I stand by what I said

Hmmm, Alex ?  I said I’d respond to your comment re Nazism. Last night, I watched this documentary about the Nazis on Military Channel. ( Yeah, I watch that all the time…. history nut here, too ). The documentary showed piles and piles of dead people ( I assume they were all Jews ) being bulldozed , mountains of human bones, and thousnads of people looking like skeletons, men, women, and children.  So, I stand by what I said. But , you’re right. It wasn’t just Hitler. Stalin committed atrocities againts Russian Jews, and againts his own people;  and being Catholic myself, I am saddened by the fact that the Pope , Pope Pius , didn’t say anything about what was going on  in Germany that time, not a word of sympathy for the plight of the Jews in Europe….. erase that….. he was in fact elated that Hitler was purging Germany of suspected German communist sympathizers, and, so as  not to rock the boat, and offend Hitler, the Pope decided to keep silent. So un-Christlike and unholy of the head of Christiandom.  What else…… the Hutus againts Tutsis in Rwanda, MaiLai massacre in Vietnam, Saddam Hussein againts the Kurds, the Crusaders, oh yes, the Holy Crusade, ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, and the little known history that during the Philippine-American war in late 1800’s , hundreds of thousands of Filipinos were killed by American colonizers. This little known fact is almost always ignored in American history books. The Philippines was an American colony from 1898 to 1945, the one and only colony the US ever had. I bet you no one knows that. Americans are freedom – lovers, not colonizers.  Hey, don’t brick me . I’m an American, too. I’ll die for my country. ( salutes )…… ah, but I digress. Where was I ? Well, never mind. Enough said. Let’s all just get along, shall we ? Muaaah !

Now , for a little amusement……………I just posted that pic of students taking exams in the Philippines…………. well, here’s a little honesty, also from the Philippines….. ( I came from the Philippines, so indulge, lol )

So, okay, what’s the punchline here ? The more popular hamburger joint in the Philippines is Jollibee, with a big fat yellow bee as its mascot…………….

Okay, gotta go to work ……

PEACE ! ! !

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  1. Posted by dreamsending on October 9, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    Oh my GOD!!! Jollibee is so good!

    It would be epic if Jollibee was here in America. They have better food then Mc’D’s. its so TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE>.<
    Also, rice with everything..ahaha.

    And yes. Nazi's are bad. Yes, I knew of the 1800's and what they did. (Native American history shares that of the "Hate the white man")

    Now for Nazi's….here in my town, there are Neo-Nazi's…..no joke, they scare me. Also, the very scary thing, they had their little Neo-Nazi party across from two Mexican Restaurants. We rent to one of those Restaurants, they are very good people, have a job, stay out of trouble and the kids go to school. Everyone that works there, we get a green card for them, be it they have to stay out of trouble.

    The other one, have no idea about the other resaurant, but regardless, I was afraid someone would set fires to something. (By someone and something, both sides could be at fault.) But it died down, the Neo-Nazi's had their hate party.


    • I know….. it’s savory. McDonald’s is pure beef, which is good, but Jolibees so delicious…. it’s got lots of minced onion in that patty. And their rice w/ chicken teriyaki, and beef / mushroom w/ brown gravy, yummy. ( drools ) And so cheap . Btw, there’s Jolibee in my neck of the woods……. and 3 in San Francisco… maybe more in LA, where there are a lot of Filipinos.
      Oh, my goodness, yeah ! I hear there are lots of neo – nazis there…. didn’t they hold a parade 2 years ago ? ( shivers ) But, they have as much right to do this sort of thing, just as long as they make it peaceful, and not spew hatred and incite followers to resort to violence. I haven’t met anyone with racist tatoo, yet, and I pray I never will. Sheeesh.


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