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My thoughts on Syria and the Muslims

Hi ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

I’m seriously running out of topic to talk about. I’m thinking of something mundane that I can somehow make interesting for my smart , intelligent readers… say, how to boil an egg.

So, okay, I can talk about current issues, like that horrible killing in London. You’ve all heard about that, I presume? So, what do I think about that? Seriously, you don’t wanna know.. I’m afraid I’ve become an isolationist. I want the US to get out of some country’s business and deal with so many pending problems here at home. . How about Syria, you ask? Well, what about it? What do they want the US to do? You know, I was on my way to school the other day, listening to NPR ( National Public Radio…. darn, I should be listening to Adele, instead), then , I heard this interview ( by BBC ) of a Syrian victim of poison gas that the government had allegedly used on its citizens. The interview was held at the hospital, and I could hear some people crying Obama, Obama, Obama. What do they want Obama to do? Why can’t they ask other Arab countries for help? Come to think of it, why don’t other Arab countries help? What are Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and all the other rich Arab countries doing for their fellow Muslims?. Aren’t they supposed to be each other’s ” keeper “? Another interview by BBC was with Syrian widows at the refugee camps in Jordan who have started selling their daughters ( aged 12 to 16, that’s the range) to rich Arabs for sex, and , after having their way with these kids, they are returned to their mothers. Where’s the outcry here?
Regarding the use of chemical weapons…… I feel horrified with the thought that the US had used chemical weapons , too, napalm, is what it’s called, most effectively and extensively in Vietnam. ” Ah, I love the smell of napalm in the morning. ”
Damn ! It’s the children. It’s always the children.

Chris Matthews ( talk show host of MSNBC’s Hardball ) said, and he said this several times on his show… ” I’d prefer to watch Syrians killing Syrians on international news, rather than Americans killing Syrians. ” I admit that’s harsh and cold, and rather surprising, since these words came from the mouth of a bleeding heart liberal. But his words went right into the core of the problem. It’s a lose-lose situation for the US. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. But when in doubt ,err on the side of reason and caution . And what exactly does it mean? It means, don’t meddle, militarily. Send food, medicine, but do not send anything that kills. Have I truly become a peacenik? Nope, I want to blow Kim Il Sung to smitheereens if he threatens South Korea, Japan and the US again.

The US is still at war, with Al-Queada, but not with Assad. The US is also at war with lone wolves, like the Boston marathon bombers and those murderers in London. How do Syrian ” rebels” expect the US to help when it’s an open secret Al_Queada terrorists are effectively assisiting them? It would be like, a person picking up a rock and hitting himself with that rock , on his own head. How can the US kill idealogy and religious fanaticism/ extremism? ? That’s what Americans have to deal with from hereon , unless Muslim communities help in thwarting extremism in their midst. As it is, anger, resentment and hatred are spreading in England and across Europe….. most especially in London , where majority of 3 million Muslims live. Most Londoners now fear Islamification of their city. This murder and past bombings in London perpetrated by Muslims have fueled this fear.

So , now you ask, am I an Islamophobe ? My answer is No. I’m just voicing out honestly what my concerns are about what’s happening around me. In fact, I’m more concerned about the garden variety all -American hate groups, and politicians who spew hatred , stupidities and invectives towards anyone who is not white, straight, and Christian.

Also, my very best friend since forever, a guy, is a Muslim….. from Bosnia-Herzegovena, a European Muslim. We liked each other before, but we had decided not to pursue that path. One day, he burst out he wouldn’t convert, and I was like, who told you to convert, ha ha ha. This guy has never done any shopping without me. But…..


Aaaargh. I should have gone with him and chosen the gift myself. The necklace is like something Cleopatra would wear thousnads of years ago. I’ll wear it, “I”, promise ! ~(^_^~)(~^_^)~

Speaking of which, I did promise to post about my Bordeux, France tour. But, I think I’ve been too chatty here. Next post then, okay?

This is all for now. Good day and PEACE !

Don’t hate.

I’m conflicted.. My thoughts evolved as I was writing this post. It’s weird. I think it was the photo of the Vietnamese children that got me.I don’t know what to think anymore.

My Euro tour Part 22 Amboise, France

Renxkyoko Iglesias here. Hi there !


I won’t be chatty on this post, although I don’t know what not being chatty means to yours truly…..less than 1000 words, I guess.Besides, it’s either my computer or WordPress itself is whacked, but writing a post now is so annoying. I don’t know how to fix this coz I’m technically -challenged.

I got a letter and Certificate of Appreciation from the Southern Poverty Law Center. It states. ” This certificate is presented to Ren Iglesias in recognition of your contribution to the ongoing fight againts hatred and intolerance in America. The name shown above will be added to the Wall of Tolerance in Montgomery, Alabama, to provide inspiration to all those who chose to take a stand againts hatred. Thank you for taking a stand. Morris Dees, Founder …. Southern Poverty Law Centre.”
SPLC was founded by Morris Dees and Josepj Levin, Jr. as a legal firm to handle anti-discrimination cases and has now become a nonprofit civil rights organization that deals and monitors the activities of hate groups such as the Klu Klux Klan, neo-Nazi white supremacist groups, or any group that assault or discriminate againts groups of people, like colored people, gays, immigrants, and the like. I consider myself a colored immigrant. I’m a double whammy.
The main headquarters of SPLC in Montgomery, Alabama.

Oh, I haven’t told ypu that I also got a Christmas card from the White House. I’m sure, million others got the same exact card… with a picture of their dog Bo frolicking in the snow, and the White House as backround.

To be honest, I don’t think I deserve to have my name added to the Wall of Tolerance, because you know what, I’m intolerant…. intolerant of injustice, wastefullness…. in fact, I can list dozens of things I cannot tolerate. Everytime I see, for example, Michelle Bachmann or Rush Limbaugh, Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, Glen Beck and any of these nutjobs, I cannot tolerate to see their faces. I believe they’re evil. I even rejected a hot guy who thought climate change was a hoax. So, yeh, I’m quite intolerant.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. To all the mothers of the world, Happy Mother’s day ! !Below is my mother. I was told she was pretty popular in college, one of the campus’ beauties in her time. Pity I don’t look like her. I look like Dad. +_+”

My Mom

So, here’s my tour of Amboise , France.

Amboise ( pronounced Abwaz), located in central France. It is a small market town, but used to be a French royal court, and lies on the banks of Loire River.\


This is how I envision A French town should look like.


That house is carved into the rock mountain. It’s a little unexpected to see that in France .

The photo avove is the house where Leonardo da Vinci actually lived and died.


I thought I could include Bordeaux , France, but I have enough materials for Amboise. In fact, I have dozens more, but they are redundant, and I think the ones I posted are representative of the place.

This is all for now. Bordeaux, France is next. Paris will be my last travel post. The thought that it’s almost the end makes me teary eyed and sad. But I’m sure to go back and see those beautiful places again. I will start to save up for a second trip and it starts NOW.

Have a good day and PEACE !