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Renxkyoko Iglesias here, hello !


So,  Graduation ( Commencement ) ceremony is done . May 20, 2016.  I  had a slight fever that eventful day,  and spent   2 hours  during the commencement trying to suppress terrible coughing.  It rained hard  right after the ceremony (  good for drought- stricken California ), so we weren’t able to take any photos.  Well, just one or two….. and a few lousy, blurry ones.

.My name is on 2 major Bachelor of Sciences courses…. B.S. Cell and Molecular Biology,  minor in Chemistry and B. S.  Forensics Biology.



.I have bangs, but I was sure it would look awful with that  hat.  That all- forehead  looked better,  I guess.  Right ?  ( Don’t answer that , ha ha )

We had a grad party at home the next day.



.My 2  besties since elementary.  The one on the left  is my #1 bestie. , a police officer, and she’s moving to Florida soon. * sad*


I hope I see her again .  I get misty eyed at the thought of her leaving California  and our more than a decade of friendship. It’s like saying goodbye to my childhood.

This is all for now. Thanks for reading, folks.

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Random Musings

Renxkyoko Iglesias here, hello !

Before anything else, here are the titles of  the posts, so far, on my anime/manga blogsite, HERE. 

  1. Kimi no Sei manga , 5/10  ( about bullying, where the male protagonist falls in love at first sight with the girl whom he has bullied  and tormented during their elementary years….. female protagonist plans revenge….. you’ll read about my own perspective on bullying)
  2. Anime/ cartoon outsourcing and Philippines’ comics culture
  3. Hiiro no Kakera, 9/10
  4. Gunslinger Girl,  9/10
  5. Golden Time, 5/10
  6.  Moribito, 10/10
  7. My Favorite Animes
  8. My First Time                            There’s so much on my mind right now,  but I promised  I’d avoid politics,  so , what else can I talk about ?   Can I at least say I’m so happy  HC  is the presumptive  Democratic Party candidate  for POTUS ?  Yes ! Yes! Yes!   * happy dance *
  9.                    And why the heck  is my post automatically numbered ?  I have no time to fix this so please ignore the numbers, okay.  Anyways, I’d like to tell you guys that I’ve been working 40 hours for over a year now, not a part – timer anymore, y’know  ? and for some reason, my blog reading time has been drastically reduced.  Also,  I have finally decided to participate at my university’s graduation ceremony, albeit one year late. As you know,  I ‘m graduating  with two majors, 1)  Cellular Biology, concentrating in molecular Biology, 2)    Forensics
  10. Biology, and a minor in Chemistry.   Since I can only  ” walk ” in one major, the chairman of  Forensics Bology has decided  that I walk under her department (  since Forensics Bio is a fairly new department, she wants to have more graduates under her wing. ) Fine !   She did promise she’d write a letter of recommendation for me  to some  law enforcement ‘s  Forensics labs or the Justice department’s own Forensics department. * Don’t renege on that promise, Ma’m.  I’ll hound you. * Seriously.   Anyway,  Graduation Ceremony is on May 21.  Watch  this space.
  11.              Well, this is all for now, folks.  Thanks for reading.
  12.                Hillary