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WordPress, seriously ?


Okay, this is my 4th attempt to post today.  First one was fail. The second one went through , because I did something…..  3rd one just disappeared as I was putting a category and tag on my post. ( that post didn’t get automatically saved ….. for some reason, there was no ” draft saved ” I could fall back on ) . This one is my fourth .  I swear I’m going to leave WordPress  if this doesn’t  get published. ! !


So, wassup, Wordpre$$  ? ?  You okay ?


Here’s the sleazy story.




I posted about my email problem and WordPress a while back.  I found out it was my email server’s problem.  Microsoft doesn’t support anymore, and I guess doesn’t have the capability to accept new posts from WordPress anymore…. although I still get email notifications of LIKES and FOLLOWS form WP and from other sources.  I’m supposed to get a new email provider, like gmail, but , I haven’t done that. I ‘m too lazy to notify my credit card companies, bank, etc.  My fault, my bad.


I’m using READER now to read blogs.


Here’s the problem.


I tried posting pictures of  our Christmas Day dinner the day after Christmas as per my own tradition…… WordPress failed to publish it, and worse,  while I was writing,  I kept on getting a notification that ” saving the post failed.”  I ignored it, and tried to publish my post immediately without saving.  Epic Fail ! !   I spent hours to write that post, darn it.  ( posting pics on WordPress sucks , by the way . )


I tried reading blogs , too, but guess what,  NO posts on READER ! Completely blank !  That was 2 weeks ago and to date.


Here’s the thing .




I’ve been getting notification from WordPress that my annual  Premium Plan is expiring.


And guess what the date of expiration is…. Jan.8, 2018.  Today !


Apparently,  American Express had declined my payment of  US $99.00 to WordPress.  WP notified me it was American Express ‘ anti-fraud  action on WP.  ” Please use another card ” . So I used another card…. and my transaction was successful.  ( apparently , American Express does not trust WP’s security system ).  I use American Express all the time, and only use the other card on stores that don’t accept American Express.




Lo and behold !


The short post got published !  ( minutes after paying …. ) And the Reader appears again !


So, what’s up, Wordpre$$$$$$ ?  Is that a new policy now ? Pay up , or else ????


Wordpre$$, seriously ?


That’s all.










Vacation Pics and random thoughts

I’m reposting this one by Rage Againts the Machine coz I want to listen to it , for my own pleasure. This is actually my kind of music…. hard rock.


But, I love this one by Daughtry’s too. Beautiful song !


About the result of my Physics exam…… ( coughs….. clears throat )….. I got 108 out of 150.  120 and over is A, and 119 and below could be anything. Our meanie teacher said that if  we got the equations correct, that would be 80% of total points for each problem. There was one that was 15 points total, my equation was correct but he gave me only 5 pts. I should at least get 12  pts for that. I’ll complain and have that changed. Okay, so I know I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel, but these additional  4  points could spell the difference between a B – or a B +.  (^_^)         Well, at least I got 108. My groupmates got 98/150 and the other one got 48/150 ! ! Holy Cow !  48 ? Didn’t we study together ?  The median average for this test was 89,  thank goodness….. I’m well over that, but I don’t know how it would affect my final grade.   *sigh *   I guess my effort wasn’t good enough.  You know, everytime i throw a piece of paper into the waste bin,  I see dots or imagine dots  showing velocity/acceleration and the path of the crumpled paper from my hand to the bin  =__=”   I’m starting to hallucinate.

Sooo, okay….. Before  I migrated here to WordPress, I talked a bit about my summer vacation in the Philippines on Windows Spaces.  It was one vacacion grande, unexpectedly a long one, 7 weeks long,  coz we couldn’t  get a ride home. It was the peak season, and our tickets were non – revenue…. in other words, mom and I were freebies. We get free tickets from Philippine Airlines.  Anyways, here are some pictures.

My aunt has a vacation townhouse in Bagiou, a mountain summer resort, north of Manila, the capital city, about a 6 – hour trip.  We stayed there for one week. My aunt’s place has a million – dollar view of the mountain ranges. It was a sight to behold, especially in the morning.

