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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child… don’t judge me.


Hello there !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here .

I got my pre- ordered Harry Potter book  ” Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ” two weeks ago. DSCN2592

This is not a novel …. rather, it is a script for a play  published in book form, and because it is a script,  the reader will not get to read  any description of  the world of witches and wizards.  Nevertheless, the magic is still there, and the plotline is just as amazing  as the parent story…. like, who would have thought…. well, never mind, you can check out Wiki, the story is written there in great detail.

Although I love the story,  (  there is no HP book that I don’t love) there is one aspect in the plot that I find  troublesome. What is that, you ask .  It is the character development  of  Harry Potter, et al, which I find a  bit off.  After seven books, and reading each book at least two or three times, I would think  I already know Harry”s character  , inside and out.  There is just no way he would  be capable of telling his own flesh and blood, ” I wish you weren’t my son.”  So many people died because of their love for Harry, so , why Ms. Rowling ?  Why make him utter such horrible words  to his own son ?

I have 2 or more complaints but I don’t  want to spoil you. Oh, wait, there is one other thing that is worth noting.  Did Lord Voldemort ever get some romantic love , or  did he die a zero ?  Bellatrix  Lastrange loved him to death, and she did cling to him like a leech. (  I’m imagining it now…. Eeeeew !  lol )

Anyway, I wrote ” don’t judge me ” in the title of this post. Why ?

Here’s why…….


.HP’s wand … I bought it at  Disneyland  for $50 on July 4.

We have the complete HP books already,


but  I gifted myself last Christmas  with this…..



.And when I was in London….


I confess. I’m a Potterhead.  Please don’t judge me.  \(^_^)/

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This is all for now . Thank you for reading.







It’s a Banana plant !

Okay,  I’m blogging again. You’re wondering what this is all about…. a banana plant ?

Well, it’s a long story, but I’ll make it short.  Two bloggers  annoyed me , and I just cannot stay silent. I will not mention the names of their blogsites, but I know some of my readers had been there, and LIKED  the post.

So , what is it all about ?  This blogger  wrote about him being in a jungle somewhere in South America, and  told a story about being attacked by a snakelike reptile that was ready to devour him.


Above photo is his.

So I was like,  Eh?  This is a joke, right. But , the  stupid me responded with ” Uhm, that’s a banana plant, and that purple ” head” hanging is eaten as a vegetable. Now, if that was a joke,  he should have responded with something like , I’m not serious…. of course, that’s a banana plant. ”  Then I would just scratch my head and say, Oooops.  But no, this was his response, to quote…… ” You are bananas. It was moving and the head alone is 25 cm. long. The mouth was opening and closing in regular intervals. Bananas don’t do that. Also , bananas are yellow.”, close quote.

Then another commenter  also responded to me ( and I’ve been reading this guy , )and occassionaly,  he writes a comment here on my blogiste )  , and it oozed with sarcasm…. “You eat these things like vegetables ? You guys are tough.”

Then I responded to him … ”  we have banana trees at our backyard back in the Philippines, and bananas are roadside plants  over there. ”

And he replied.. ” Are they peaceful in the Philippines? ”

Now maybe I’m just  effing dense, but I know mockery and sarcasm when I hear it.

And I . can’t .  let. it. slide. So I commented there again and posted a picture of a banana plant, and added,” they are peaceful in the Philippines.”

Here is a freakin’ banana plant…..


We’re in a Freakin’ Twilight Zone

Renxkyoko Iglesias here, Hello !

I am sure  some of you have seen and watched this video that I’ve posted here. Normally, I wouldn’t post such  a video, because in the first place, I myself do not know what to make of this, but this is an interesting and abnormal  time,  so …….

Anyway,  do watch if you haven’t yet.  It’s Bill  Maher’s  outrageous  political pitch for  THE NOTORIOUS  H.R.C.  Warning:  mind the graphic and colorful language.  My folks and I cringed , but it did bring the Iglesias  household down, on the floor, laughing our ass*s  off.



Maher’s exposition sounds bad,  but I find it hilarious.  Sometimes, the way to fight  out- of- this- world accusations  is to own it.  (  Filipinos used to be called  Flips here in the US. So, Filipinos  fought  it by calling themselves Flips….. the racist name calling  stopped.  )  Sweet Grandma Hillary……  Trump, the lying, con man  Tweeter warrior  has nothing on you.

By the way, Tim Kaine, her VP, did  missionary  work with the Jesuits and stayed in Latin America for 2 years, and that’s where he learned to speak fluent Spanish…… he was also a civil rights lawyer for 17 years.  So, yeah, Hillary pals around with Lucifer.

This is all for now.  Thank you for reading.

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