Wordless Wednesday, First time doing this wordless thing…. do you see the president of the Philippines Duterte ? Wordless for him. Crickets, crickets… second hand embarassment, again. Yikes !

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  1. Great post. After the video from before I recognized him as the only one who didn’t get a shirt— now he’s trying to schmooze and no-one will talk to him! Love the crickets.


    • He thinks he’s the king in the Philipppines , with his brazen corruption and treachery, but among the leaders of the world, he’s a nothing… and it feels the ASEAN leaders are fighting for Filipinos who have been muzzled.


  2. Ferdinand some say was silent too others say he sounded like ‘frogs’ 🇵🇭


    • To be fair to Dictator Ferdinand Marcos, he was a brilliant orator, and a bar topnotcher, unlike this guy presently occupying Malacanang Palace who slurs his words like a freakin drunkard, and has never delivered a decent speech .


      • My ‘drunkard’ ⚓️ memories of the PI are 46 yrs old 😵 , so I shouldn’t talk. I do remember Imelda sure had a lot of shoes 😉
        I enjoy your posts Ren 🙂 Thanks for sharing ~Willy


        • Their regime was called KLEPTOCRACY. . Marcos had a lot of his opponents killed ” or ” salvaged “… until the assassination of Senator Aquino , which led to his downfall.


          • I thought Corazon did good after all. I was amazed with the beauty of the country and friendliness of the people however I was scared when off the Navy base and ship whilst the marshal law and gorilla sects.


            • Filipinos are politically stupid .

            • Oh no ❗️ USA is much worse 👾

            • There’s free press in the US, and free speech. At least we Americans know who are being politically stupid. Filipinos are so politically stupid and spineless Dictator Marcos was ablt to hold on to power for 25 years… if SEn. Aquino wasn’t assassinated by that dictator, he wouldn’t habve been kicked out , and instead, his wife Imelda Marcos would take over. Filipinos’ stupidity and spinelessness left the country’s Treasury with only $25,000, and thousands dead in 1986.

              Don’t get me started.

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