A smack in the face

Out of sight, out of mind…… thank you very much. I certainly do need a smack in the face.  Such crazy thoughts, huh….. Ha ha ………. Uhm, seriously though, *  I just want to know if you’re okay. *

I’ve been impulsive, cryptic, brain dead stupid  and rather vague lately, and I’m sure when I’ve thought things over, I’m going to delete this post. Come to think of it, I’ve been deleting posts. o_O   What the heck…. This one stays…. Ganbatte !

Here’s another picture to cheer me up, again from the Philippines.

Roughly translated, it means, ” Reminder, use as gravy, not soup. Thank you.” < laughs> Crazy Filipinos.

I learned something yesterday. The Homeless in Great Britan is called Freegan, and pussy cat is puddy tat. *o_Oa *  London is one of the top 10 cities I’d like to visit someday. I want to see King’s Cross Station, and take a picture of Platform 9 3/4 where Harry Potter and other Hogwarts students board the train.  So, what are the top 10 countries  in my list?  1. Italy 2. England 3. Greece 4. Turkey 5. Spain 6. Scotland 7. Japan 8. Switzerland 9. Ireland 10. Jerusalem < Israel >…… What ? No France ?  France is # 11, I guess, mainly  just to see the ubiquitous Eiffel Tower, and Lourdes. Oh, and not to forget, the Mona Lisa. It is in France, isn’t it ?   ……….. And as far as Jerusalem goes, I’ll go when the coast is clear…. I don’t want some nasty person make a mincemeat of me… kaboom, if ya know what I mean…. @___@.

I just had a hilarious chat … I’m literally laughing out loud with his ” antics”, like so :

Friend: opens ya page and takes a gander in a few

Me: what does that mean?

Friend:gander to look at something

Me : What’s the origin of the phrase, why gander?

Friend: to stretch ya neck and gaze like a gander?

Me: how does a gander gaze?

Friend :  don’t know, like this  ??

      * stretches his neck and looks around *

LOL……… I  burst out laughing. …… I’m still grinning as I’m writing this……

Oh goodness, it’s 2:25 AM….. < yawns> ….. bye for now….. good day, y’all….. Peace! !

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