It’s 3 AM

I did it again. I fell asleep while chatting on Messenger. ^_____^;;;;;  Sorry, Alex ! Ahahaha  ! I could barely open my eyes when you messaged me. Anyways, yeah, quote ” I’ll show this blog who’s boss and rape it ’til I’m satisfied, ” unquote. ROFL  I love your choice of words, he he…… It’s very….. descriptive. Oh, and I do need to respond to your comment here re Nazism.  But, I have to think carefully before I do so.  I  tend to generalize, see…….. bad habit of mine, sorry.  I apologize. 

So, okay….. I’;m about to post the pics again. The first picture is a drawing of my reaction after reading Chapter 164 of Skip Beat. ( I’m just having fun with this, so indulge me, lol ) and the second pic shows why I fall asleep while chatting.  If the pics don’t show here, that means, operation was unsuccessful. But I swear I won’t quit.

Here goes nothing……………. I hope 5 th time is a charm…..

4 responses to this post.

  1. Oh wow. You feel asleep while chatting? 😛


    • Yeah ! hahaha….all the time ! One time, I fell asleep, my laptop slid off the bed and damaged this thing, I don’t know what it’s called, …… . Dad plugged in a mouse >.< So, I used a laptop with a mouse. But for some reason, it's working again, but I still use the mouse.


  2. you crack me up…i love these impromtu posts. your going to wake up those drowsy molecular biologists…….


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