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My 15 minutes of fame

My 15 minutes of Fame ! Yesiree ! I went to jason derulo’s concert over here in the Philippines and among thousands of screaming fans, I GOT CHOSEN TO COME ON THE STAGE TO BE SERENADED BY HIM, AND I’VE GOT PICS AND 15 MINUTE VIDEO TO PROVE IT ! WOOT ! !

First off, if you’re not familiar w/ Jason Derulo, here’s his own video… he’s an upcoming R&B singer in the US !
Problem here now is I’m having problem to upload the video of my 15 minute celebrity status from the email that my cousin sent me.. The moment I solve it, it’s gonna be here. And the pics….. I have yet to scan them…. Anyways, I guess my shining beauty got noticed… ahahahahahaha…… just kidding ! ! * sweat *  Whoo ! man, I’m on cloud nine ! ! hee haw ~! !


Usher Concert ! Woot !

Last night was finally Usher’s concert ! Woot ! Those of us on reserved seats got up on the chairs. There was just no way people could sit quietly in their seats. =___=      It was great ! There was so much dancing on the stage and on the grounds. Yup, I danced too. Of course I would ! ! ^____^  Ooooo, girlfriends, I met him …… drop dead gorgeous and tall, almost 6 ft, I swear…. the guy I was being matched with, you know……….came over to our house, then invited me to have coffee somewhere………….. tell u more on email…….. can’t blog about it ^__^"

Well, this is it for today…. Mom has an appointment……… Anyways, be happy, folks….. Peace !Red heart Red rose

Taal Volcano

Went to see Taal Volcano somewhere out of Manila. We had great lunch at Josephine’s Restaurant where we had a good view of the lake ( and in the middle of the lake is Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the world. ) I felt bad for Mom, she had to watch out how much she ate which was almost nothing Sad smile, well, 1,400 calories a day, like, a matchbox size of meats, 4 pieces of grapes, 1 piece of bread, like so. She just watched me eating " halo-halo". literally means mix- mix, a hodgepodge of shaved ice, mixed with sweets like red beans, jackfruit, bananas, etc. Absolute heaven on a hot a humid day ! Yum, yum.Smile with tongue out  Guys, don’t indulge in sweets and fatty foods, coz later, you’re going to suffer , like mom. Mom isn’t sorry though. She says she has indulged herself to the max, and it’s really about time she stops this nonsense. She just wished it didn’t get to the point where she’d have diabetes. Sad smile It sucks. Anyways, this is it…. my activity for the day.

Now, ask me… do I want to live in the Philippines ? Hmmm, not really…. the traffic is torture, there are no road rules, and I don’t like mosquitos. Second Q…. what if I got to like a Filipino guy ? Well, he has to immigrate to the US. Smile with tongue out

Well, this is it for today. nothing much, really, though the out of town trip was okay…. interesting view. Okay, PEACE ! Red heart Sun Red rose

Usher concert , July 9. YAY !

Wow! I’ve been busy ! Okay, so last Monday was cousin doctor’s day off, and she treated me to a complete decadence at this clubhouse Palms where she is a member. We worked – out at the gym, had a massage, spa, steam room ( I was a little phobic w/ steam rooms… I saw a movie where a character was murdered while in the steam room… someone put the temperature on high , then locked the door , and yeah, I was all alone , too, Surprised smile ), manicure/pedicure, then we went to this place Alabang Town Centre where cousin Ging bought me some real silver jewelleries, and tah dah ! we bought a ticket for Usher’s concert on Friday, July 9. It’s a good seat, ( gold,   reserved seats, right in front of stage, something like $ 150 ) a treat from my aunt. She had asked cousin Ging to buy it for her, for me at the Town Center.So, yay, Usher ! The day before, we went to Greenbelt shopping center… oooh, high end…. Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Armani, etc….. Hello ! Who buys there ? Sad smile But before that, Mom had blood test at Asian Hospital, ( we got the result yesterday……. Mom has mild diabetes, irreversible,Sad smile ), then we had an eat all u can breakfast at the clubhouse, then yeah, greenbelt shopping ( I bought another cool dress for $ 5 , woot ! and another one for Kamal, my boss… it’s not a gift, she’s gonna pay for it, she just trusts my taste in clothes , he he he)…… and TAH DAH ! ! Alex, my friend, I bought the books, Murder at balete Drive, Vols. 2 & 3, at this bookstore called PowerBooks. My relatives were like, uhm, you read this ? And I’m like, er, nope, it’s for my friend, she has Vol.1. Don't tell anyone smile  (^__^)""   My other aunt , the judge, and her sons, cousins Fred and Emil were with us at greenbelt, and we had lunch at this place Fely J’s, had coffee at Cafe Havana where the waiters ( and waiteresses ) are real good looking. I need to go back there again for the cappuchino. * coughs, clears throat * Don't tell anyone smile  Then , on Sat. July 10, dinner at cousin Ging’s , and Sunday, reunion of relatives at our house, potluck, and yeah, this guy they would like me to meet would be here, then we’ll  have coffee somewhere with my cousins. This is the first time I’m going to meet him, face to face, eyeball to eyeball, ( ^_______^ ), whatever. lol      So yeah, that’s about it for my schedule. Next week, we’re going to Bagiou, the summer resort up there in the mountains, hundreds of miles from Manila. Another cousin doctor , a dermatologist, is just waiting for Mom’s blood result test…. she wants Mom’s sugar level brought down to normal level before she starts to work on mom’s face. Secret telling smile 

My favorite channel here is Travel/Living…. and I watched this Philippine channel and this TV show John n Marsha, and it was really  funny and hilarious.

