Musings at 3:45 AM

I got 100% in my Spanish exam. Yes! I took the test in Ecology, too, and I think I did well.  An ” A”, I hope…. that depends on how my teacher grades ” 2 – sentence answers “.

We have a project in Spanish. We’re going to demonstrate cooking a favorite dish, in Spanish, a la Food Channel’s cooking shows. My partner says not to worry, he knows how to make Fajita, I tell him my wonton soup is super delicious. It’s so easy to make Fajitas. We’ll get less points with easy to cook dishes. Well,  whatever. What’s important is we can demonstrate it in passable , conversational Spanish. By the way, do you know there’s a slight difference between South American Spanish and Castilian Spanish ? That’s what my Grandma said. Grandma taught Spanish in college. Well, first off, the accent is different. Non-Spanish speakers won’t be able to tell the difference, of course. Secondly, some words are pronounced differently. For example, in Spain, the letter  “ll ” ( double L ) is pronounced as ell – yeh,  much like the double L in “million”. Million is pronounced as mil-yon in Spain. In South America, it’s pronounced as mi – yon.  Paella ( my favorite dish ) is pronounced as pael – ya in Spain, but here in the Americas, it’s pae – ya. Okay, enough of Spanish 101. What do I know? I don’t speak Spanish, haha.  I want to learn Japanese, instead. Ganbatte ! Or is it Gambatte ?  (^_^)”

Hmm, what else……………………… oh, yeah, I’ve got a pic to show you. It’s a picture of   students in the Philippines taking an exam.  I posted this on my old forum, but it’s interesting enough to be posted again. Here it is ( I hope it comes out….. )

He he he….. This image does give a whole new meaning to the word ” Distrust “.  My brother and sister, who both went to school in the Philippines, told me they never experienced this sort of thing.  Cheating must have been so rampant and brazen at this school the teacher resorted to extreme measures, such as this, to prevent cheating.  First time I saw this pic, I thought it was a Japanese classroom, with students wearing white bandannas. lol ! As a student myself, I should be outraged . Instead, I find this hilarious. It could only happen in the Philippines. Haha.

Okay, this is all for now. It’s Friday. I only have one class, 10 AM to 10:50 AM.

Stay cool, be nice and polite, and good day, y’all.

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  1. When I’m Lecturer, I will use that solution in my class… hahaha .


    • LOL ! Yeah, sure ! But make that contraption more fashionable, pink for the ladies and blue for the men. And thank you for responding. It’s good to see a few responses every now and then. How do you say “Cheers ! ” in Thai?


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