food, and available food is rationed, produced by Soylent Corporation, and whose product, Soylent Green, is advertised as high energy plankton. However, they discover that Soylent Green foods are made up of human remains. They are people.

Oh, by the way, Monsanto sells seeds to practically every farmer in America. It has captured the market, and worse, the seeds are ” copyrighted and patented” . In other words, the farmer cannot save seeds for next planting. He has to buy new ones.

* ponders*
If I were a reader of this post, I’d get bored and stop reading halfway. Oh, well. Better get back to the main topic of this post…. my tour of Bordeaux, France. Actually, I don’t have much material ( photos) of Bordeaux. We merely stopped for lunch there and lingered for about 4 hours.

Although I saw very little of Bordeaux, what I did see was impressive. DSCN1708<a
Bordeaux is the major wine capital of the world. No wine can be labeled as Bordeaux wine unless it’s actually produced in Bordeaux..Bordeaux wine has come to mean red wine as 90% of Bordeaux wines are red. Claret is English red wine. Excusez- moi, but I’m not a wine aficionado so I’m as clueless as the peon beside me.


There’s a flea market going on in this photo.

Porte Cailhau
Below photo is the Place de la Bourse
Below is the Place de la Bourse at night
Bordeaux has one of Europe’s biggest 18th century urban areas, with buildings still intact, and all the buildings that you see here are in one area. The buildings are impressive.

In case you haven’t noticed, the architectural designs of the 18th century buildings shown here are almost identical.
These buildings must have looked awesome to a person from a small town in the 1700’s.

Above is the column of the Girondins on the Esplanade des Quinconces. It is the largest square in Europe.

Holy s*it! Look, Ma, a couple kissing ! Oooops, pardon my French.

Anyway, above photo is Rue Sainte-Catherine, one of the longest pedestrian only shopping street in Europe. ( I’ve seen this kind of shopping mall in Barcelona and Madrid )

The photo below was our group’s meeting place….. a toilet at the carpark….. a nice place to end our tour of Bordeaux.


I wonder why we call a kiss a French Kiss. It was supposed to have originated in the 1920’s (after WW1) when American soldiers came home and showed their wives and girlfriends how the French kissed. I guess, when Americans kissed before that time, they only locked their dry lips together. Then they found exchanging saliva and slipping their tongues into each other’s mouths more erotic. I bet they also brought home French lingeries for their wives. Throw away the bloomers and cotton panties , honey, and wear this…Ooooh, French lace! .

Aaaah, this post is so moi. I talked about my boring job, genetically modified organisms, food made of people, Bordeaux, France, wines, toilet, underwears, and French kiss…. all packed in one post. Good job, Ren., good job. You did it again.

This is all for now. Good day to all, and stay cool ! PEACE !