Above are rows of quiant vacation homes. My aunt’s is on the cliff, hanging for dear life. But, it’s got the best view of the scenery.

Kyahahahah ! That’s me sleeping, in fetal position. You can see the sliding door leading to the veranda.


We also went to a privately owned museum ( Ben Cab Museum ) over there.

That’s me at the entrance of the museum. Actually, it’;s not really a museum. It’s a painting gallery.

Anyway, this is enough for now. More later. I’ll run out of stuff to show here. < laughs >

So, I say bye, be good, be nice, be cool. Peace.

Random thoughts and some videos

These videos  I’ve posted  are by a Hawaiian – born Filipino singer Bruno Mars. They’re quite popular here in the US  and I’m glad he’s a fellow countryman. But then , if  the video redirects you to YouTube, sorry, he he.

When I took my Physics exam last week, we were asked to present a picture ID by our teacher’s assistant.  That made sense. We knew of a student who had another student take the exam for him.  I told my father about this and he said a friend of his in college also did this……. the problem was, my father’s friend ( his wedding’s Best Man ) was good-looking, while the guy he asked to take his place had a face only his mother could love….. in other words, he was butt- ugly. o_o”     Another problem came up.  The exam watcher knew the brother of dad’s friend, so when this guy turned in the test paper, the watcher asked him if he was the brother of Mr.X.  The guy said yes , then the watcher said he definitely didn’t look like his brother.  Then the guy said, unfortunately, he was the illegitimate son . The watcher was stupid enough to believe that, hook, line , and sinker.  My father said if that was actually true, the guy’s mother must have been hecka ugly too. Aaargh, I know this story is in bad taste. But stuff like this happens. In fact, one of the Kennedys, I forget which one, was caught doing the same thing. Someone took  a Spanish exam in one Kennedy’s place.  Actually, my father’s friend was really very intelligent. They were classmates since elementary and highschool, and the friend was valedictorian in both. He and dad were best friends, and dad said ,at one point in their college life,, they just went wild. They didn’t study , thus their grades suffered. One time, dad  took an exam in Physical Chemistry, and when he turned in his final exam, he  had the temerity to ask  the teacher how many points he was supposed to get to pass the course. The teacher said 150. Well, the test was just 100 points. And dad said, stupidly, ” you mean, I’d fail ?” and the teacher said, ” duh, of course .”  @___@ Dad and his buddy also got involved in some fraternity fights. At one time, they were detained overnight at the campus detention center. Their parents had to bail them out. Ah, these two guys. Spoiled brats both…. children of well-to-do families. Friend’s family owned the biggest chemical company in the Philippines, while dad’s was political,  governor of a province there.

This is all for now. Today is Sunday. Church and work.  Stay cool. Peace.

Make me smile…..

This song is pretty meaningful to me. But aside from that, the song is just wonderful. Click and listen while you read on. That’s  my reason for posting some music here.

Anyways, lack of sleep finally caught up on me. I was pretty much in and out of  it the whole day yesterday. < laughs> Well, I only had one class , so I was home the whole day.  Funny thing, I was having a chat last night, around 7, I guess, but I could barely open my eyes, so off I went to lalaland, then woke up because I had a nightmare, that was about 9:30 PM, and the folks I was chatting with were still there, ha ha ha, so, I was like, ” hey, I’m back , so what’s up ? ” < grins >…………… ….. Oh, and the nightmare………… it was quite short, but scared the heck out of me……… I was in a runaway school bus, with no driver, and I was the only person there, and I was trying to veer it away from the cliff , then I woke up. I wonder if that had any significance.  o_Oa  <——– scratches head > Weird.

