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First Day of school today

First day of school……… no comment as yet….. I’ve got Physics and I’m glad my laboratory partner is a former engineering major  who’s good in stuff like Physics, which is waaay over my head….. I mean, what do I know about torque and force ? Embarrassed smile  I’d rather mix chemicals , not measure the force needed to put stress on , er, steel ? Aaargh… not my kind of thing at all…..
Embarrassed smile Two days ago, I watched this movie Chloe……. amazing story…… but you need to be over 18 to watch it….. definitely for adults only, but thw story is different and beautiful….. the movie stars Amanda Seyfrid, Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. Amanda Seyfried is really going places as an actress. First time I saw her was in Mean Girls, she played the dumb blond girl, then she was in Mama Mia, and then this. Wow ~!
( sigh ) I’m tired.
Okay, stay cool. And be happy.Red heart

Back to boring days

Oh, geez, back to boring days ! ! What the heck ! I mean, there’s nothing to talk about !  I know it isn’t interesting to know I just ordered  Volumes 20 and 21 of Skip Beat, and I just watched this good movie " $ 5 A Day " starring Christopher Walken who is a fantastic actor, really.  I totally and highly recommend this movie. It’s hilarious and poignant. I’m not really into this kind of movie ( I’m the Science Fiction, Horror/ Thriller kind of girl ), but this particular movie is just great.
Uhm, what else…… nothing…. so I’ll say adiue for today….. will try harder to think of something to share tomorrow.
Adeline, kei Kun, Victoria, I still have to hear from you. How are you ?

Well, good sleep, at last

I had well over 6 hours of sleep yesterday. I went to bed at 5 Am, and woke up at 1 PM. I was quite disoriented, didn’t know if it was morning or afternoon. Then I went to work at 3 PM, til 10 PM, went to bed again at 12 midnight and got up at 7:30 this morning. Yup, I’m well on my way to normalcy. I know….. boring. I mean, who wants to know my sleeping habits, eh ? ha ha
I really wanna share my vacation experiences in the Philippines, but I’m sure you won’t really know half of what I’ll be talking about, except my friend Anima13 aka Alexander dela Cruz who happens to be from the Philippines. I mean, if I told you my favorite eating places over there were Mang Inasal, Italliani’s, Jollibee, North Park and gerry’s Grill, you wouldn’t care a hoot. Right ? Yeah.Smile with tongue out
Anyways, I still need to have some pics developed, then scanned, then transferred to dvd, then filed on my Live Documents, then I can post them here.
My aunt’s vacation house in Bagiou ( that’s a mountain resort, about 4 hours from the capital city , Manila ) was nice. It’s located by the side of a mountain, hanging for dear life on a cliff, about 3 floors, and has a terrific million dollar view of mountain ranges. I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and view of the mountains covered w/ clouds. My room has a sliding glass door to the terrace overlooking the beautiful scenery. If I’d live in the Philippines, I’d prefer to live there in the mountains, rather then in the city of Manila where it’s humid and crowded.
Oh, I just heard news there was some sort of hostage massacre of tourists on a tourist bus in Manila. Jeez…. I’m sure the government is totally embarrassed by this horrible event. When we were at the airport, there were a bunch of young korean tourists going home too. I heard the tourists who were killed were from Hongkong. I know. Shit happens, all the time, anywhere in the world, but this thing in Manila could have been avoided. Ugh. I just hate this kind of news.
So, what else ….. oh yeah, the weather here is really weird. Yesterday, it was 42 C tops in the afternoon ( that’s 108 F ) but this morning, it was just 12 C. The difference between the hot weather here and over there in the Philippines is the humidity. Over here in California, it’s dry heat. Now matter how hot it is, we don’t sweat. Summer here is nearly over anyway. The official end of summer is Sept. 21, but weather starts to cool down middle of September. Autumn is almost here, and soon we’ll be seeing a change of colors, from green leaves to orange, and red, then all the leaves fall, then comes winter with freezing temperature ( I love cold weather…. I guess I’m a winter person )
Okay, I’m starting to blabber. Time to end my musing.
So, as ever…… be happy and stay cool. Peace.Red heart 

Jet lag

Yup, I’m suffering from jetlag, and I wasn’t fired from work. I worked the whole afternoon today, however, and not surprisingly I haven’t had a good sleep since we left the Philippines. Our plane trip was awful… it was economy, so breathing space was economical too. I didn’t get to sleep , at all. My backside hurt, ( my butt too, of course Crying face ) . I twisted , stood up, walked a little just to relieve the pressure. The trip was 13 hours straight. And yeah, there was quite a difference between the rich and the poor. Business class passengers had the most delicious food , there was a menu list to choose from, and the passengers were a mile from each other. Anyways,  it’s now 1:33 AM, am still awake, and yesterday was no different. I did stuff the whole night til the wee hours of the morning, slept maybe 3 hours then went to work.
Oh, and I’m going back next year. My pals here swear they’re going with me.  I loved it there. The only things that I didn’t like about the country were the tiny day mosquitos, the humidity and the horrendous traffic.
And of course, I got to see Usher, Cats and yeah, Jason Derulo. It sucked that I missed Train by one week, or so I was told. I also got a haircut for 90 pesos. That’s just $ 2.00,  folks. Over here stateside, I pay $ 25.00.
Also, Mom promised a side trip to China and Singapore next year.
Okay, this is all for now. Be happy . Red heart  

I’m back !!

I’m back ! !Hot smile
hey guys, I sent the Jason Derulo video, my 15 minutes of fame ( nosebleed ) via email to the following : Alex, Anima13, phio-chan, keikun. victoria, kyoki and others….. hey, you should have an mp3 player to watch it…… hey, and let me know what you think of it ! Only positive comments, please ! ha ha ha ha ha …. Sorry, I don’t know how to post the video here…. if you know how, please teach me, okay ? miss ya !
Oh, by the way, about the pics of the concert…. I still have to scan them at kinko’s and transfer on to a dvd… whatever…
oh, and also, my laptop is a goner ! ! ! I’m using Mom’s right now….. my sister used my laptop while I was gone and totally damaged it….. it’s now just a blank…. shall I buy a new one, or have it fixed ?  ( sigh ) I hate my sister right now….. she doesn
t have money to replace it…… My father promised to buy a new one, but not soon… maybe later…. sucks…. sorry, bad word Baring teeth smile

Departing on Aug. 21

I know ! ! This has turned out to be a long vacation…….

So, okay, we were supposed to leave the country monday, Aug. 3 ? ( not sure anymore about the date )… but since we are holding non-revenue tickets and this is the peak season, we were not able  to leave…. we went to the airport everyday from Monday to Thursday… Mom got frustrated and bought the tickets ( $ !,200 ) for the two of us, but we could only be booked on the 21st ! ! Surprised smile  Well, we’re making use of the extra time…. almost everynight I play patintero with old and new friends here in the neighborhood, up to 2 AM… Smile with tongue out

Anyways, we’re going  somewhere in a few minutes…… just saying hello

Be happy ! ! ! Red heart