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So busy…. meanwhile……


Guys, I haven’t been reading your blogs for , oh, I don’t know, since before Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 22.  Sorry, sorry, sorry.  I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about what I’ve missed. . Aaargh !  I’ll be writing about what ‘s keeping me busy these days on my next blog.


Meanwhile,  I’m posting here my new favorite singer, KZ Tandingan.   She’s from the Philippines, and the first time I saw her was on YouTube ‘s Wish Bus 107 .5  radio station , where Filipino singing talents  sing live, seated down. ..Anyway, a friend sent me the link of a video where she sang in a singing competition in China a few months ago, and won over Jessie J …  I mean, Jessie J ? No way !   But she did ,  and here’s the video of her winning performance. It’s Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, which I love, but sorry, Adele,  KZ  owned your song, the stage and the audience.  It was freakin’ dope . Oh, and this video’s for my blogging best friend, Cassie.  Cheer up, girl ! !


C’mon guys, click this, and get   entertained for a few minutes.



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