Vacation Pics and random thoughts

I’m reposting this one by Rage Againts the Machine coz I want to listen to it , for my own pleasure. This is actually my kind of music…. hard rock.


But, I love this one by Daughtry’s too. Beautiful song !


About the result of my Physics exam…… ( coughs….. clears throat )….. I got 108 out of 150.  120 and over is A, and 119 and below could be anything. Our meanie teacher said that if  we got the equations correct, that would be 80% of total points for each problem. There was one that was 15 points total, my equation was correct but he gave me only 5 pts. I should at least get 12  pts for that. I’ll complain and have that changed. Okay, so I know I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel, but these additional  4  points could spell the difference between a B – or a B +.  (^_^)         Well, at least I got 108. My groupmates got 98/150 and the other one got 48/150 ! ! Holy Cow !  48 ? Didn’t we study together ?  The median average for this test was 89,  thank goodness….. I’m well over that, but I don’t know how it would affect my final grade.   *sigh *   I guess my effort wasn’t good enough.  You know, everytime i throw a piece of paper into the waste bin,  I see dots or imagine dots  showing velocity/acceleration and the path of the crumpled paper from my hand to the bin  =__=”   I’m starting to hallucinate.

Sooo, okay….. Before  I migrated here to WordPress, I talked a bit about my summer vacation in the Philippines on Windows Spaces.  It was one vacacion grande, unexpectedly a long one, 7 weeks long,  coz we couldn’t  get a ride home. It was the peak season, and our tickets were non – revenue…. in other words, mom and I were freebies. We get free tickets from Philippine Airlines.  Anyways, here are some pictures.

My aunt has a vacation townhouse in Bagiou, a mountain summer resort, north of Manila, the capital city, about a 6 – hour trip.  We stayed there for one week. My aunt’s place has a million – dollar view of the mountain ranges. It was a sight to behold, especially in the morning.

Above are rows of quiant vacation homes. My aunt’s is on the cliff, hanging for dear life. But, it’s got the best view of the scenery.

Kyahahahah ! That’s me sleeping, in fetal position. You can see the sliding door leading to the veranda.


We also went to a privately owned museum ( Ben Cab Museum ) over there.

That’s me at the entrance of the museum. Actually, it’;s not really a museum. It’s a painting gallery.

Anyway, this is enough for now. More later. I’ll run out of stuff to show here. < laughs >

So, I say bye, be good, be nice, be cool. Peace.

4 responses to this post.

  1. you get good score na.. .

    ^^ very nice pictures ,,, hope to go that *


  2. Hmmm, good score, nah…. I hoped for better score. After all, I didn’t get to sleep at all for 2 days studying Physics. And that was like 42 mistakes. T.T I don’t know how much more I can study. I really did my best. I guess my best wasn’t good enough. T__T And topics are getting harder.


  3. Don’t be worried na . ..

    Tomorrow is always better than yesterday ,,,

    You still have a chance to do much more well..


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