First Day of school today

First day of school……… no comment as yet….. I’ve got Physics and I’m glad my laboratory partner is a former engineering major  who’s good in stuff like Physics, which is waaay over my head….. I mean, what do I know about torque and force ? Embarrassed smile  I’d rather mix chemicals , not measure the force needed to put stress on , er, steel ? Aaargh… not my kind of thing at all…..
Embarrassed smile Two days ago, I watched this movie Chloe……. amazing story…… but you need to be over 18 to watch it….. definitely for adults only, but thw story is different and beautiful….. the movie stars Amanda Seyfrid, Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. Amanda Seyfried is really going places as an actress. First time I saw her was in Mean Girls, she played the dumb blond girl, then she was in Mama Mia, and then this. Wow ~!
( sigh ) I’m tired.
Okay, stay cool. And be happy.Red heart

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