About Ukraine:

I have not watched the news since 2 weeks ago. I can’t stand this feeling of helplessness anymore. Out of sight, out of mind.

I’ve also become a little bit paranoid. The computer system of the dairy company where I work had been hacked, big time. We didn’t get anything done for 5 days. The first thing that came to my mind was a Cyber Attack. Good thing we managed to ship out our products to Taiwan and South Korea just before the hacking. Our milk exports to these 2 countries are our bread and butter. We export our products thru COSTCO’s Kirkland brand. And , oh yeah, we also produce for Walmart ( Great Value, their store brand ) , Target, and other big supermarkets. Not producing anything for 5 days is quite a big loss to the company. Now, we’re working overtime…. no days off for me.

My computer was hacked, too, using my Facebook account. Warning ! ! Don’t buy anything online thru Facebook ! I reported this to my credit card company. My card was frozen for 2 weeks , then the company sent me a new card. Something else happened, and I think it was a dry run for a future scam. I received an Amazon Prime package last week. The sender was the daughter of my first cousin who lives in the Philippines. I video called my cousin , and showed her the package with her daughter’s name on it. She got scared. Well, me too. I’m sure the scammer randomly picked off her name from my Facebook list of Friends. Guess what’s in the box. ….. A strainer/sieve and 2 plastic clothes cover, like the one used by Dry cleaner shops. The heck ! I also reported it to Amazon and my credit company. Good thing the Amazon package wasn’t charged on my credit card. I informed the credit company ( Fraud department ) that I wouldn’t be using my credit card for at least 6 months, except for 2 automatic payments to Netflix and Comcast.

Another warning ! ! Majority of online scammers speak with a very particular accent. I don’t want to offend a certain group of people , so I won’t tell you which accent I’m talking about. Some scammers use emails , but these online scammers are more nefarious and relentless.

Forewarned is forearmed.

This is all for now.

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  1. Receiving a package address to you from Amazon isn’t a fraud attack against you, but part of fraud to writing fakes reviews on items to drive up sales. The scam is they send a cheaper product, which allows them to write a review which they will on some more expensive product. So also be wary of Amazon reviews- there are sites that can scan reviews to help determine real from fake.


  2. Pickpockets have been retrained for the many possibilities in the new IT world – the “creativity” is not lacking when they have to “take advantage of the possibilities” in the many holes in the systems.


  3. Wow that is scary!


  4. There is SOOOOO much scamming going on at the moment. It is crazy. And once it starts it takes ages to undo the damage the scammers do because they sell your details on to others. I got scammed on Ebay and it took about six months for things to settle.


    • Right ! That’s why I informed my credit card company to flag charges other than netflix and Comcast. Ah, and that’s why my parents send checks to pay.


  5. Seems to be a trend. Two of my friends were also Facebook hacked when doing purchases. Keep Facebook as a media share platform among family and friends.


  6. That would certainly unsettle me !


  7. I think people are so much happier when they only selectively choose to view news, and the bits they want to rather than the whole disaster with assorted biases towards whichever political party they like this week. I hadn’t heard of some of these scams but I take delight in generally ignoring anyone trying to get my attention. Hope things right themselves for you soon!


  8. Watching the news is so heartbreaking, I haven’t been watching either.


  9. Beware of the cyber currency scam as well. Never accept any promotion that asks you to pay in bitcoins…. Also, phone scammers tend to work in pairs. The 1st person works on you to agree to the deal and then a second person with more authority closes the deal.


  10. It’s a real problem in Miami but very few stores actually accept bitcoins.


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