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Moving on……

Renxkyoko Iglesias here, blogging.

Nothing much to say, but I have to fulfill my duty for this Post-a-Week  thing.

So, okay, an update on my sister’s love drama. On my previous blog, I said she and BF broke up. It was nasty and there were a lot of sobbing and crying, blah blah. But I’m glad my sister is recovering. Last weekend, she had a date, a Greek nerd, she said, and they went to a wine tasting event at Napa Valley. Good for her ! ! Ftw, sis ! !  Well, I’m not surprised she gets a date pretty fast. Sis is one gorgeous lady.  She went to an NBA game one time, and we were watching the game on TV at home , then lo and behold , sis’  face appeared on the screen, and I was like , Mom , Dad!!!! Ate ‘s on TV !!!!!! (  Ate… that’s  honorific title  for older sister , pronounced Ah-teh ) and yeah, it seemed the cameraman found my sister interesting coz the camera always focused on her during time-outs … then , during the  half – time  break, someone approached my sister and asked her if she wanted to join the half time game. She accepted and she was escorted on to the court, right in the middle of it,  interviewed by the announcer, and played a guessing game . She didn’t win, but she was on TV alright.  ( reminds me of when I was on stage with Jason Derulo at his concert.  I’m still thrilled at the memory. )

It’s strange though that sis’ ex still comes to the house. Yesterday, I heard her say to him, “It’s none of your damn business.”  Yes!!!!  Way to go , sis!!!  Well, today, he was here again. What ‘s  up with that  guy? He was talking about residual income, whatever that is,  and I heard sis say, “Even if we’re not together anymore, you need to take your meds.” And ex replied, ” we’re still together.” And sis said no, we’re not.  Ah, I’m eavesdropping, but it does feel like a sappy drama. ” Sis, seriously, don’t talk to that cheater anymore. He’s bad news!  Throw him out while you’re ahead ! *  And do you know what he did yesterday?  He came to the kitchen and got a can of soda!  Gah !! Ang kapal ng cara ! Sobra!!

* sigh* I know! I’m ranting !  But  I really hate cheating men.  To me, unfaithfulness would kill any love I had for a man. No mercy. No second chances.  His presence would only remind me of what he did. To me, that would be unbearable.


I don’t want to look like that for the rest of my life…… especially if there was sex involved.  No way. I don’t think I could live with that. Ah-ah. * Go away.  …………. but, that’s just me.

Moving on…..

I read authors of Japanese comics/ graphic novels ( called mangas…. and authors are called mangakas) are accepting suggestions for storylines.  I’m making one.  It will be about love and revenge and it’s somewhat  dark, but  it will still belong to the romance/josei / school life/slice of life category,   one with typical  cliche, happy ending.  Majority of romance mangas are shoujo , meaning teen-age girls. Josei is for slightly older readers.  Some shoujos are just crazy. The main characters are like middle schoolers and high schoolers, basically  14 to 16 year old girls. Mine has an 18 year old college student main heroine, and unlike typical shojos, my main character will not be whiny, long- suffering cry babies. She is strong and ambitious, but at the same time, pure of heart , in deference to the genre.  I ‘ll discuss this on my next blog.

This is all for now. PEACE!

Unlucky in love

Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

It’s been a while since I last posted here, 11 days ago, I think.  I’ve been busy with exams and work and stuff  not worth writing about, although, frankly, there’s really nothing in my life    worth mentioning. (~_~)  Well, except this one,  at this very moment, 11:15 PM , I can hear my sister and her boyfriend having a big fight in her room.  I know they broke up this week. So, I don’t know why he’s here . He should just disappear.  Good thing my father is asleep, but Mom just came into my room and asked me  if  it was alright to knock on the door and tell the bf to leave.  I told mom not to intervene. Oh, my. The bf cheated….. I just  heard him say ” I never cheated on you, never ! ”  and sis is sobbing…….  JARED!!!! DIE  ! !!!  Oh, man…… 3 years of my sister’s life wasted on that guy.  Seriously, though, this is so sudden. He was with us at  my father’s birthday dinner  last March 30, and he told us he just got a passport and planned to go to the Philippines with sis this year. Ah, who cares if  we never see him again. Actually, we’ve never liked him coz he’s such a loser. That guy never had a stable job, sheesh.

*sigh* Nasty business… breaking up, I mean.  I wonder what would happen  if I were in her shoes…. I almost had a massive coronary when I saw my crush with a girl. He was just a crush, for Pete’s sakes.  * shakes head*  This is like a Mexican telenovela or a Korean drama. I pray this never happens to me. I don’t need this b*llsh*t in my life.  Ah, well, * cheer up, sis *!!  Tomorrow’s a brand new day !!  FTW!!!!

Seriously, my heart goes out to her. I cannot even imagine what’s she’s going through right now.  No, in fact, I can imagine it.  It – it’s  extremely painful, literally. Is it the same with men? Do men also feel the pain?  No, guys, you don’t. You have no idea.


Renxkyoko Iglesias here, hello!

Just thinking….. you have been crushing on this guy for three years or so,  and one day, you see him with a girl, and it looks like they are in a relationship…. have you been in that situation? So, at that moment when you saw them, what did you feel?  I’ll tell you….

1. stunned, rooted to the spot

2. something cold slowly creeps from your head down to your toes

3. you feel light-headed, kind of dizzy

4. disoriented

5. and your voice…. it sounds hollow, that is, if you can even manage to speak…. do you know how your voice sounds like on the airplane? Exactly.

6. you can’t hear any sound, not even your own

So, yeah, that’s the first reaction. Don’t even think of driving when you’re in that condition.

So, you go home, dejected, feeling totally alone,  in despair…. then you lie down in your bed…  tears start to flow… it’s okay, let it all out until the tears dry up, then sleep it off………… a brand new day tomorrow…

Actually, you’ll be like this….

Or this,