Random thoughts and some videos

These videos  I’ve posted  are by a Hawaiian – born Filipino singer Bruno Mars. They’re quite popular here in the US  and I’m glad he’s a fellow countryman. But then , if  the video redirects you to YouTube, sorry, he he.

When I took my Physics exam last week, we were asked to present a picture ID by our teacher’s assistant.  That made sense. We knew of a student who had another student take the exam for him.  I told my father about this and he said a friend of his in college also did this……. the problem was, my father’s friend ( his wedding’s Best Man ) was good-looking, while the guy he asked to take his place had a face only his mother could love….. in other words, he was butt- ugly. o_o”     Another problem came up.  The exam watcher knew the brother of dad’s friend, so when this guy turned in the test paper, the watcher asked him if he was the brother of Mr.X.  The guy said yes , then the watcher said he definitely didn’t look like his brother.  Then the guy said, unfortunately, he was the illegitimate son . The watcher was stupid enough to believe that, hook, line , and sinker.  My father said if that was actually true, the guy’s mother must have been hecka ugly too. Aaargh, I know this story is in bad taste. But stuff like this happens. In fact, one of the Kennedys, I forget which one, was caught doing the same thing. Someone took  a Spanish exam in one Kennedy’s place.  Actually, my father’s friend was really very intelligent. They were classmates since elementary and highschool, and the friend was valedictorian in both. He and dad were best friends, and dad said ,at one point in their college life,, they just went wild. They didn’t study , thus their grades suffered. One time, dad  took an exam in Physical Chemistry, and when he turned in his final exam, he  had the temerity to ask  the teacher how many points he was supposed to get to pass the course. The teacher said 150. Well, the test was just 100 points. And dad said, stupidly, ” you mean, I’d fail ?” and the teacher said, ” duh, of course .”  @___@ Dad and his buddy also got involved in some fraternity fights. At one time, they were detained overnight at the campus detention center. Their parents had to bail them out. Ah, these two guys. Spoiled brats both…. children of well-to-do families. Friend’s family owned the biggest chemical company in the Philippines, while dad’s was political,  governor of a province there.

This is all for now. Today is Sunday. Church and work.  Stay cool. Peace.

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