I’m sure you’ve had your share of pretty unforgettable nightmares, too. You’re abnormal, if you haven’t. Or you’re an alien. Well, I had this one that was so scary ( at least to me ), my heart was literally pounding when I woke up. Have you watched the movie ” Jeepers Creepers”? That monster was human – looking  wearing  long , black coat and tattered black fisherman’s hat.  Well, the monster in my dream was that thing.  And yeah, the thing was running after me, and I was running away. Then I saw some policemen, and I shouted for help. ” Officers, arrest that man, he’s going to kill me ! ” And I pointed at a man wearing a Hawaiian polo shirt with blue flowers print.  Well, in my dream, he was suddenly the monster. So, anyway, the police got him, and I headed home.  I went straight to my room, locked it, and , when I turned, the man in Hawaiian shirt was there, standing in front of me. End of nightmare.


Anyway,  I think I’ve been spending waaaay too many hours doing stuff unrelated to school lately. …… blogging, chatting, reading Japanese comics. < I still can’t say the freaking word , (^__^);; > Eh. Japanese comics indeed. < blush > Ah, goody ! They’re going to release another chapter of Skip Beat this month, Oct.20. Two chappies this month, yay !  Waiting between chapters is driving me nuts.

I just had my hair streaked with burgundy color. The last  time I had it streaked was months ago, but, I think  there’s so much of burgundy this time. I freaked out when I first saw the result….. I was like, nooooo, I’m red haired ! But it’s okay now. I think. My classmates said it was cool. They liked it. O_o  Whatever.

Well, time to go. It’s Saturday. Time to work and earn  some $$, no matter how measly it is. I mean, I’d holler for a dollar.

So,  bye for now. Be good and nice. Have a good day !

Musings at 4:30 AM


Anyways, here’s a video for my own entertainment.  I’m a California girl, and I wish I was having fun like those girls on the video. He he….. Nah uh.  That’s LA. Not in my neck of the woods. I’m up here, waaaay north, waaaay yonder, near the foothills, among cows, mountain lions, bears,  farmland……This is Hicksville.  Yep ! We’re pretty laidback here. Nobody here wears wristwatches. Us folks don’t care about time. We look at the sun. Oh, look, the sun’s at the horizon! Time to head home. < laughs > Hmmm, I wonder where I can get emoticons.

Don’t get me wrong. I love it here. For one, there’s no traffic. We’ve been voted as having the most courteous  drivers in the whole of USA every year. And yeah, we’re pretty cool here, too.  Less than 30 minutes from here are vineyards…. ever heard of Napa Valley ?…. wine making country, the biggest in USA. They’re trying to make it look like the south of France, and yeah, it does  feel so Frenchie there…. well, I haven’t been to France, but you know what I mean.  And , about an hour from my place are ski resorts.  This is sunny California, but we do get our share of snow here. In fact, the lowest temperature ever recorded in continental USA  was here in California. ( exluding Alaska, of course )

So, okay, I just had my 2nd exam in Physics yesterday. < sniffs > I got 96% in my first exam, but this time? Oh, I don’t know. There were only 4 questions, 25 points each, and that means, one mistake, we get 75 %, 2 mistakes, we’re goners. ( >_< )  I managed to answer all four, but I’m not sure if I got them all correctly. My teacher is a meanie. Day before, we asked him what topics we should study, and he said, I haven’t done the test questions yet, and I tell you, it’s getting harder, and even if I told you, you’d all gonna fail, anyway.  What the heck ! What kind of answer was that ! I heard my classmate whisper, f @!#$%* ck  you ! It was funny the way he said it too. < laughs >

Oh, wow ! I had a good night sleep. Finally ! I needed that. Well, as usual, I fell asleep while chatting on Messenger, but I guess, they’re pretty used to that by now. < grins> That was quite early, though. Nine-ish ? Yeah, it was 9 PM. Maybe earlier.

