Well, good sleep, at last

I had well over 6 hours of sleep yesterday. I went to bed at 5 Am, and woke up at 1 PM. I was quite disoriented, didn’t know if it was morning or afternoon. Then I went to work at 3 PM, til 10 PM, went to bed again at 12 midnight and got up at 7:30 this morning. Yup, I’m well on my way to normalcy. I know….. boring. I mean, who wants to know my sleeping habits, eh ? ha ha
I really wanna share my vacation experiences in the Philippines, but I’m sure you won’t really know half of what I’ll be talking about, except my friend Anima13 aka Alexander dela Cruz who happens to be from the Philippines. I mean, if I told you my favorite eating places over there were Mang Inasal, Italliani’s, Jollibee, North Park and gerry’s Grill, you wouldn’t care a hoot. Right ? Yeah.Smile with tongue out
Anyways, I still need to have some pics developed, then scanned, then transferred to dvd, then filed on my Live Documents, then I can post them here.
My aunt’s vacation house in Bagiou ( that’s a mountain resort, about 4 hours from the capital city , Manila ) was nice. It’s located by the side of a mountain, hanging for dear life on a cliff, about 3 floors, and has a terrific million dollar view of mountain ranges. I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and view of the mountains covered w/ clouds. My room has a sliding glass door to the terrace overlooking the beautiful scenery. If I’d live in the Philippines, I’d prefer to live there in the mountains, rather then in the city of Manila where it’s humid and crowded.
Oh, I just heard news there was some sort of hostage massacre of tourists on a tourist bus in Manila. Jeez…. I’m sure the government is totally embarrassed by this horrible event. When we were at the airport, there were a bunch of young korean tourists going home too. I heard the tourists who were killed were from Hongkong. I know. Shit happens, all the time, anywhere in the world, but this thing in Manila could have been avoided. Ugh. I just hate this kind of news.
So, what else ….. oh yeah, the weather here is really weird. Yesterday, it was 42 C tops in the afternoon ( that’s 108 F ) but this morning, it was just 12 C. The difference between the hot weather here and over there in the Philippines is the humidity. Over here in California, it’s dry heat. Now matter how hot it is, we don’t sweat. Summer here is nearly over anyway. The official end of summer is Sept. 21, but weather starts to cool down middle of September. Autumn is almost here, and soon we’ll be seeing a change of colors, from green leaves to orange, and red, then all the leaves fall, then comes winter with freezing temperature ( I love cold weather…. I guess I’m a winter person )
Okay, I’m starting to blabber. Time to end my musing.
So, as ever…… be happy and stay cool. Peace.Red heart 

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  1. hello, renx,

    of course, i give a hoot about Mang Inasal, Italliani’s, Jollibee, North Park and Gerry’s Grill, haha. I like Mang Inasal when I feel like eating grilled (and fast, haha) food. i like Italianni’s ambience and that’s where my friends and friends’ friends and i meet and eat (am not much into Italian, it’s acquired taste, i guess).

    Jolibee when we’ve kids in tow, North Park when we’ve money (haha) and Gerry’s Grill when it’s group or family dining (and eating galore). i like Gerry’s shredded adobo? hm, yummy! ^^

    and yes, i can live in Baguio too. it’s laid back and there are all sorts of people and it’s not that expensive. yes, that’s one good place to live, if one could suffer the weather. the thing is, am not a winter person like you, haha. but yes, Baguio is one swell place, ‘no?

    you should have attached some pics, so people would have an idea how beautiful Baguio is, kapatid… nag-promote daw? ^^ cheers! 🙂


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