My 15 minutes of fame

My 15 minutes of Fame ! Yesiree ! I went to jason derulo’s concert over here in the Philippines and among thousands of screaming fans, I GOT CHOSEN TO COME ON THE STAGE TO BE SERENADED BY HIM, AND I’VE GOT PICS AND 15 MINUTE VIDEO TO PROVE IT ! WOOT ! !

First off, if you’re not familiar w/ Jason Derulo, here’s his own video… he’s an upcoming R&B singer in the US !
Problem here now is I’m having problem to upload the video of my 15 minute celebrity status from the email that my cousin sent me.. The moment I solve it, it’s gonna be here. And the pics….. I have yet to scan them…. Anyways, I guess my shining beauty got noticed… ahahahahahaha…… just kidding ! ! * sweat *  Whoo ! man, I’m on cloud nine ! ! hee haw ~! !


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  1. Posted by Alexis on July 28, 2010 at 1:22 am

    OMG Lucky I love this singer. Well I am glad you had fun. Can’t wait to see your 15 min’s of fame girl. Keep on having fun.


  2. ahaha, ikaw na! btw, he sounds cool… ^^ 🙂


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