It’s Fall now, well, since Sept. 21, officially, but it doesn’t feel like Fall. It was hot yesterday, something like 90 F. That was quite unusual. But, they say it’s gonna cool down starting today.  I’m a cold weather girl. Well, cool, not really cold. It can get so uncomfortable when temperature goes down to 24 F. Freezing point is 32 F. 24 F is  negative 4 C for you, Celsius users. Oh now I’m talking about the weather, and you know what means…… bye bye. It’s pretty much like you’re on a date,  the moment one starts to talk about the weather, it’s time to split up and go home. He he

Well, bye for now then. And as ever, stay cool, be nice, be good. Good day to y’all . < insert  pic of a rose here >

Just entertaining myself \(^_^)/

So, okay, I mentioned ” men in uniform” a while back. and that I wasn’t referring to men in “orange uniform “. < laughs> But now I am. (^___^)”” This is the third time I’m posting these little gems. They are inmates from the island of Cebu in the Philippines. The warden introduced dancing as a form of rehabiltation. This video of the inmates dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller has become the video on You Tube with the largest hits,  around 24 M  in 2 weeks.

The second video shows 3 of MJ’s top back-up dancers.

Here they are…. Enjoy !

Amateur’s attempt at editing/proofreading

It was an honor to receive the rough draft copy ( wonderfully fresh and unedited ) of  a book my friend, Alex, had written. I asked permission to proofread it on my blog, and she approved.  Alex, my friend,  be warned, I’m about to dissect it, so, please , don’t hate me.  * smiles * .  However,  I have to admit I’m not an English major, and for a long time, English wasn’t even my first language.  < laughs > I might even turn it from better to worse.  So, feel free to kick my arse if you think  I have been harsh and unfair.  Deal ?   Allright, here goes nothing:

1. Ch. One

” I…I think I’m dieing.”   [ ” I… I think I’m dying .” ]

The lone street light, elaborated the beautiful horror.     [ The lone street light elaborated the beautiful horror. ] * no comma after light. *

The pain he once felt was gone, replaced with the comfort of deaths arms.   [ The pain…… , replaced with the comfort of death  s  arms. ]  * apostrophe after death *

The falling light did not let up, but the blood still shown through the newly formed snow. The mans gray eyes still open, starring forever into darkness.   [ The falling light…………, but the blood still showed  through the newly formed snow. The mans gray eyes were still open, staring forever into darkness.] * Also,avoid using the same word, like still, when usage is  close to each other.* < repetitiveness > Or, you can say , ” The man’s gray eyes were still open as they stared forever into darkness .”

Locked on his target he spoke. [ Locked on his target , he spoke.]  * comma after target *

He spoke so stoically, no emotion lingered in that voice. [ He spoke so stoically that  no emotion lingered in his voice. ] Or [  He spoke stoically, no emotion  lingered in that voice.] * Take out the word  so to preserve the staccato style of your writing. *

The pavement cracked with such force, that it screamed. [ …. with such force that it screamed.] * no comma after force *

The said target, fell backwards to the ground….. [ The said target fell backwards……] * no comma after target*

The target stuttered, his green eye’s wavered.[  The target….. green eyes wavered.] * no apostrophe in eyes*

Moving his arm he slung it left….[ Moving his arm, he slung it left…] * comma after arm*

The targets body slumped to the ground, and a few minutes later a dull thump was heard. [ The target’s body slumped to the ground. A few minutes later, a dull thump was heard.]

The voice once again spoke, acknowledging his achievement. Giving the man a last order. [ The voice……..achievement, giving the man a last order.]

His shoes walked over the sticky red substance with quite easy. Bloody footprints trailed behind him. The man stopped at a street light. Looking up into it. His features visibly seen. [  He  walked over the sticky red substance with quiet ease. ….. The man stopped at a street light, looked up into it, his features visibly seen. ] * ” visibly seen ” sounds awkward, though. Think of other words or phrase *

Specks of wet blood, painted his face.He stood there, silently. He was seemingly talking to something else, then the dead body below. [ Specks of wet blood , painted on his face. He stood there, silently. He was seemingly talking to something else, then to the dead body below. ]  * How about changing it to ” His face was painted with specks of wet blood? ” It still sounds awkward , but , specks of wet blood do not paint. They are painted on, or face is painted with…. *

Well, that’s it for my Chapter One’s amateur attempt to proofread a writer’s wonderful work.

Hahaha ! Are we still friends ?  Don’t hate meeeee !