Taal Volcano

Went to see Taal Volcano somewhere out of Manila. We had great lunch at Josephine’s Restaurant where we had a good view of the lake ( and in the middle of the lake is Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the world. ) I felt bad for Mom, she had to watch out how much she ate which was almost nothing Sad smile, well, 1,400 calories a day, like, a matchbox size of meats, 4 pieces of grapes, 1 piece of bread, like so. She just watched me eating " halo-halo". literally means mix- mix, a hodgepodge of shaved ice, mixed with sweets like red beans, jackfruit, bananas, etc. Absolute heaven on a hot a humid day ! Yum, yum.Smile with tongue out  Guys, don’t indulge in sweets and fatty foods, coz later, you’re going to suffer , like mom. Mom isn’t sorry though. She says she has indulged herself to the max, and it’s really about time she stops this nonsense. She just wished it didn’t get to the point where she’d have diabetes. Sad smile It sucks. Anyways, this is it…. my activity for the day.

Now, ask me… do I want to live in the Philippines ? Hmmm, not really…. the traffic is torture, there are no road rules, and I don’t like mosquitos. Second Q…. what if I got to like a Filipino guy ? Well, he has to immigrate to the US. Smile with tongue out

Well, this is it for today. nothing much, really, though the out of town trip was okay…. interesting view. Okay, PEACE ! Red heart Sun Red rose

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  1. Posted by Kyoki on August 21, 2010 at 12:53 am

    That is so cool that you got to see the worlds smallest volcano!!! That is awesome!!!Aww, your poor mom. My friend and her father are on a 2,000 calorie diet right now and it’s been tough for them… I can’t imagine the torture of a 1,400 one. 😦


  2. hello, renx,

    “Well, he has to immigrate to the US.” ahaha, ikaw na ang candid. you laid out the first rule already. better be clear from the start, huh? lols! 🙂


    • lol ! !

      Ah, the date was July 7…. we arrived on July 4, and I was naturally shocked at the traffic, and mosquitos ! Aaaargh ! The mosquitos just killed me. Even during daytime, mosquitos made a meal of me, especially my feet, under the table. My aunt said they were daytime mosquitos . !!!!!

      I said that about immigrating coz I was matched up with a gorgeous Filipino ! Yep, yep !


      • ah, the traffic is really horrendous, even Phil-born Filipinos will agree, haha. The mosquitoes, yes. but your lotion or shampoo must be fruit-flavored, could be the reason they’re drawn to you, di nga…

        ah, so you and mr. gorgeous Filipino guy are now just FB friends, huh. yeah, distance separates, uncool. ^^ oh, well… hello, renx! 🙂


  3. He he I don’t have FB ! ! And I heard he was dating 2 months after we left the Philippines. So, he wasn’t for long distance. Pity.


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