I feel bad for Mom….. she’s now on low salt, low sugar diet, just half a cup of rice , and almost everthing cooked w/o oil.

Alex, I lost your address… email it to me…. I’ll FedEx the books as soon as I get back.

So this is it for now……. be happy. Red heart Peace .Red rose

Hot and humid in the Philippines

It really is hot and humid. I take a bath, and I’m not even out of the bathroom, yet my skin already feels sticky. Wilted rose It’s hard to put on cosmetics coz my face feels sticky too, but it’s allright. One thing , I don’t have to rub any body lotion coz my skin is naturally moisturized with sweat. He heOpen-mouthed smile 

Oh, yeah, I feel like a rock star. Most of our neighbors already know we’re here so everytime they see us, they’re like, Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! !Smile with tongue out And the older folks are like, Whoa ! How you’ve grown so tall Embarrassed smile and pretty – pretty ! ( Yay! ) And at the mall, it seems everybody ( especially the guys, Smile with tongue out ) is looking at me. Not being conceited, mind you, Wink but my mom and aunt notice it too. Maybe it’s the red streak on my hair ?  Honestly, I’m weirded out. There was even one guy who bumped into another coz he was looking at me while walking past me. Classic …. He he… anyway, it’s really flattering, but it’s strange.

Since we arrived, we’ve had our meals in the house just 2x…… we ate out. I think I’ll gain weight Thinking smile but I try to do push ups in the morning.

Oh, gosh, we went to this place Greehills where tons of trinkets are sold . I’m completely overwhelmed. I couldn’t choose coz everything was so beautiful. My purchases totaled about $ 30 but I swear they’re worth over a hundred in the US. My most expensive haul was a $7 turquiose necklace. I bought a lot of stuff for friends, even for Kamal, my boss, who said she was going to pay for anything that I cared to buy for her. She said she trusted my " taste " and style. . Well ! Hmmph ! She’s rich and I’m her minimum wage employee, so I would not mind accepting payment for that real pearl necklace that a bought .. Oooh, I know, I’ll take pics of my haul.

We;ve been to Mall of Asia, the third largest mall in the world. And it’s huge ! There’s a skating rink right in the middle of it, and when we were there, there were guys playing serious hockey.

I think I still have jetlag. See, it’s 2:34 AM right now and I’m writing a blog. Sad smile I went to bed at around 9 PM, but woke up at 2 AM…. Mom has an appointment at the hospital for some blood test this morning at 7 AM. Cousin Sonia, who is a doctor , is picking us up. She insistes that mom have a blood test for cholesterol, diabetes, etc. Mom is annoyed as it might potentially ruin her vacation. She’s so nervous what the blood test might reveal. She’s like me…. she prefers to be blissfully ignorant.Crying face

Mom is writing down our schedule and appointments. I have some night – outs, Secret telling smileRed roseand several " dates " already scheduled, but with cousins, okay. ? Embarrassed smile

This is all for now. Peace and be happyRed roseRed lips

I’m here, finally, in the Philippines

Wow ! I’m finally here ! We departed San Francisco Airport at 10:30 PM Tuseday and arrived here at 5:35 AM Thursday. It is hot and humid. Our skins are so sticky. We had lunch at the mall near our house, and already I bought 2 dresses at this place called Genevieve Gozum. The dresses are so pretty and cheap. That kind of dress , a cute black number w/ sparkles and lace will normally fetch at least a hundred dollars, I bought it for $ 15.00. Oooh, by the way, the trip was a pleasant experience. It was first class/business class. The food was fantastic. There was caviar for the crackers… but of course it was the cheapest kind of caviar. We knew that, at least. I just noticed something. Six years ago on our last trip to the Philippines, there was so much food, but now, even on business class, the airline compamy seemed to have scrimped a lot. No more hamburgers and muffins in between meals. We also stopped over in Guam, instead of hawaii. It’s 8:17 right now, and I could barely open my eyes. I didn’t sleep a wink on the plane. I just watched TV, which was right in front of me, that is, the chair in front of me. Mom ordered wine to drink with her meals but it didn’t knock her out.

Anyways, gotta sleep now. Will tell longer story tomorrow. Stay cool. Peace !Red rose